Ella Koon’s Frequent Pregnancy Posts Annoy Netizens

Hong Kong singer and actress Ella Koon (官恩娜) is at the brim of giving birth to a baby boy. Ecstatic about becoming a new mother, she loves to share tidbits of her pregnancy journey on social media via photos and updates. However, some netizens found Ella’s constant posts about her expanding belly to be annoying.

Yesterday, Ella issued a response to the netizens’ annoyance online. She wrote, “I noticed that some friends don’t really like seeing posts about my big belly, but this is my Instagram profile and I am also indeed pregnant at the moment. It’s inevitable that my life updates would have to do with my pregnancy. I hope everyone will understand…”

Despite her response, Ella did not seem to mind the opinions of others and continued to share photos of her large belly. She even uploaded a photo of herself during a visit to the doctor. Although Ella’s husband is also in the photo, she mosaicked his face to retain his privacy. Ella wrote, “I didn’t get to see the face of my son again! He always lets me see his back and butt instead!”

Source: On.cc

This article was written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. People who doesn’t want to see her post should just not look at her instagram. Crazy people. Personally love her post. She is 1 happy Mommy!

    1. @happybi IKR?? Well those Netizens annoy me so why don’t they stop their whinings and self centered opinions? Lol. They just like to complain about everything. Then there’s the tabloid, who love to write/report about everything like this. How is this even worthy of a news article? Lol.

  2. omgggg people complain about everything! it’s her personal account, she can post whatever the heck she wants!

  3. These ppl are hypocrites, nobody force you to check out her pics and you can always choose to unfollow if you think her posts are annoying.

  4. Wow how rude of them to complain about a soon to be mother posting about the pregnancy journey? It’s her own personal account she can post whatever she likes to. Don’t like it don’t read. These people are just jealous because someone else is happier then them. Pathetic

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