Chilam Cheung is a Free Agent, Plans to Hold Concert Next Year

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) admitted he is a free agent now when he attended the premiere of the musical, Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? <搭錯車>. He chose not to renew his contract with Stephen Shiu Jr.’s (蕭定一) management company after it ended, but he feels grateful to Stephen for his kindness. In fact, Chilam will not sign with another company, as he wants to be his own boss and try to take care of himself.

Next April, he will hold a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. “I was originally going to self-fund it, but thanks to the news report, there are many organizers who want to work together,” Chilam shared.

Although he submitted a request for a week at the venue, some of those days will be allotted to building and taking apart the stage. He is thinking of holding three or four shows at most, as his performance will be better the fewer shows he has, and going on tour after a period of rest.

When reporters asked Chilam if he will be able to pocket 10 million yuan after going on tour, he said, “Will I? I don’t know. Now that I think about it, I might not earn anything from each show because I rather spend more on production. I’m not doing this for a profit. For me, it’s sort of to repay my fans for supporting me for so long.”

Source: Oncc

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