Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang’s “You Are My Glory” Breaks 100 Million Views in Premiere

Tencent’s latest romcom You Are My Glory <你是我的荣耀>, starring Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) and Yang Yang (杨洋), finally premiered on July 26. Drummed up as one of summer’s biggest releases due to the hot main leads and plenty of “sugary” scenes, the drama already broke 100 million views.

Adding to the gorgeous cast, the supporting lineup includes Pan Yueming (潘粤明), Hu Ke (胡可), Wang Yanlin (王彦霖), and notable guest stars Gina Jin Chen (金晨) and Janice Wu Qian (吴倩).

You Are My Glory tells the love story between aerospace engineer and brilliant gamer Yu Tu (Yang Yang) and popular celebrity Qiao Jingjing (Dilraba Dilmurat). Endorsing an online game, Jingjing gives everyone the impression that she is a skilled gamer until a leaked video reveals she is actually a terrible player. Trying to salvage her image, she joins a gaming competition to prove her skills and seeks out her high school crush, Yu Tu, to coach her on gaming despite embarrassing memories of his former rejection of her love confession.

More mature viewers will easily identify with the romantic trope of high school crushes meeting 10 years later, when they take initiative of their feelings with greater confidence in adulthood.

Playing a sweet but glamorous celebrity, Dilraba slips easily into character with her bright and cheerful demeanor. Her sparks immediately intensify with the entrance of Yang Yang.

Experienced in portraying an expert gamer in The King’s Avatar <全职高手>, Yang Yang once again assumes a similar role with ease. Perfect in playing the confident leading man with his flirtatious eyes, Yang Yang’s visuals particularly stand out in lingering closeups, and he looks fantastic in all his scenes with Dilraba.

The game that anchors the series, Honor of Kings <王者荣耀>, is a Tencent developed multiplayer online game. While it is not unusual for companies to directly embed product placements in dramas, Tencent tried to kill two birds with one stone–driving up ratings while prominently promoting its own game title.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope this drama will be good till the end.. I have yet to start watching…But it is not a simple fluffy story which is good. Looking forward to watching Yang Yang onscreen again. I wonder if he will have any project that will outso his previous with Zheng Shuang.

  2. They are definitely eye candy but after 2 episodes I am not really feeling it or will continue to the end. I still find YY’s acting to be stiff not much expressions even thou no doubt he does look cute. Guess good looking pairings do help w/ratings.

    1. That is my worries…Yang Yang is not a great actor…neither is Raba. But I am curious how both will do in this drama…

      1. This is like typical sugary sweet plotlines so it’s mostly for romantics at heart. I actually find DLRB’s acting bearable and esp I love her in the Long Ballad with WL. But I am sure eye candy pairings help or the ratings wouldn’t be so high. People go for the visuals shallow but reality. haha lol

    2. Yeah, totally agree. I gave up after 4 eps lol His acting haven’t improved. He is still so stiff lol

      1. LOL..Right? Besides a good looking fair and pairing what else is good about it? Yet it broke 100 Million Views. It just shows good looking faces is an advantage regardless or acting talent.

  3. Dilraba is an entertainer and has commercial value so Running Man or Keep Running invited her to be a seasonal guest. Yang Yang is an idol and has a loyal fan following and hence the commotion around his dramas. Heavy-weight actors is a different category i.e. Gong Li. Fan Bing Bing is someone I consider good looking and a capable actress but she’s simply balanced and not heavy-weight. Dilraba was good in i.e. Diamond Lover and Yang Mi’s studio invested in Dilraba for a reason. Yang Mi is perhaps a better actress than Fan Bing Bing but her looks are not as impressive. Yang Yang’s acting resume is limited. Perhaps give good looking actors/actresses meaty roles as well and see how they perform? It’s self-sabotage in a way, however.

    1. You should read the fan wars in other sites…all due to our honest and factual observation of Raba/Yang Yang acting skills.. They can accept anything negative about their God/Goddess….even if it is the truth. I do love the visual of both actors.. in fact if they get the right role, they can deliver to a good level. Just nothing that needs to much skills.

      1. Yes, I go to B station once a while and C/fans are really scary sometimes. They all have their CPs and they are so serious about it and every single time a good looking pairing their shipping begins. It’s a bit ridiculous and funny at the same time. haha lol

      2. @wm2017 I personally do not understand such devotion… I am so busy everyday just living life. I read entertainment news for afew mins in a day and watch a eps or two of drama. I dont have time to be so obsess with anyone else. Why do those fans spend so much of their precious time on some stranger that does not even know them? I have actors/actress I like but I have no obsession towards them.

  4. Unfortunately nowadays viewers only care about good looks and acting skills are not important

    1. Personally I find Yang Yang and Wang Yibo to be eye candy quality only. Both are very ‘stiff’ in their acting skills.

      1. Same here, always think YY is good looking (although I still don’t see the appeal of WYB). YY has been in several dramas but his acting isn’t good. He has been lucky that most of his roles tend to be the cool, intelligent but good looking and in this era where looks outsell good acting skills, his fans and younger audience tend not to admit that even “cool, intelligent” characters are still human with human emotions and expressions, just not as much as others and whoever portraying such characters should not just be wooden and uptight.

  5. Have enjoyed the author, Gu Man’s earlier works but have not read this. Heard the novel pacing is slow.
    Kind of miss the younger Yang Yang when he first started acting, his acting was raw in Dream of the Red Chamber but it was comfortable to watch. Since then, his acting has been either wooden in most of his roles as the cool, intelligent male lead or tried too hard and ended up as “oily” in Martial Universe. Still think he is one of the best looking leading actors among the younger generation but that is not enough to watch his drama.
    Didn’t watch this drama so unable to comment much based on the video clips/shots but the leading couple does not have the couple feel. Uncertain if it is true in the actual drama. A pity if it is because both of them are good looking.

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