Dayo Wong Intentionally Dropped Weight for “Bounty Lady”

The annual TVB awards ceremony is quickly coming up, and as one of this year’s hot favorites to win TV King, it was rumored that Dayo Wong (黃子華) purposely slimmed down in order to fit into his role in Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>.

Already known for his naturally slim figure, Dayo has been continuously losing weight in the last year. He was seen exercising rigorously – jogging regularly around the neighborhood of his apartment. Dayo was evidently in great shape as he jogged for a long period of time without losing his breath. The only rest stop he made was after 45 minutes of running where he stretched out his muscles.

Along with extensive exercise, Dayo has been eating only bread. Recently, he was photographed to be buying an entire bag of bread at a local bakery. Decked out in dark clothing with a baseball cap and facemask, not a single civilian recognized him.

Doesn’t Care About TV King Award

An insider revealed, “Dayo said he needed to be thinner in order to appear more trendy. He feels that he can’t have excess weight for his role as a Public Relations agent. No one would hire someone who can’t even maintain his own image to help promote someone else’s image. So that’s why he was determined to become more fit. He doesn’t mind being too thin, as long as he can still sleep and eat. He’s worried about the ratings for Bounty Lady and of course he’s worried about the effects of negativity publicity. He doesn’t think about the best actor award though.”

Dayo will likely be one of the Top 5 Finalists for the TVB Best Actor award, but it is speculated to be a close race between Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明).

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  1. Ha ha trendy?!?! I thought he was wearing a skirt at the start of episode 6!!

  2. When does looking like a drug addict considered trendy? I think he was sick but did not want to disclose it.

    1. Its actually how it is in Asia especially in Korea Light pale skin + Skinniness = beauty.

      Horrible i know.. i understand the losing weight part cause its true no one would hire a fat Public Relations agent but Dayo is already skinny no need to lose even more weight.

  3. I don’t understand why everyone seems to disagree with thinner not being the trend. Although it’s not healthy, it is a matter of fact that in the Far East having a slim physique is part if the scene. Models internationally are stick thin.

    1. Yes I don’t understand why they disagree. I think Dayo may be mimicking star stylist Rachel Zoe who so famously encourage size zero or super thin being fashionable and was dropped by Nicole Richie because of her military like pressure on forcing Nicole to be size zero.

    2. HK has always been weight obsessed and extremely critical of a little bit of body fat. Yes, international models are stick thin, but Dayo is not a model, he’s an actor. So rather than justifying HK’s need for all actors to be stick thin and making excuses for Dayo’s personal desire to be thin HK people just need to stop being so critical about each other’s physique. It’s really not pleasant to see adults with pubescent bodies.

  4. If its between chi lam and ma Ming tvb will probably give it to ma Ming but if they give it to chi lam.. There’s a good chance chi lam will be back filming for tvb again next year

  5. For the 15 best actor nominated names listed, Chi Lam and Ma Ming are not deserved to be awarded TV king title this year because there are many actors better than them such as; UY, FN, WL, MC and more…

      1. Agree hope FN gets it he will be the first actor with movie king and tv king under his belt

      2. I agree with BAY and FN being two of the most deserved actors!! 😀

      3. who’s BAY? Bobby Au Yeung?? If yes, i agree too! i was impressed in Always and Ever. not his usual professional role and he did well in his emotional scenes with Esther Kwan. but too bad, he won’t be recognized.

    1. I totally 110% agree with you. Dayo looks ugly & like a drug addict. And the hair?! omg its so 60s 70s, definitely not trendy at all.

    2. I don’t think he is supposed to be attractive. But he is convincing as a successful PR agent. He has the right amount of sarcasm.

  6. Why do HK F/M artist think looking like a stick figure makes them more attractive??? !!!

    It makes them look more like a junkie…I think Hk artist would look beta if female would stay curvier in male should be medium build or at least have some meat on them not just skin n bones!!!

  7. If he wants to appear trendy he should do something to his hair.

    1. Yup!! Like his elder brother in this drama!!
      He is so cute with his hair and the way he dress!!
      Especially hahahas when he is at home, all his pyjamas and T-shirts are printed with “Leng Mou” so funny!!

  8. I think he looks too emaciated to look “trendy”… Maybe he should have toned instead.

  9. lol..maybe you should challenge him by running for 45 minutes. Drug addicts even high on drugs can’t jog even for 1 minute.

  10. I understand the skinny = pretty argument for GIRLS. But for GUYS? A 50 year old man like Dayo? I’m pretty sure the more jacked the guy the more attractive he is..

  11. I looked at Dayo’s picture up there on this site. Then I saw Kenneth’s picture next to his for the poll. And hey, similar shirt! Maybe bright, loud floral shirts for men = trendy these days.

  12. No one in their right mind would lose that much weight. The guy is sick.

  13. Even though Dayo looks thin in BL series, somehow I think he’s kinda of charming with his intelligent and witty personality.Not sure why, I kinda of think that Dayo has that American Rock band image…

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