Ending Spoilers Revealed: “Legal Mavericks” Cast Urge HK Viewers to Not Watch Ahead

 The following article includes spoilers for Legal Mavericks, ending Sunday, September 24, 2017.

TVB legal drama Legal Mavericks <踩過界>, a co-production with China’s IQiyi, has released all 14 episodes of the second season online. With all 28 episodes released, Hong Kong viewers are able to catch the final episodes on IQiyi’s streaming service before the show finishes its original television broadcast in Hong Kong on September 24.

Legal Mavericks, which airs every Saturday and Sunday in Hong Kong, stars Vincent Wong (王浩信) as Hope, a blind lawyer who uses legally controversial methods to fight justice. Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) plays his law clerk Dino, and Owen Cheung (張振朗) plays Gogo, a private investigator. Ali Lee (李佳芯) stars as the high court judge Never, with Pal Sinn (單立文) playing T.Y., the drama’s main villain.

With the release of season two episodes on IQiyi, the cast of Legal Mavericks are urging Hong Kong viewers to stick with the original broadcast, and to not watch ahead. Vincent admitted that he was a bit disappointed with how the broadcast schedules turned out.

Tracy Chu (朱千雪), who guest stars as Vincent’s love interest on the show, said she is confident that the ratings would still hold up despite China’s earlier broadcast. Sisley Choi commented that ratings are beyond their control, and can only hope that Hong Kong viewers would stick to the current schedule.

Spoilers Ahead!

In the final episodes of Legal Mavericks, Hope Man (Vincent Wong) restores his eyesight after undergoing a surgery. However, on the day he removes his bandages, his love interest Yanice Tai (Tracy Chu) gets brutally murdered. Hope’s friend Gogo (Owen Cheung) is framed to be the murderer, prompting Never Wong (Ali Lee) to step down as high court judge to defend Gogo as his lawyer. In the end, it is discovered that Yanice’s murderer was her own father, T.Y. Tai (Pal Sinn).

As they search for clues to save Gogo, Dino (Sisley Choi) gets into a car accident and Never falls to her death in an attempt to protect a piece of evidence. With nothing left to prove his innocence, Gogo is sentenced to prison and T.Y. is free from charges.

Desperately, Hope capture’s T.Y.’s son and lures him to the warehouse where Yanice was murdered. Hope had set a recording device that was able to prove Gogo’s innocence, and the police rush to the scene to arrest T.Y.

Although Hope has regained his eyesight, he chooses to stay blind. He puts back on his sunglasses, as he wants to use his heart to see the world, rather than his eyes.

In the final scene, a flashback, Hope walks out of the court building with Gogo, Dino, and Never.

Source: On.cc, On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL…so much for the cast and crew’s previous comments about the series airing in Mainland China before HK not being an issue! Seriously, who is going to listen to the artists’ pleas to not watch the series if all the episodes are already available (and can be easily accessed via legal means)? Obviously TVB doesn’t give a hoot about HK audiences, since it looks like several of TVB’s upcoming series will be following the same trend (airing in Mainland first before airing in HK). On the other hand, perhaps this isn’t a bad thing given the garbage that TVB has been churning out lately (yes Wong Jing, I am referring to that sorry excuse for a series that you call “Bet Hur” which is nothing but a glorified rehash of old HK series/movies – and a poorly executed one at that!). The only TVB programs I watch nowadays are “Cantopop at 50” (for the old Cantopop classics they sing and the 70/80s/90s artists they invite on the show, several of whom got brought out of retirement) and also the handful of cooking shows that still manage to be somewhat entertaining….the rest of their programming (their series especially) aren’t worth my time….

    1. @llwy12 word, if they cared so much, they should’ve broadcast this show during primetime. i’m legitimately surprised how enjoyable this show has been (though i do go into every tvb show thinking they’re gonna suck). bet hur probably cost them a pretty penny to produce so i get broadcasting that, but legal mavericks should’ve at least gotten phoenix rising’s slot

      1. @rucofan1100 Exactly! I honestly feel like TVB management have had their heads up their butts this past year (pardon the vulgarity, lol) because very few of their scheduling decisions recently have made even an iota of sense. And the “lack of explanation” each time they are called out on this stuff definitely doesn’t help their case (even their own artists — the ones starring in the various series in question — are completely clueless as to what is going on). Not sure if this has anything to do with all the changes in TVB’s management ranks in recent years…quite honestly, TVB’s shift away from HK and toward Mainland as well as overseas (the recent news about TVB investing in Hollywood movie and TV productions) makes me think all these decisions have to do with TVB’s “new but not so new” Mainland investor Li Ruigang. In any case, regardless of how it all pans out in the end, i don’t have a good feeling about any of it, especially as it relates to the HK entertainment industry….

  2. OMG, best show EVAAARRR. This is by far the best show I’ve seen coming from TVB this YEAR. Vincent Wong is so bomb.

  3. vincent wong is so cool and good looking as a lawyer.
    this drama is 100x better than that Bet Hur.

  4. Best TVB drama I’ve watched in a long time. Vincent Wong deserves the TV King award this year.

  5. I really hope this is not the ending. If it is it is just the worst to end it in such a hopeless note. So far Vincent has been wonderful but the script, the legal aspects, everything else is just pure stupidity. The only surprise was that little thing about Hope’s father. I didn’t see that! Now that is a surprise. But the legal cases, they are the most disappointing. Until now TVB has yet to either consult good lawyers or they think that’s how cases are done. Or facts like that makes for interesting legal court drama.

    P/S the entire thing about regaining his eyesight is a cop out.

  6. I just marathoned through the entire drama (rare for me nowadays.) It’s a great show. The ending, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

    I feel so bad for Deanie. I get why she and Vincent don’t ‘sync’ up, but she gave so much for him. One who enjoys sacrificing and the other who enjoys accepting this kind of sacrifice is really hard to watch. In the end, their relationship development is ambiguous.

    *Spoiler Alert*

    If his other two potential love candidates didn’t perish, Deanie would probably never get a chance to be with Vincent. It was uber dissatisfying and a definite cop out for all parties involved.

    The ending is rushed and a bit too dramatic for my taste, plus it’s inconsistent with its earlier steady tempo, which took away a chunk of its appeal. Can you tell I’m bitter about that? Love relationships and deaths aside, I think overall the drama is worth an 8. My favorite drama of this year, to date.

    1. @coralie totally right! great show overall, terrible ending; it’s like two different sets of writers were involved.

      *spolier alert*

      made no sense that the defense attorney would try to retrieve the key evidence in the case by herself; how about bringing the prosecutor along, which conveniently would have avoided the whole car accident too?

  7. Any ending is better than the ending for Bet Hur which I just finished. That was horrible. Is that the worst series I’ve seen?

  8. I binged this series.
    It was really well paced for the first season. Then by the time it got to Yanice, the plot turned weird because the cases were not as interesting ( like srsly, annulment?) . And by the end it got typical tvb again people die and it gets violent and the lead fights the villain in a warehouse. Why is it always a warehouse? I could name five series that ended like that.
    But honestly, everyone acted superbly. Even Sisley. I hope Vincent gets recognition this year.
    And gee Ali is soooo pretty.

    1. @bubbles23 agreed, great first season, don’t know what happened at the end though. hope man, brilliant lawyer who wins all his cases with sincerity and skill, ends up going all “detective investigation files” on the main villain. total bs

  9. What a crappy ending. Typical TVB. Their climax and resolution are always the last 1 or 2 episodes. Pffttt, another seld confess win. Can they once win a case by actual evidence or real loophole in the law? And my gawd, sight recovery??? Rly? LoL!!! Only saw eps 15 and such a weird start. W. T. F. It went from father/son hurt to all of sudden puppy love and then lust. Flows better without the Tracy part. I hope they explain why Sisley is so loyal to Vincent. It’s annoying and irrational.

    Vincent did excel in this series. Highly doubt he’ll get any recognition though. The path is laid for Ruco atm imo.

    Sisley definitely improved. Owen did well too. Ali is pretty but her look and acting are so boring. She’s a total opposite from Grace. The latter is too loud and hyper. The former is too mellow and boring. She’s better looker than Tracy, whose look has always been a bit off to me. Especially now that she’s much skinner.

    I thought it was refreshing that main lead (Vincent) wouldn’t have a love line. Bleh, so much being different TVB! Sure they had transgender in better light, arts and such but so ridiculous and brushed off. Some of things Vincent do is ridiculous. Drawing, listen footsteps in mall of people, see CCTV tapes witb description, Morris code while in court… all he’s mossing is blue suit and a red cape lol.

      1. @jjwong strangely enough, though they totally ripped off the daredevil concept, i kind of feel they were really able to create something new here. ending still sucked though

  10. Vincent Wong does not not possess the killer good looks like his peers but his talent is second to none. He has been under-appreciated by tvb . I do hope he wins best and favourite actor this year

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