Charmaine Sheh Visits Hometown in Zhongshan

After completing the filming for her new drama, Modern Dynasty 2 <家族榮耀之繼承者>, Charmaine Sheh took a trip back to her hometown in Zhongshan with her mother.

During her time in Zhongshan, Charmaine was greeted by enthusiastic locals from her village and was welcomed with a big banner that said, “Wishing Miss Charmaine Sheh a warm welcome back to her hometown.”

Paying her dues, Charmaine went back to her ancestral home where she was surrounded by happy and excited villagers. Many children gathered around and tried to stop her from leaving. Because of the sheer number of people during her visit, Charmaine held onto her mother the entire time, worried that she would get injured in the crowd. Even when they were getting ready to offer incense to their ancestors, Charmaine held onto her mother while she knelt down.

Addressing the local villagers, Charmaine greeted, “Hello everyone, happy holidays! This is my first time coming here. I can see everyone is very enthusiastic, welcoming, and healthy – I’m so glad! We just visited our ancestral hall and home – it feels very homey. I hope to have more chances to come back in the future.”

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