Details of Barbie Xu’s March Wedding Leaked!

Since Barbie Xu and Wang Xiao Fei got married, speculations arose as to when the formal wedding banquet will take place. On March 2th, Miss Zeng Yu Bo, posted a copy of Barbie’s wedding invitation on her blog. It turns out that the wedding will be held on March 22nd at a luxury hotel in Sanya, Hainan !

Barbie and Xiao Fei’s wedding will likely be a western-style wedding. An after party will be held as well. The “food, drinks, and hotel stay” will be paid for all guests, indicating Xiao Fei’s generous nature. The venue location for the wedding has not been revealed yet. Previously, there have been rumors that Barbie and Xiao Fei will hold their wedding at the Regis Resort in Yalong Bay , Hainan , since Xiao Fei has an investment stake in this hotel. The Regis Resort Public Relations staff denied such rumors.

Due to intense public interest in Barbie and Xiao Fei’s upcoming wedding, the couple’s recent endorsements have increased. With the increased promotion for Xiao Fei’s company and the couple’s wedding sponsors, a smart businessman such as Xiao Fei will not lose money over wedding expenditures.

When contacted by reporters, Xiao Fei was unaware that a copy of the wedding invitation has been posted online. Xiao Fei hoped for a low-profile wedding, which will not be disturbed.


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  1. This is non-news for me since I don’t care for either of the main characters. I wonder why the media is so concerned… free publicity…

    1. I guess you say that because you are not a big fan of Barbie. I think you would react differently if you were. Barbie is in the circle and is pretty popular so of course the media would want news about her wedding and everything. They want news that would sell….

      I personally am not a big fan of Barbie either and am still in shock about her marrying a guy that she hardly even knows(maybe it is because he is rich?). THe good thing was that she isn’t hiding anything from anyone so I do commend her on being open and honest as well as sharing her joy with everyone. Congrats to her and Xiao Fei!! Hopefully they will last…

      1. @HeTieShou

        Well I can understand the ‘fan’ bit, but then again who really is that stuck on Barbie Hsu and hasn’t yet killed themself over the initial announcement to worry about the fine details of dates?

        She’s popular I give her that but she can’t act nor sing. So she’s really only popular for popular’s sake unless you count endorsements as a form of ‘entertainment’.

        She’s open about her marriage because one her past relationships have never been to discreet anyway; two the guy she’s marrying has too much ‘face’ to lose to afford a quiet wedding; and three its self promotion for both so its a win-win. Hence there’s nothing to applaud about here.

  2. @SDS,

    Once again, since you are not a fan of hers so of course your views on her are different. You may not think that she can sing or act but others do. Basically, it is down to a matter of opinion. I do admit that she is not the best singer or actress around(I have heard her sing and act quite a few times), however, she is decent to the general public or else I don’t think she would still be popular til this day. If you base it on looks, in my opinion, I don’t think she looks that great. I think for someone to remain popular and is not talented at all, then they would have to have at least some decent skills. I personally think her acting and singing skills are ok and she does have some talent, but once again that is just my opinion.

    I am shocked that you are not a fan of hers but seem to know so much about her… I applaud her for sharing her news with everyone because you don’t see many of the artists sharing their joy with everyone, but instead hide their marriage/love life?I absolutely hate it when they lie to their teeth, especially if they have promised fans and the public in advance that they would share their good news with everyone. Also, what is the point of hiding it?? Sooner or later people will know, then what are they going to do??? It is much more of a fuss to have to explain and it really hurts their image and the fans that they promised to share their joy with…

    1. @ HeTieShou

      Hmmm ok… I’m not going to dwell on the objectivity-subjectivity thing except to say “I don’t think she looks that great” is a bit confusing. No offence though. I know its colloquial and I’d use it but when we are approaching a half-serious convo you have to stay away from double negatives.

      As to my knowledge of her (and I don’t really know how you find it to be so much)- if you live in HK long enough or read Chinese media news or flick through entertainment channels I don’t think its too hard to know rough details (correct or not) about any one particular celebrity. Especially the gossip magazines at salons.

      I half agree with you about the lying about their love life thing. I believe its wrong, but it really depends on their motivation for lying. That of course we will never know.

      1. @SDS,
        Well, I don’t understand what you mean when you are saying that I am using a double negative term. I just stating my opinion. I think her looks are just ok and same with her talents. Just because some may think she is not talented doesn’t mean that others don’t. Same with her looks, I personally don’t think she is that great but others may think she is beautiful(She has has plastic surgery done as well). But it is ok, you can think what you want since you have the freedom to and don’t need to agree with me.

        I get lazy to read news and since there are sooo many celebs(as you know there are MANY celebs these days that it is hard to follow all of anyone’s news unless you have some interest in them), therefore, for you to know that much about her shows that you are interested in knowing about her. I totally agree that we as readers and the audience don’t really know the whole truth unless they confirm it themselves.

        I can accept it if they have a good reason to lie because who doesn’t lie when necessary??? However, what I hate most is if they make empty promises(what I mean by that is saying that they will announce their good news to everyone but when the time comes, they lie to their teeth about it), especially to their fans. ALso, if they are caught red handed and still lie about it. I have seen that so much and really hate that. Then the truth comes out…. What will they do??

  3. Saw the wedding on TV. Very very windy. But mom in law highly approves of her.

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