Joel Chan and Christine Ng Break the Ice

Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Christine Ng (伍詠薇) are finally back to speaking terms after nearly five years. The estranged friends had a high-profile split in 2011, which was made known to the public when Christine went on Weibo to vent her disappointment with Joel. Christine subsequently unfollowed Joel on the social media site and completely cut off ties with him.

While Joel did attempt to make amends, Christine remained adamant and had no interest in mending their friendship. But the hard ice between these two former friends did melt away earlier this week, when both attended Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Philip Lee’s (李乘德) wedding banquet in Hong Kong.

While promoting his new drama The Executioner <刀下留人> at a function on Tuesday, Joel shared that he had met up with a lot of old friends at Myolie’s wedding, including his estranged friend Christine.

“It was like a school reunion,” said Joel. “All old and former colleagues were gathered together, so I was very happy to see them again.”

Joel then admitted that he saw Christine at the banquet. “I did greet her. We then chatted for a bit, along with Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之). I haven’t seen [Christine] in many years.”

The Executioner actor said there was no awkwardness between them when they saw each other again. Asking if they have made up, Joel said, “We have always been fine, but [we drifted apart] because of a misunderstanding. Let bygones be bygones. We did talk about meeting up again for a meal.”


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  1. Joel really gets lucky again. After abandon his wife who went through poverty with him for a younger rich heir, he gets dump and now come back to tvb with so many good roles waiting for him.

    1. @dramadrama anyone hear any gossip as to how Joel can come straight back to TVB as if nothing happened? He should have been frozen for life!

  2. Joel knows he has to act humbly now since he’s sacrificed so much throughout his life. Aside from his negative news, an artist is just a human being like all of us. Instead, I think we should just accept him coming back to the screen since many are leaving. I heard Akina Hong just left TVB as well.

    1. @ceejay “…..he’s sacrificed so much throughout his life” Did i miss something? What has he sacrificed? To me he only sacrificed his pride by riding on the coattails of a rich heiress (eat soft rice) only to be dumped by her (talk about karma!) and had to eat humble pie by crawling back to tvb. In other words he’s a jerk.

      1. @isay everyone deserves a second chance it is more important on how he is than how he was. humblesness doesnt necessairly means he is fake. at least he use his talent to earn his money.

      2. @kolo my guess is that he’s still a jerk (that description perfectly befits someone who dumps his wife to chase a rich girl). He has no choice but to go back to tvb unless he finds himself another rich girl to work his charms on. What else can he do but eat humble pie? He’s a passable actor but not one I’d describe as talented.

  3. Well no matter how bad joel is as a person it’s hard to deny he’s a good actor. He has a lot of charisma and brings in humor to all the dramas he starred in lately.

    1. @holiday
      i totally agree. he’s also good on the eyes still at his age. it would be a pity not to promote him. if he never had a fling w/ that rich girl, he’d have made it to lead years ago. being friends w/ him is a different story though after what happened then.

  4. He should just stayed frozen. Dont know what is hapoening to tvb management now. He gets lucky in good roles. If he get to act as a flirting jerk, I am sure the outcome will be different for him.

    He is talented? I dont think so. Its his luck to get good roles. If he didnt played the roles, a lot of other talented people can fill up his roles. Power Chan is an example.

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