“Come Home Love” Parodies “Squid Game”

Often drawing references from popular culture, the latest episode of Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞> jumped on the bandwagon of the wildly successful Korean drama Squid Game and put its own spin as “Salted Fish Game”!

Receives Card to Play “Salted Fish Game”
In the episode, Kung Yip (played by Stanley Cheung 張景淳), Hung Shu Yan (Pal Sinn 單立文) and Peter (David Do 杜大偉) were drinking in the bar to down their financial sorrows and grumbling about large expenses, when they received “Salted Fish Game” cards, inviting them to take part for a chance to win the prize money worth above a six-figure sum (a common Cantonese idiom of “salted fish flips over” means reviving something which seems to be dying, or has little chance of survival).

“On the card is a salted fish, and on the flip side is a contact number…”

Pal Sinn, who plays Hung Shu Yan in the drama, uploaded a video on social media of himself bleeding from the nose as he was being kissed by Isabella aka Qun-jie (Cinda Hui 許思敏) on set.

His tongue-in-cheek caption added that “Isabella” really kissed him on the face while filming, accompanied with hashtags revealing how it has been a while since he filmed a kissing scene, and that filming is actually really enjoyable. Pal Sinn’s wife, actress Paisley Hu (胡蓓蔚) then played along and replied, “That’s awesome, with Qun-jie taking care of you I’d be reassured!”

Cinda Hui, who plays Isabella, is a 70-year-old grandmother of five; (right) a photo of the actress in her youth

An actress with over thirty years’ of onscreen experience, Cinda Hui warmed viewers’ hearts with her likeable role as Qun-jie in the long-running sitcom; the actress previously revealed how she enjoyed her happy-go-lucky role, as she does not have to put on make-up and could simply be dressed down in the cleaner’s uniform.

Source: Eastweek

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