Tracy Chu Shares Update on Her Pregnancy

After announcing that she is pregnant on social media on New Year’s Day, former TVB actress Tracy Chu (朱千雪) made a public appearance in Causeway for a beauty store’s opening. Tracy is now six-months pregnant with a bulging belly, but she looks just as slender and radiant.

At the event, Tracy did not hesitate to participate in the store’s opening ceremony and broke traditional taboo by cutting ribbons with a gold scissor. Tracy shared that she asked her mother prior to the event and she learned that it was fine as long as she is not using scissors on the bed. Tracy also shared that she is personally not superstitious and will listen to her doctor’s advice.

Tracy revealed that she had not been suffering from morning sickness or other discomfort during her pregnancy. However, as the baby grew heavier, Tracy developed lower back pains and found relief with simple exercises.

Since it is harder on her body to be active, she shifted her focus to self-care such as dressing up and skin care. Tracy added, “I used to think that if I didn’t do it today, I could do it tomorrow. Now I work harder than before because the baby is growing up every day. I hope it won’t be that easy to get edema.”’

Have Not Bought Baby Supplies

While Tracy is expected to give birth in May, Tracy shared that she has not bought the crib yet because her mother is currently staying in Canada with her two younger sisters. When her mother returns to Hong Kong in March, they will be shopping together.

Tracy said, “I haven’t seriously shopped around. I don’t have a crib yet and I was looking forward to shopping with my mother and mother-in-law, but my friends already gifted me some clothes.”

Tracy, who has recently changed her career to a barrister, shared that she will be working around Chinese New Year and is booked until the end of the year. Due to her pregnancy, Tracy will be taking a break in the middle of the year and will try to resume work as soon as possible. When asked if she is working hard to earn money for the baby, Tracy responded, “Of course. I will do my best.”

This year, Tracy and her husband will be celebrating their last Valentine’s Day with just the two of them, but Tracy admitted that she did not specifically plan any surprises. Tracy shared that they have only made a reservation at a restaurant to celebrate and said, “Actually we want to celebrate quietly because we know we will be very busy soon. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to celebrate.”

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  1. She’s what I would call a true beauty with brains. I used to think she was only so-so looking, but fell in love with her after that drama with Vincent Wong (before Legal Mavericks.) Now I think she’s so pretty. So sad she left ebiz so soon.

    1. Over Run Over! I really enjoyed it and thought she and Vincent had great chemistry in that drama. I think she’s one of those where their looks grow on you as you see them more. I used to think she was one of the beauty pageant winners that showed more promise. I was hoping she might consider a drama every now and then, but I think I should probably give up on that wishful thinking now.

      1. 🙂 Yes, Over Run Over brings back memories. What a great drama, one of the best TVB has ever produced with the right co-starring partners.

        And then Legal Mavericks ugh my heart bleeds thinking about how Vincent and Tracy never got together in the end in either of them!!

        Me too, I wanted Tracy to do one more drama with Vincent that leads to them having a happy ending, prob will never happen. Vincent is onto better things now and Tracy has a life outside of ebiz (but strangely she’s still getting these sponsored events when she’s technically out of the limelight now? Is she really retired from ebiz?)

  2. She is a stunning, smart and loving person. Her love story is just so sweet. I am happy for her.

  3. I think what she had was an ideal upbringing, ideal education, ideal career, and ideal marriage.
    Her husband is her childhood sweetheart. She was grounded from the get go, so the distractions of the entertainment industry was not going to temp her. Either way, she worked hard and has figured out her purpose—professor at Law and mama!

    1. I don’t know what Tracy’s life is like, her background feels very private and I don’t remember reading much about it. But I love your explanation, maybe she is lucky with the right variables working in her favor that led to her living the ideal life.

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