Charmaine Sheh’s Obsession With Shoes Led Her To Become A Shoe Collector

Artiste Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was invited as a special guest to Chengdu to enjoy a shoe fashion show by shoe shop, Joy & Peace.

Charmaine who was utterly immersed into the fashion show, self-professed to be “insane” about shoes.

Charmaine revealed in a joking manner, “I have about a hundred pairs of shoes in my home. I would buy at least a pair of shoe every time I’m out on the streets. I can’t even control myself. Can’t wait to have this “shoe addiction” cured.”

Charmaine revealed that the most expensive shoes she owned cost her twenty thousand dollars and the total number of shoes she owned was so alarming that some have not been worn before despite having bought for about two to three years.

However, Charmaine expressed that she still couldn’t bear to give those unwanted or unworn shoes away. Charmaine then laughed and said, “I can directly wear the high heels and run in them. Fighting in a modern drama in high heels is also no problem for me.”

Earlier on, there have been news that the Hong Kong legal department was planning to file an appeal against TVB Broadcasting Affairs General Manager Stephen Chan (陳志雲).

Upon hearing this, Charmaine’s face showed signs of astonishment and she responded, “I didn’t know about this! Then what will happen? Hasn’t the court already announced their verdict? Hope nothing will happen!” As for whether Charmaine will send her regards and ask after Stephen, she replied, “I am a witness in this lawsuit. I cannot do such a thing, Stephen should be alright.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Yes, she had a customized shoe cabinet built into her previous home. Think she will have a room for them in her new home.

    She is a Christian Loubountin fans – once in US, she pleaded with another customer to let her have the last pair. Lol…

    1. Haha, that sounds so “sex in the city”…. except Carrie preferred Manolo’s.

  2. Every woman has their own collection or hobby, as long as she could afford it, I think it’s fine.

    1. @Disneyfan:

      I think so too. Furthermore Charmaine is alright lahs, not as shoe obsessed as Imelda Marcos! 1,060 shoes and counting manx! :O

  3. omg!!! she’s just like me. i have a crazy shoe addiction. i have over hundred pairs of shoes and a lot of them are unworn. i did gave some away and the most i’ve spent was 200 hundred dollars. still don’t have the money for them Loubountins. we’re twins from different parents. i know i’ll get along with her fine.

  4. I was never into shoe too. As I grow older, my twin and I became obsessed with shoes and handbags. Mostly boots and I can’t imagine that I will start liking heels.

  5. I was never really into shoes since what is the point of having so many and then not wearing them?? I guess we are all different and have different interests.

  6. She seems to have a same obsession like me, like to buy shoes until my home rack is full with shoes lol.

    btw, like Charmaine’s hair up there.

  7. She left TVB. She should, I doubt if she had any GOOD chances for TVB Dramas.

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