Christine Ng Divulges Her Sex Life

Currently appearing Barrack O’Karma 2 <金宵大廈2>, Christine Ng is being praised her chilling portrayal of a manipulative and calculative mother. To connect with her fans, Christine appeared as a guest on William Lam’s (林柏希) YouTube channel where she talked about her character and her personal relationship.

Christine made a shocking reveal of how she went all out to prepare for her role, “I deliberately dropped my weight to 47kg and was dehydrated. While filming, I would avoid drinking water. I wouldn’t eat to stay dehydrated. I wouldn’t even put on makeup.”

Contrary to her character, Christine is very open to talking about her personal life. When William asked about her intimate life with her husband Kasey Lin (練海棠), Christine revealed, “We barely have a sex life now that we have been together for 20 years. You try being with a woman for 20 years. Even if she is as pretty as Michelle Reis (李嘉欣), you would seek Christine Ng out!”

When pushed for more details of how often Christine and her husband get busy, Christine hit back, “I don’t count. Maybe once every 8 years! You’re asking me these questions so why do you care how I answer!”

Although Christine and her husband are stable in their relationship, Christine spoke frankly about her husband’s affair and how she forgave him. Christine said, “I wasn’t angry but I was thinking about myself. I thought that there must have been a reason why it happened. We talked about our problems and we talked about it.  If we can resolve it, we can get back together. If not, we would have broken up.”

Christine also bought up her deceased first husband Yung Kwong Pui (翁江培) who tragically passed away a heart attack 13 days into their marriage. Christine thanked Yung Kwong Pui for changing her life when he motivated her to compete in the 1989 Miss Asian Pageant.

Christine added, “I still miss [him]. Many people assume I have many regrets in my life or that I am pitiful. But I think that that many things in life are arranged by heaven. I have no regret about my first marriage, because my first marriage had taught me so much and he was my true love.”


Source: East Weekly

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