Tracy Chu Finishes Up Legal Internship

Since 2017, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) has been setting aside her entertainment career to focus on her legal studies. After obtaining her law degree at the City University of Hong Kong, Tracy will complete her internship at a renowned law firm in Admiralty by August 31. Other than her recent cameo in The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 <降魔的2.0> as a spirit, she is rarely seen on screen.  As her contract with TVB has not expired, it is unclear whether Tracy will return to the entertainment industry or continue to pursue a career in law.

Reporters reached out to Tracy for comment and she thanked TVB for their support. Hoping to fulfill her contract obligations in a low-key manner, she will try her best to accommodate any work they arrange. From her response, it seems that the chances of Tracy returning to the television screen is not very high. She may continue to attend promotional events or make cameo appearances in dramas, but she will not be given any leading roles. In regards to what she means by “low-key”, Tracy did not elaborate on the details, “I’ve always left my onscreen opportunities up to fate. But I’ve been lucky with TVB’s support in recent years.”

Currently focused on learning at her internship, Tracy does not want her status as an artiste to affect her current colleagues.

Source: HK01

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Tracy Chu Interning at Law Firm

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  1. Hope she comes back to make one more drama with Vincent Wong (& a happy ending this time!) before retiring forever.

  2. I like her! She seems like a sweet and grounded person who minds her own business. She had potential to be a leading lady, but too bad she’s no longer interested in the entertainment world. I hope she finds success moving forward.

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