Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 17

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“…but if I ever have that choice again, I will trade it all in exchange for our family … our complete family”

I am (at the time of writing this episodic thought) at present 1 episode behind from real time broadcast. I took my time with watching episode 17 because after episode 16 I had to stop watching to watch 3 episodes straight of Female Prime Minister. I had to watch a far out impossible but very entertaining series so that I can get a sense of reality and believe me, Triumph In The Skies 2 is far more real than the rubbish logic (but great storyline) in Female Prime Minister. Yu Zheng, love him/hate him, he can spin a tale of utter stupidity and make it sound as stupid but oh so entertaining. In the time Holiday takes to play fake flying, Lu Zhen the heroine of Female Prime Minister would have had to deal with at least 3 crisis, mostly all at the same time.

Anyway so now I am at Episode 17 and I am very excited to recap the second half of this episode. To summarise my summary;

1. First half has a “pirated” Fala Chen so it is not true that Fala isn’t in here. Maybe not in person but in lookalike and she is far more frightening. Every question I have for Holly, same question for this new character called Pink Pink. Urghhhh..

2. NO ADELE! YEAH! But got Beatles song.

3.More Isaac-Summer goodness, one oh so treasured Summer-Sam goody but seriously, the last 15 minutes or so is all Summer-Jayden greatness.

4. At long last, a breakthrough for one pair. Finally a move on, hopefully since I haven’t seen episode 18. DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME!

5. Yes, no Holiday. Also no Coco and thankfully no Apple.

6. And today Adrian gets 2 different people seeing him saying in the first 2 lines almost the same thing.

And so…recap!!

At the HK airport, Isaac and Sam in the cockpit, I think flying to Sanya. I googled, it is Hainan, China. So it is nearby. Isaac asks if he can play Captain and asks to do a visual landing at Sanya since skies are clear and Sam dryly said “Not yet take off already thinking about landing?”. But Sam lets Isaac be the Captain since I notice Isaac is sitting on the left? Remember what Jayden said episodes ago?

A passenger is served by Rachel when he has a heart attack. Wife panics, Rachel panics and asks Tracy to find Heather and a guy suddenly comes forward and says “I am a doctor” and so he is de-fibbing (?) the passenger.


That actor who is now clearly and unequivocally TVB’s resident “dr” and I believe he is also a real life doctor who insanely quit his job to be an actor? Correct me if I am wrong.


Unfortunately man died. Wife cries. Rachel and gang informs Sam who informs Isaac and asks Isaac what he should do since he is the captain. Isaac says quite impulsively “Proceed to Sanya” but Sam says “What about the passenger?” and Isaac says “Since he is dead, nothing much can be done. We should continue to Sanya then” but Sam says “Isaac, we are not even sure he is really dead. The plane doesn’t have the equipment to fully confirm that. So the best course is to fly back to HK since it is nearest so that the man, who may or may not be alive can seek medical help. Maybe he is still alive” and Isaac agrees and says ok. Sam makes the announcement.

Landed, guy wheeled out, I think still dead. Not sure since no one says anything. A huge mystery and I do care if he is dead or not.

Skylette! Sam goes to see Adrian who looks very very solemn and says “Since you’re here to see me and I am sure it is because of that incident, please tell me your side of the story” and Sam explains “I am not here to explain, I am here to apologise and that I am prepared to shoulder full responsibility for what happened” and Adrian again solemnly says “What can I do? I can’t punish a Captain who did nothing wrong!” and he smiles and slaps Sam on the back and says happily “Fooled ya didn’t I? My acting very good right?!” and Sam knows Adrian is pretending to be angry as Sam says “But the company, the fine…” and Adrian says “Hey what is money compared to a human life? You did right Sam! I trust your judgment” and Sam says “But the complaints by the passengers?” and Adrian happily says “None at all! In fact I got a few emails from passengers praising you and how humane our company is. Kinda raised our profile in the eyes of the passenger!” and Sam gratefully thanks Adrian for his support and Adrian, this time serious tone but smiling says “Sam… GOOD JOB!” and Sam is relieved.


Where to find such a good understanding supportive boss? I want one. And who would complain without sounding like a jerk, a bitch and a douchebag rolled into one?

By the way, the passenger, did he die OR no? Huh?


Next is Summer and her gang wants to join an annual event, team bicycling and win a trip to Sanya. Summer gets called away by Brother Chiu whilst Teddy gets teased on why he wants to win so badly, so that he can see Summer in bikini at Sanya. Anyway no drama with Chiu. Pure work I suppose.

Cycling practice.


Myolie has what I think is a very plump round derriere. Good for having lots of children! Seriously, very nice body. Even in person she is slim but not exceptionally starving skinny. But she is not as big as in TV though. In fact Nancy Wu is far skinnier as in very teenager-ish in body.


Summer cycles by and sees Isaac stuck with a faulty bicycle. She quickly fixes it but it is what they said to one another whilst fixing bike is the best.

Isaac : You know, you treat machines so gently
Summer : I like machines, they’re inanimate, I can deal with inanimate objects.
Isaac : I am so happy that you treat me so rudely then. Because that means I am alive and not dead (aka inanimate)
Summer : (looks up in surprise) So… do you think I am too hard?
Isaac : No! I like you this way! I like your personality!

Summer now not only stares at Isaac, she looks at him and a tiny smile on her softened face. Oh dear! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!! Right now it is just crush by Summer to Isaac. Remember, Isaac sees Summer as family because of her resemblance to Zoe.

Anyway Isaac notices her face got some oil (I think she was crying a little or maybe sweating, not sure, hence face smudged) and he cleans it for her and she grows very very shy. Later they continue to cycle, and she follows him behind and keeps staring at his back to the point she almost tripped or rather her bike almost tripped and Isaac, the idiot notices nothing suggests racing her to the end line and she happily obliges.

Later some drama. Long story short, Ben the one married with daughter (the one who walked away and so Teddy got rolled over by a tyre and unfortunately, survived) couldn’t join the event for personal reason. They’re one person short. Guess what? Isaac volunteers, Teddy protests, the guys cry yes, and the Boss Summer herself agrees. No smile but face much softened at the prospect of WE time with Isaac.

Next up is Roy and Heather and all I cared to jot down is Tony and Heather still live together but Tony gives his house to Heather and Roy doesn’t understand the arrangement. The rest I had mind block so I remembered nothing of this unrelated scenes until somewhere where Roy sees Tony intimate with a young woman and Roy calls Heather to buy something so that she will not arrive so soon. Good for Roy for standing up for Heather when he goes up to Tony’s place, bang on the door and Tony, pants sorta undone (belt loosened) and Roy angrily said “Hey! Heather is here you know? You may think this is ok and all but no woman will like another woman in her husband’s bed, ex or not! Quick, tell that woman to go!” and Tony tries to explain when Roy gets whacked on the head, he turns and I go FALA!


No, worse. Rebecca Zhu. God help me. Fala (not that bad but not great in here), Rebecca Zhu (abysmal) and Toby Leung (abysmal as well) all in the same series. Help me… help me!!


She is offended and asks Roy what he means by “THAT WOMAN” and Roy tries to push the girl out and Heather arrives and girl happily shouts “MOMMY!!”


And here comes the most impossible explanation and as Roy goes HUH? WHAT? REALLY? AHHHH OK? NO? HUH AGAIN? which is exactly my reaction. So well done Roy! On point.

Anyway, girl’s name is Wu Ping and is nicknamed Pink Pink. She is Heather’s ex boyfriend’s ex wife’s child. Ex boyfriend is with Doctors Without Bothers and so she is left in Heather’s care, hence mommy. When Heather married Tony, girl who is fond of Tony calls him daddy. And later as Pink Pink cuddles next to Heather in bed and calls her mommy, more is explained; Pink Pink thinks Heather married Tony to give her a complete family but Heather says no, they just got married, no more love and Pink Pink is surprised to hear that since she thinks marriage is for love.

Blah blah blah.


I don’t care the bit about the complicated relationship. I am wondering;

1. how old was she when Heather officially takes care of her?
2. How long Tony dated Heather? Because we know they married 3 years max.
3. Why 2 is important is because the girl is no way 16, 17 or 18. She is probably early to mid 20s?
4. Therefore what is this nonsense Heather married Tony to give her a complete family when she is old enough to create one herself? I don’t think tony and Heather dated like a decade. So Tony is in her life when she is already probably late teenager?

So answer me this. WHY ALL FALA LOOKALIKE IN THIS SERIES ACT LIKE AN IMMATURE LITLE GIRL WITH ADULTS? Why? The entire scene I was like cringe cringe cringe. At least get someone younger or let Heather married Tony for a long long time. Imagine giving a 20 plus year old girl a complete family. Even if she is 20, still too old for that line.


Did I mention she is also a rising ballet dancer?

Anyway awards time. She gets an award, thanks a beaming Heather and then she sees Adrian and she freezes. Why?

Jim Jim also there for an award for excellence in sport, he thanks his beaming big brother. I like how consistent Jim Jim is and there is also says it is time for him to retire! Shock, gasps, Adrian was like WHAT?! and he explains sportsman’s life is so short and with his brother’s blessing he wants to be a pilot and will try out at Skylette and gasps, shock and Adrian goes REALLY?!

Oi Adrian! Wasn’t he in PPP? Why look so shock? Well he told the bro he is shocked and is happy at Jim Jim’s decision. And bro says “I leave my little brother at your care” and Adrian happily accepts that responsibility.


Now, this pair I can understand the whole fatherly figure thing. Jim Jim looks young, his older brother does look MUCH older. I get that. Pink and Heather and Tony, I don’t get.


Pink stares at Adrian, face very angry looking, Adrian comes forward and smiles and she was rude to him and he teases her and Jim Jim, saying they should be a couple, a golden couple and he walks away and Pink still has that deadly stare when Heather puts her arms around her and says “Aye you angry he can’t recognise you?” as Pink looks seriously pissed off.


Heather lied about Pink’s past! She must be Adrian’s love child! But I couldn’t care less because all I can remember is the certificate of award given out was paper, A4 and cheap looking. For god sake, can’t TVB bring out those golden trophy and pretend it is those awards?


The second half is far more interesting!

Summer is fixing and checking plane when a gwailo captain approaches her and basically flirts with her and the proceeds to touchy-touchy her and Summer pushes him away and his arm hits the engine thing and got smudged with oil and as Teddy and gang rushes forward, he screams for Summer to leave, he doesn’t want a female technician who he feels are useless and troublesome. Teddy is ready to go samurai on that jerk but Summer stops him and leaves.

That jerk goes to the cockpit and complains to Roy about women, female technician, stupid, flirts with him and yet plays hard to get, etc etc. He is Captain Bass by the way. Roy checks the chart and sees Summer’s name.

At pub, Isaac, Tucker and Nick with the 3 silliest air stewardess there when Roy arrives, looking confused and upset and they know he was with Captain Bass, well known to be difficult and terrible and the 3 girls illustrated that he is also a sex pest and always touching them and all, sexually harassing them and Roy says “Oh dear, so she must have been a victim then..” and girls ask who is the victim now and Roy says he suspects Summer and repeated what he heard Bass said and Isaac immediately leaves the pub, rushes to Summer’s place and Teddy and friend are there and Isaac asks to see Summer but they say Summer has locked herself whole day in her room, refuses to eat and Isaac asks about Bass and Teddy explains what he knows and Isaac confidently says the matter is too serious and he is willing to support her openly if she makes an official complain at Skylette and he feel she must. Summer overhears.

Morning, Summer goes jogging and Isaac follows her, catches up with her, play nice with her, bought her drinks and even knows what colour she likes and all that. He jokes with her and manages to get her to smile as he says “Why do you always have to act so cool?” and then he bids goodbye but Summer stops him and says “Are you going to make an official complaint about Bass? You don’t need to do that. I can handle this myself” and Isaac says something very logical; “You are always such a good Boss, looking after your male colleagues, but this time, why won’t you look after your sisters as well?” and Summer finally agrees.

Jayden at Skylette when he overhears ground crew gossiping; “He deserves it. Such a jerk, finally someone complained about this person for sexual harassment!” and Jayden walks over and says seriously “I hope that person is not me?” and he smiles charmingly (funny!) when the guys say “Oh no no” when Roy approaches him and explains it is Summer that complains about Bass for sexual harassment and in that instant, Jayden face changes to first confusion, then recognition and then deadly as he rushes off (bumps into Sam on the way) and drives very fast and sees Bass driving, overtakes him, gets off his car as Bass angrily says what’s the problem when Jayden just stalks towards Bass and punches him and Bass falls and then Jayden kicks Bass in the groin! He is about to kick Bass more who is now bleeding and all when Sam arrives and stops Jayden.

Jayden goes to see Adrian, sees Bass walking out who threatens “I will see you in court” and I so wish to punch him too but Jayden says it better as he smiles and says “We… make sure you sue!” and Bass suddenly looks apprehensive. Yeah go to court, wash all dirty linens and underwear there for public to see!!

Jayden with Adrian who solemnly asks what happened and Jayden simply says “Whatever I say is the truth” and like what Sam said earlier, he is ready to shoulder full responsibility for what happened. Sam arrives and explains what he saw and simply says “I don’t know why that happened. But I do believe Jayden has his own reasons” and Adrian knows it all stems from Summer and he concludes Bass is being investigated and Jayden is wrong to beat people up and so he must still be punished.

Now this is where things get interesting even more.

Sam and yes SAM goes to see Summer at the hangar. Weird! And he asks if she is ok and explains to Summer what Jayden did and Summer is shocked since he always assume career is Jayden’s first priority and now he is jeopardising his own career and we are told Jayden is officially suspended. Before his suspension starts, he is now at the tower rooftop to look at planes for what is possibly the final time before suspension kicks in. Which means Sam is advising her to talk to Jayden.

Summer rushes to the tower and sees Jayden standing there alone, and Jayden turns to look at her and before she can say anything, he says…


I jot down word for word because this to me is my most anticipated scene so far and this is Jayden at his most raw, unhinged, opened and unguarded emotionally. The Captain Cool we know, the flirty Jayden, etc they’re nothing compared to this real Jayden that will make anyone who is bored with the sex-straddling-blindfold-Holly scenes fall for him ALL OVER AGAIN. And so I feel it is very important I give you 100% of what he says in here, any mistakes in translation is 100% my fault because I did add a little for flourish but the context is all there even if it is not literal translation, the dialogue here is beautiful, delivered with such intensity by Chilam and for once a great reaction from Myolie in what is almost, not quite but somewhere near what I always wanted from Fala’s Holly; absolute total breakdown of emotions. Get your tissues ready.

I repeat, Jayden begins solemnly at first…

“I know you won’t thank me, I don’t expect you to thank me. I know you will think what I did is meddling into your life, you will probably not appreciate what I did but I can’t help myself. I can’t change who I am. Because at the end of the day, I am Koo Ha Yeung, your big brother. You are Koo Ha Sun, my little sister. There was a time I told myself, if you don’t want to acknowledge me as your brother, I am fine with that. I won’t have to keep begging, I could stop, I should learn to let go. But then I heard what happened to you, some jerk sexually harassed you and I immediately became crazy with rage. All I wanted to do to that jerk is to kill him!”

Jayden now breaking down, with tears…

“All these while in my head, I see a picture, and there’s me and you and mom and dad like the way it was. I have that in my head and I regretted what I did to you, what a disappointment I was to you. The more I see that picture…”

and now Jayden is full on crying as Summer is crying a little bit..

“…the more it made me realise how important family is. People, they all think I am glamorous and all that, they don’t know my humble beginnings but if I ever have that choice again, I will trade it all in exchange for our family … our complete family”

Huge crying as he continues…

“If you won’t forgive me, for such a disappointment I am in your life, I will understand. But… let me just say this… I.. am.. sorry.. that I am such a disappointment to you..”

Jayden cries but he makes a move to leave and Summer, now crying, now knowing her brother’s deepest regret turns to his back and cries loudly “BROTHER!!!!” and he turns back as Summer now goes for almost there breakdown as she says “Do you know why I am a technician? Because of you! I want to make sure everyone on board of planes that go off and come back safely to their families, because I don’t want to lose the only family I have left!” and angrily and absolute total breakdown mode now, she says “YOU ARE THE WORLD’S WORST BROTHER!!!… but… I forgive you” and Jayden and Summer rush to one another and hug each other fiercely, all is forgiven as brother and sister reconciles in what is one of the most emotionally charged scene and certainly a highlight of this episode.

Next episode? Probably Holly. Urghh.

See! See! Fala, THIS IS HOW you do absolute total breakdown! If Francis as example one is not enough, here is another two examples; one subtle and elegant like Chilam, controlled as well and the other, all out temper tantrum and anger and frustration which is like Myolie. I feel I see a bit of the Myolie I love in that last scene, that moment she scolded he is the world’s worst brother, like she finally could let go and just BE Summer, and Summer is less stuck up, less butt hurt looking and is more relaxed. I love how it is only the siblings can unwrap the other emotionally. Oh and how alike Sam and Jayden are in terms of having regrets, the sorry part, etc. They’re meant to be best buds I tell you!

On a side note, I can quite imagine everyone’s favourite actor, Ruco Chan as Jayden. Not the sexiness and all but that scene where he cries and tears and all. I can still remember how heart wrenching his sadness was in Reality Check which is to me probably his best acting in TVB apart from the under appreciated performance in Three Kingdoms RPG. But he can’t play playful. But I suppose Francis didn’t come back, Ruco can definitely be Sam but of course only Francis can combine seriousness and awkwardness together. But Ruco will be a close match.

I also love how questioning Summer was when Sam suddenly turned up to see her. I too was surprised by his appearance. I expected Isaac. I hope to see more Sam and Summer, in any form whatsoever.

The last scene is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. I love that it is elegantly done, well written and excellently acted by both actors.

Very little on Sam but I like how awkward Francis looked when he was seeing Myolie’s Summer. THAT is consistency! Did I tell you how consistent Francis is? He is to me officially the most expressive actor in TVB without being TOO expressive. Even Wayne Lai, my favourite can’t compare to how subtle, how elegant an actor Francis is. I appreciate all that. Which is also why I appreciate Chilam. Chilam is like Francis, except sometimes he falters. He is at his best when away from Fala thus far because Fala pulls him down. But I do feel Francis is able to pull up Fala though. So it will be interesting when Fala starts romancing Francis.

Myolie is good tonight. That last scene was awesome. I also like how she as softened up with Ron’s Isaac.

Ron Ng is now officially the new heart throb to me. His Isaac is to me perfect. Boring yes, but perfect. Acting wise, well you know you can’t expect Ron Ng to be great actor. He is not but with the right role, like how Isaac is written now, like a playful old man in a young man’s body, he nails it despite his inadequacy as an actor.

Don’t remind me of Rebecca Zhu please! Tries too hard to act spoilt in a character that is already doomed on paper. Her Pink Pink back story doesn’t make sense so I hope whatever is the mystery with Adrian (HE IS HER FATHER FOR SURE!!) it better be good.

Oh please don’t miss this episode. Skip the first 25 minutes or so but stay on for that Jayden-Summer moment. A must watch.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. I love Jayden and Summer! Finally, we’ll be able to see them interacting and have fun together as brother and sister, not eyeing each other and ready to beat each other up! I remembered seeing a bts video after their reuion and their bro/sister relationship is adorable! Can’t wait! And thank God for no Holliday! I can’t stand her…

  2. First comment! I totally agree with your whole review… The beginning parts with Rebecca drove me off the walls. Her character was unnecessary and her acting was even worse than her twin, Fala. I loved the Jayden’s reaction to Summer’s incident.. it was so real… overall the last part of the episode was definitely a must see.

    I WATCHED IT LIKE 10000000030020202020020x

  4. Seriously, Summer’s “YOU ARE SERIOUSLY THE WORST BROTHER IN THE WORLD!” was probably my favourite Myolie moment ever. If TVB had an award for best line/outburst, I want to give it to Myolie for just that one line. Would love to see more outbursts like that from her where she’s just raw emotions, but I don’t think we’ll see any more from her in TITS as I think only something like Jayden/family/years of suppressed disappointment could trigger that sort of thing.


  6. I find Ron not to be wooden at all he was wooden at the start of the series but not atm

  7. YAY FOR ISSAC! Ron needs more interesting roles. agree with you there, Rebbecca Z is another Fala… boringg.

    and, omg, those cheap paper certificates! at least frame them up with a gold stamp or something!

  8. The dude who plays the doctor on the plane was an emergency room doctor before he switched to acting. Now instead of being a doctor, he acts as a doctor. Are doctors not well paid in HK???

    1. Sometimes it’s not about the money. Some people want fame.

    2. Have you noticed that he plays the role as a doctor in almost every drama

  9. I have to wait for English sub, I don’t understand Chinese. Hate!
    Anyway, thanks for the review.

  10. Totally agree with this episode review . Last 20 minutes of this show with Myolie / Chilam/ Francis at their best .

  11. I loved the last half of this episode, especially the scene with Jayden and Summer. They both did a great job, especially when Chilam recalled his childhood and how Myolie yelled at him for being the world’s worst brother, and then composed herself to say that she forgives him.

  12. Also, I cringe every time Rebecca calls Elena her mommy. It is the same wtf reaction any time Toby refers to “Auntie Zoe”.

    1. But at least switch Rebecca with Toby, a bit more believable.

  13. Triumph in Adrian King’s Office

    Am I the only one who’s getting sick of scenes in Mr King’s office?

  14. TITS2ep17 is awesome!!! Definitely my favorite so far. No need to fight for it (like Francis suggested), Miss “TV Queen” Myolie. When it’s yours, it’ll naturally be yours.

    The iceberg is melting …

  15. Bee, Apple, Victor, Colby and now Pink Pink? Just keeps getting better.

      1. Victor is a normal name. Bee Aple Colby and Holiday. Aiyayyayayayay.

  16. I actually wonder if they came up with the name after watching Glee.

    Gwyneth Paltrow guest starred in an episode of glee in 2011. Her character’s name – Holly Holiday

  17. I was really anticipating your recap on this episode, Funn! Every little word you’ve put down here is exactly my mind’s sentiments.

    I just don’t get the whole Pink Pink thing. It feels like TVB is trying really hard to throw in a whole lot of things in everyone’s lives and goes astray because there’s just too much to keep up with.

    The final part of Jayden – Summer was really good and I finally just let loose on how Myolie’s acting has become. Truth be told, I’ve never liked her acting in any series but I thought she did a great job in this scene.

    I can’t wait till you do a recap of Episode 18. Would you have the same sentiments as I again? 🙂

  18. This show is honestly so bad. Some of the scenes are ridiculous and unbelievable, like that scene where Adrian starts randomly playing 2 seconds of the Beattles song, was it even necessary? Or Jayden’s relationship development with Holiday. That scene was supposed to be touching, but all I could feel was second hand embarrassment. If some girl I was wooing and who I don’t know that well started crying and saying maybe we were meant to be together, I would be creeped out. Also, all of this forced English just seems unnatural.

    I keep watching because Francis’s acting is top notch, and Ron and Myolie’s relationship is adorable. But there have been some serious cringe-worthy moments.

  19. i don’t understand you all??!!!??!

    Why everyone is so hateful of rebecca zhu’s acting?? I find her so-so but not until such a bad level that u ppl all say so. Toby yes, that one is HORRIBLE ACTRESS (and she been in the industry for a long time) but Rebecca is getting much much better than her.

    WTH! Just because funn no likey her, doesn’t mean everyone else must jump into her bandwagon….

    1. Is Funn the authority around here? Or is that what her detractors have mistaken her as? Everyone else is just chipping in with their opinion and I’m sure Funn’s not the first person EVER to criticise Rebecca’s acting. Heck, less than half the comments here (thus far) are related to Rebecca. So why the snide remark?

  20. Rebecca Zhu’s character doesnt bother me. I dont like Toby’s character and Adrian though. They are very annoyed.

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