Tracy Chu Postpones Baby Plans

Tracy Chu (朱千雪), 32, has been a fan favorite of the audience ever since she won second runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong 2012 pageant. Though she has received countless acting and advertising opportunities, she took a backseat in the entertainment realm to focus on her academics. After spending four years to obtain her Juris Doctor degree at the City University of Hong Kong School of Law, Tracy finally became a practicing lawyer last month and works under the famous Denis Chang’s Chambers now. With her new career taking off, she is reportedly postponing her baby plans.

Tracy’s husband, Justin Ng (吳昆倫), is on board with her decision and supports her choice of giving up her prospering acting career and starting from the bottom to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. After tying the knot with Tracy last August, Justin bid farewell to his job in Singapore as a consultant doctor to move back to Hong Kong to accompany Tracy.

A source close to them said, “Since he married such a motivated and non-materialistic wife, Justin is very supportive of Tracy and loves her very much. He always puts her first. Before she had to focus on her studies and now she just started practicing, so he is very considerate of her and has a consensus to postpone their baby plans.”

Not only are they on the same page with family-building, but they also share the same values. According to the source, they both prefer the simple life. They currently live in a small unit in Happy Valley, where they are enjoying a modest lifestyle, as they believe that a warm home doesn’t require a big house.

Tracy’s Simple Dates with Justin

Given that Tracy and Justin both enjoy simplicity, they are content with going on short and sweet dates. A few days ago, reporters spotted them going to a coffee shop in Causeway Bay, with both of them wearing blue. Tracy immediately went inside to order a coffee for her husband, and then they drank at a small dining table. Staying at the coffee shop for more than an hour, she was very diligent and pulled out her notes to study. After they finished, they walked back home hand in hand.

Source: WeekendHK

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  1. Love how down-to-earth and simple Tracy and her husband are. They seem like a real normal couple. Sometimes simplicity is the best and may be the key to a long lasting, loving marriage. Tracy actually looks like she put on some weight so for all we know, she could be pregnant as we speak since this article is pretty baseless and just making up a story after “a source” made one comment. If the source even exists at all. Anyway, she looks a bit chubbier so maybe she’s pregnant as we speak or maybe she just gained happy marriage weight. Lol. Either way, it’s fine. Just nice to see a happy, ex-celeb, knowing how to appreciate living a good simple life.

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