Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 19

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“I changed my mind. I want the tire which is attached to a A330 to roll over him (Teddy).”

This episode has more content and is mostly Summer and Sam. And this means there is a little bit of Isaac in it. It also has Roy and Heather and unfortunately, that 5 minutes of “ciplak Fala” is more than I can take. By the Ciplak is a Malay slang for pirated. And mind you, next to her, Fala is supreme. Rebecca Zhu is new I know, and what a pity that she has the body, the look, the petite-ish body that is compatible with a lot of actors who are not so tall and all that. Unfortunately she has Sonija Kwok’s freaky lips (when Sonija was new), bad way of delivery of lines and so limited acting expressions. And I find her character supremely annoying, much like I still hate Adrian’s Teddy who really has a cactus up his butt all the time. And I guess this rude girl will be air stewardess and rude boy will be pilot. With their attitude, I as the captain will eject them both from the plane. This series has too many waste of time characters and many I don’t care characters. Roy is a waste of time but at least I like him. This Teddy and Pink Pink, why? What’s their purpose? To annoy us?

Anyway… RECAP!

A very short recap in the whole bicycle team thing with Summer and her technicians plus Isaac. Basically Isaac is out of sync, everyone complains but guess who’s the loudest? Well Summer says to them and to Teddy that she train Isaac more and asks Teddy to give Isaac his heart monitor watch. He isn’t too pleased. Anyway Isaac frets that he is doing all that too fast and not pacing himself with the rest of them but Summer wisely says “You may be fast, but you won’t be faster than the slowest member” and Isaac doesn’t get it. Basically Isaac succeeds in the whole working together, coordination and trust thing and somewhere during the training Isaac sees Summer’s heart monitor shows her heart is beating very fast when at rest drinking with him, more so when he accidentally drinks her bottle and he tells her to drink his and says “Now that you have drunk my saliva, you will have to listen to me”. Summer immediately went “Pffffffffffff” the whole drink out. Yes cute moment.

Remember the dating agency’s owner? Yeap, Sam is friends with her and having dinner with her. She is pleased he comes dressed as a pilot but is disappointed when he removes any indication of his ranking and that he is a pilot, left only with a white shirt. He explains after office hours, he can’t wear those stuff. Anyway, the lady indicates they’re there to monitor some of her clients, a pair of whom is a gay couple and to Sam, whatever rocks their boats. Anyway she asks him if he wants her services and he says he is not using her services anymore. In the end she means well and plays psychology game with Sam and is accurate when she says if someone is outwardly happy (Sam and Holly as well), inside they’re very very sad. Sam tries not to let that sink in even though she advises him to let go whatever hurt is in his heart and to start living again. And she even suggests “Maybe you will like a man?” and of course not Sam!

Adrian sees Sam and asks if he will be the director of Skylette’s cadet program (NOT PPP, but proper cadet thing) and Sam says ok. Adrian asks if he is willing to be the Training Captain (TC) but Sam is not enthusiastic as he says “I don’t know all the captain at Skylette”. I suppose it means he will be like Matthew? “Moreover I haven’t been at Skylette long to deserve this position” but Adrian, the ever cheerful No. 1 boss in the universe laughs and says encouragingly “Sam! You don’t need to know everyone BUT everyone knows you! You are Captain Samuel Tong! What more there is to know? You are well known to be fair in your assessments and I trust your reports! Think about it!” and Sam agrees to think about it.

At home, Sam in his room and Isaac comes in to congratulate him on the promotion(s) as Isaac says “There are only 20 Chinese TCs in HK and I am sure if you didn’t leave back then, you would have been the first Chinese TC in HK!” But Sam isn’t enthusiastic and Isaac advices him on team play and how Sam can work as a team with the pilots of Skylette and Sam is impressed with Isaac’s maturity and Isaac explains it is due to Summer’s bicycle team. Sam teases “So if I am TC and I fail you at your exams, would that mean there will be huge tragic change to our family?”


Sam says “ga bin” which is literally changes in the family but in Cantonese usage, it means something so huge, so mega, of such proportion that will change the family or family members within the family in a tragic negative way. In Sam’s meaning, he meant as a joke.


Isaac confidently says “When I was cadet you said I won’t pass but I did. Anyway brother, think about the offer!” and he leaves as Sam, lost for words says “Didn’t I say I will think about it from the very beginning?!”

Very funny scene. I need more of such scenes.

Anyway Isaac and cafe girl in cafe. Nothing much. Still love sick cafe girl. Roy comes in and notices the cafe girl is exceptionally attentive to Isaac and teases him if he is interested in her. Roy acts as if he doesn’t know she likes him. I am perplexed with this scene. Either bad editing/sequence or Isaac is pretending. Anyway with cafe girl listening at the back, Isaac confirms something Roy already knows; he won’t date until he becomes captain which prompts Roy to say “So you will be a bachelor forever?” and Isaac looks at Roy and says seriously “Are you cursing my chances at being a captain?”

Of course not! Isaac is funny and poor cafe girl, I mean his heart is with Summer, not you! Of course he doesn’t know it yet.

Everyone gets the news that Sam will be the new TC and only Roy doesn’t know. Now that Roy knows and he is also taking the same exams as Isaac, he feels Sam will be fair to him and wants to know what Sam wants in a Captain in training. He asks Isaac who says to him “Didn’t you always say my brother treats you like his little brother? Ask him!” but after some prompting Isaac relates a story where Sam once told him he was in some flight where a captain slouches at at his seat and Sam said if he was a TC he would have failed that guy. Roy understands and wears his sunglasses as he said to himself “So Sam gor emphasises on style…” and everyone looks at him, surprised. Roy also wants to do SIM with Sam.

Roy, Matthew and Sam in SIM. Roy walks in wearing sunglasses which prompts Sam to say “You know once the SIM starts, it will be dark in here” and he quickly takes off his sunglasses. Anyway SIM starts, he tries to sit straight and keeps looking at Sam and basically becomes so nervous, he lands the plane with a huge THUD and Sam immediately stops the SIM. Matthew in shock says “Roy, what happened? That was a bad landing!” and he says Roy lands with 1.8 G force when the maximum is 1.5 G force. Sam wonders how Roy who usually does so well as reports said so can be so terrible and says they will work overtime for more training. He goes to the toilet and before that advises Roy to relax, close his eyes and see what is his objective. When Sam comes back, Roy is still sitting relaxed with his eyes closed and as Sam says “Good. Let’s start again” he immediately tenses up and Sam tells him to relax. SIM starts again and Roy passes and even Matthew approves as he says “Good job, well done!”. Sam then advises Roy to stop acting so chok (he said that word) all the time and just relax and just do his job and land well and Matthew says “Very well said, and he (Sam) is right!”. That’s when Roy confesses that he asked Isaac for opinion and Isaac said Sam places more importance on sitting up straight and Sam asks “During my flight, have you ever seen Isaac sitting straighter than me?” and Roy realises the answer is no and Sam tells Roy to stop listening to Isaac. Roy reveals his admiration for Sam and his style and Sam just tells him to stop that and concentrate on his work at hand.


Why even listen to Isaac!! Sam is right! Anyway such a silly scene. Why is Roy becoming so fluffy and silly? Either he is in between 2 women or in such silly situations. It is supposed to be funny but it isn’t remotely funny.


Bicycle event. Teddy is jealous everyone listens to Isaac when Summer reminds Teddy they’re a team, everyone works together. They got lost, slowed down, etc by first Isaac’s mistake and then Teddy’s mistake. Isaac realises “I can’t be faster than the slowest member and that is myself” and Summer approves. Anyway bicycle team, in the end they win. Isaac is so happy he hugs Summer who looks very very pleased.

Celebration dinner at Summer’s place. Teddy’s father arrives and alone, he gives him the cadet application form and Summer overhears as Teddy confirms he wants to be a technician but his father says that he can try, if he doesn’t make it, he can go back to being technician, that he works hard to give his son an education and expects him to have a more comfortable job and not be a technician. Father leaves and Teddy sits alone to consider. Once inside everyone knows why the father is here as he does it every year during application time and most of them tells him to forget about it since he can’t pass anyway and Teddy is offended and Isaac who means well says “Look man, if I can, you can too! You can’t be more stupid than I ever was!” but Teddy hears what Isaac says as an insult and shouts at Isaac “You people always look down on us!” and Isaac looks stunned as Summer scolds Teddy “Isaac didn’t mean it that way! You have misunderstood!” and Teddy stalks away.


Isaac, don’t worry. Teddy is always PMS-ing. Anyway this Teddy is getting on my nerves all over again. Imagine this kinda guy who has no TEAM SPIRIT but pretends he has becoming a captain. He will fail terribly. Even if he passes, he is a loner and will probably crash a plane with that attitude of his. I am so hoping Sam and Jayden will put him in his place!As it is we have too many pilots to be.


Skylette’s open application day for cadets and air stewardess. Many people, friendly staff, etc. Roy’s beach GF, Phyllis is there, so is his air stewardess GF from another airline, Joanne is there and thanks to Heather who helps him to separate them so they won’t meet. Heather is with Rachel when Tony arrives looking very casual in bermuda pants as he is going on a holiday and Rachel looks mighty jealous that Tony might be seeing someone new.

Ciplak Fala is there to see Heather when Jim Jim and Hero arrives and let me just say, Pink Pink is the next Teddy. They deserve one another as she dismisses the pilot profession in front of a super serious Hero who basically scolded her but she still goes ha ha ha. What an airhead. Adrian sees Pink Pink and remembers her as Heather’s daughter (much to her disappointment). I think Adrian is her father because remember, her mother had her with another man, that is Adrian. Pink Pink says he has good memory and Adrian laughingly says he remembers the positive, and forgets the negative (her mom perhaps?). Anyway he teases that she is golden pair with Jim Jim and hopes to see her as an air stewardess.


She is supposed to be a gifted young and up and coming ballerina and he hopes to see her as an air stewardess? She supposedly has such great ballerina credentials! I mean I practically choked on my KFC when I was watching this scene. I was like this series is going downhill because of such stupid logic. If Teddy’s dad has issues with Teddy being a technician who will be engineer, Heather should have an issue with a classically award winning young ballerina becoming an air stewardess. Of course Heather is very zen like, so she will say yes to whatever Pink Pink wants. I was thinking maybe she breaks a leg or something hence a career change.

Anyway at the care Teddy wants to tell Summer something (we know what right?) but he at last doesn’t tell her a thing.

On the way to her room, I think Adrian’s secretary (Mona? Can’t remember her name) dropped a few application forms, Isaac picks them up and handing them to her when he sees Teddy’s application form.

Summer and Chiu at the hangar and Chiu asks Summer about the promotion of a technician and surprised Summer says she did, and that is Teddy but Chiu angrily says “Teddy? I gave him the form and guess what he did? He gave me back the form and asked for leave! To study for the cadet thing he said! What a traitor! Ha Sun! You trained him so well and taught him everything and all those talks about loving being a technician and proclaiming loyalty to us? All lies! He is a traitor and he has betrayed you! And you’re still so naive to trust him!” and Summer looks genuinely shocked at that news.


I really couldn’t care less if Teddy becomes an astronaut and flies to the next Galaxy far far away and becomes a Jedi knight. I seriously hate him. I hate how he treats Isaac and how immediately feels everything is ALL about him. I hate how he wants to be a pilot not because he loves being a pilot but purely to prove everyone, especially Isaac, that they’re wrong and he can pass the exams. Remember my deepest darkest wish for him to have a tyre roll over him? I changed my mind. I want the tyre which is attached to a A330 to roll over him. Sure dead.

And I also wish for the server’s cart to crash onto Pink Pink and end my misery. End OUR misery.

Why does both nice people in real life, who is friendly when interviewed can be such bitches and bastards in respective characters?

And I can’t understand the whole logic of Pink Pink as air stewardess. I thought maybe as a pilot but we need more air stewardess anyway and she is the unfriendliest person ever.

And then there’s Roy. I am so disappointed at how silly he is becoming.

But what keeps me going is Sam, Isaac, Jayden and in some ways, Summer. At the likes of Pink Pink and Teddy, even Holly doesn’t sound so bad!!

Performance wise, hate the 2 destroyer, that is Adrian aka Teddy (Mr Bear wants to sue him for taking his first name and making his name hateful!!) and Rebecca aka Pink Pink (the Colour Consortium says they’re ejecting the colour Pink from now on from their members of the board because pink is supposed to be girly, fluffy and sunshine and Pink Pink destroyed that illusion!). It is not that they’re such terrible actors, it is that they’re such god awful actors who makes what is supposed to be loyal (Teddy) and cute (Pink Pink) characters on paper and turn them into ultimate bastards and bitches.

The rest are ok, even silly Kenneth Ma is ok because he is just bogged down by a very badly written and developed character of no purpose other than being silly and ultimately being the toyboy and some supposed sex scenes. Yeah, right.

Since I have the foresight of Episode 20 at the time of writing for this episode, I can only say Episode 19 is almost my final straw and then there’s episode 20 which shortens the straw. I am not sure if I can keep writing for this series which is branching out so much with so many unnecessary characters and none of them is moving forward, yet. And there’s still 13 episodes to do after episode 20! Talk about draggy! But at least episode 20 is half ok, like episode 19 is still bearable.

But anymore on Pink Pink, Roy and Teddy, I will scream. And unfortunately Episode 20 is just that. Until episode 20, let me pretend I am still ignorant and blissful. Like Cheng Ban Kiu (the lead in Doomed To Oblivion played by Wong Hei when he was still the unpredictable actor with Myolie as his love interest when she was still fresh and new and eager and exciting to watch by herself) says; “Nan De Hu Tu” aka Ignorance Is Bliss.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.

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  1. does it mean Rachel secretly in love with Tony?

    by the way, there is 23 episodes more right?

  2. Just asking… Which are the altered scenes in the HK version than the overseas version?
    Also, does anyone know Which episode will Jayden break up with Holiday?

    Thanks for the review, I love it: )

    1. Actually, it’s Holiday breaking up with Jayden, not the other way around. And that episode will occur this week (ep 23 or 24).

      1. llwy12
        Just curious …… how did you learn about the developments of the future episodes before broadcasting?

      2. @sandcherry: I read the episode summaries that are published in TVB Magazine every week…the summaries do recap quite a few of the main story arcs and important plot points. Of course it’s not the same as watching the episodes themselves (and there are some things left out), but the summaries do give me a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen in upcoming episodes. It’s actually easy to do now because they put TVB Zone (that’s the offshoot of TVB Magazine that publishes all the TV schedule-related stuff and the summaries) into an app that can be downloaded on cellphones….

  3. Honestly if they casted Kenneth for the purpose of being some sort of sex appeal then it’s definitely the wrong choice. I don’t see the point of his character at all.

    The series is losing its interest, way too many characters and individual stories to even develop any sort of personality between their characters.

    1. @teecee well certainly the veteran filmmakers in the industry think different from you or funn since kenneth’s sexual role has caught him the attention of jackie chan and many other directors who are fighting to have kenneth in their movie and in the end kenneth choose jackie chan’s production where he will lead his own movie as a cool lawyer and pairig with a golden horse award winner actress from mainland and 6 other actresses. jackie chan think highly of kenneth’s sexual scenes with coffee and elena and want to promote him as a movie star starting with this romantic comedy where jackie chan will pull along eric tsang irene wan and jackie himself as guest star, and paying kenneth a great amount of 3 million for 1 movie. guess what, wong jing’s revoked offer to oscar leung only worth 1 million for 10 movies.

      1. credit to hyn5


        Kenneth Ma Catches the Attention of Jackie Chan: Pocketing Three Million to Attack Film Industry

        Recently, Kenneth Ma gas gained popularity because of his role, Roy Ko, in TVB’s currently airing series “Triumph in the Skies II”, becoming in great demand in the industry! Earlier, Kenneth got many film companies to take the initiative to reach out to him, some even offering a sky-high fee in hopes to propel him to the big screen. However, in the end, Kenneth has chosen to collaborate with the film industry’s big brother, Jackie Chan, in the romantic comedy “Fate Is a Game” 《緣來是遊戲》 (temporary title), which is produced by Jackie. Kenneth will portray a handsome lawyer who gets caught among seven pretty females. To get many stars surrounding Kenneth, Jackie has invited Eric Tsang, Irene Wan, etc. to take part, and is also considering whether he would make a cameo.

        As for the female lead, it is the new female star Zhang Zixuan, who previously took part in the highly grossing film “Love Is Not Blind”. It is said that Kenneth would have an intense kiss scene with Zhang Zixuan in the film.

        Apart from making a cameo appearance as a firefighter in “72 Tenants of Prosperity”, Kenneth has never filmed any movies. It is said that the fee for his first leading role has reached three million, a salary averaging $100,000 every day. The reason Kenneth caught the attention of Jackie is because of his intimate scene with girlfriend Philis in Kenting; in addition, him getting caught in between two females and his bed scene with Elena Kong have made Jackie firmly believe that he has the ability to execute the film’s ‘Cool Monster’ of the legal field. The film will begin filming in October. The film company was asked for a confirmation; a spokesperson only admitted that Kenneth would be taking part in the new film, but could not disclose the fee.

      2. glad that roy and triumph2 has made kenneth a big star who will lead a movie and collaborate with super veteran jackie chan! 🙂

      3. So he got offered a film role with 7 other girls because producers think highly of him as a duplicate of Christian Grey? Sorry but I don’t think being cast in a movie role based on his sex scenes should be considered as something as amazing as you make it out to be. 3 million HKD is not a lot of money for a film, most actors get payed triple that amount for just a role. Shouldn’t compare Oscar to Kenneth, one has more seniority than the other beside we all know what kind of films Wong Jing makes anyways.

      4. I mean can you honestly say that Kenneth is doing great in this role?

      5. surely it is because jackie himself think kenneth is doing a good job and perfect fit for the role. and is IS a big thing because this is a jackie chan production and starring an award winning female lead not another stupid cheap hk production

      6. this isn’t kenneth’s best work because he’s just smashing as yat kin tau and in the ancient kungfu series where he paired with selena, but this proves that kenneth’s performance is something since it caught the eyes of many producers and making them want to promote him to be a movie star

      7. It’s just that to me you’re implying that he is only casting him because he likes what he does in bed in the series and he looks good doing it and not because he is good in any other of his scenes besides intimate ones which is the only reason he is casting him.

      8. teecee maybe you’re just jealous that your favourite can’t make the movie and that’s why you keep trying to undermine kenneth’s appeal. each for their own opinion 😛

      9. Jealousy is for 12 year olds, I’m 19 I am not going o be jealous over anything and i refuse to be associated to that term. Besides who are you referring to? I don’t have favorites and I could really care less who gets cast into this movie. I think you’re confusion me with yourself, because most people would see just how incapable Kenneth is in portraying this character.

      10. Teecee:
        It is absolutely pointless to try and even engage in a meaningful conversation with cray cray there. She is a cray cray for a reason. Lol.

      11. Hah I knew that just didn’t think it would be this extreme.

      12. I predict this movie will end in trash just like any other HK movies. by having kenneth makes it worst, he has proven that from TITS2. pointless.

      13. Didn’t Wong Jing revoke his offer because Oscar was involved in bad rumors? It’s not because Oscar’s not worth it.

        So, what you’re saying is Jackie saw potential in Kenneth’s sex scenes. Well, there’s certainly potential for him in CAT 3 movies. Haha The movie has yet to film and you’re here bragging left and right. Get over yourself, you, obsessive fan.

      14. I have stopped watching HK movies or any partnered movie between HK and mainland China after their quality of storyline dropped tremendously. Jackie Chan also fared so-so only in his last movie – It had very idiotic scenes and ideas. (YAWNNNN) So to say that Roy got attention for his lousy role in TITSII – I have doubts. Whenever Roy acts like a kid on screen, I really hate him. I prefer him to be cool and dark or even evil.

  4. Is it me or does Kenneth looks awkward here? He’s kinda stiff in some scenes, which is a step down from YKT.

  5. I don’t know what to say. Roy’s character is pretty nonsensical since he is a pilot acting like a teenager. I don’t want to put down any career choices but Pink Pink wanting to become a stewardess like mama after being international dance champion is a pretty huge waste – I understand for PR work maybe…

    1. Should have made Pink Pink a recent graduate who couldn’t find a job. It’ll make more sense. It seems like everyone just wants to join Skylette, lol

      1. Pink wants to join Skylette I understand since mom is there. But why a promising award winning ballerina wants to change career is to me baffling.

      2. Maybe Pink Pink has ulterior motives for joining Skylette. Shhe wants to work at the same place as her biological father (assuming the always high-hippy-singing ceo of Skylette is her real father) to get closer to him, and is secretly devastated that he doesn’t recognise her but she pretends like she doesn’t care. It’s rather farfetched though that Heather doesn’t know who Pink Pink’s real father is. If Heather legally adopted the child, she must know who her real parents are, as stated in her birth certificate.

      3. Actually, Heather looks like she knows Adrian and Pink Pink’s relationship. She wouldn’t have acted so at the awards ceremony if she didn’t know.

      4. I think Heather does know – but I’m surprised that Adrian doesn’t know that Heather has custody of his daughter. It sounded like he knew Heather for a long time, she has a 20 yr old daughter all of a sudden or not all of a sudden. Its all very confusing and but not in a interesting way.

      5. Not surprised if he doesn’t know. Pink is the daughter of Heather’s EX boyfriend’s EX wife. So Adrian must be the BF or husband of this ex BF’s ex GF. Very very removed.

      6. No. It seems like Adrian only knows of Heather because of Tony. Not too surprising.

    2. Speaking for myself, being a flight attendant and a international dance champion both has pros and cons. If we are talking about job stability, i think being a flight attendant is more secure and not as hectic in terms of food + exercise than being a ballerina… o.O

      1. I think the world class ballerina can do some marketing, management/admin level work to be the face of the company. Jim Jim becoming pilot I understand for interesting face/marketing.

        I don’t know how Pink Pink will get closer to the Skylette CEO (father?) by being in the air all the time since I don’t think cabin crew regularly has strategy meetings with the CEO – I’m actually confounded by how often the CEO meets with pilots.

      2. Yeah, maybe not that many opportunities for flight attendants to see the CEO in official meetings… but in company functions and other social settings, it will put Pink Pink in closer proximity with her father. Try to think like TVB scriptwriters. Lol.

      3. Pink pink is a cold girl. Where’s the shine?!!! And the slight pout she has every time she sees Adrian is a turn off.

  6. Funn! If you are sick of writing TITS2 write review for Karma Rider! PLEASE!

    1. Karma Rider?! I watched 3 episodes and I had no idea what it is about and gave up a long time ago!

      1. No one believes me but I think KR is the better of the two series.

      2. You’re not the only one who thought KR was the better series. I did too, although I skimmed here and there. It had a much more coherent story, centered on the buddhist belief of the 8 types of human suffering and how everything comes full circle. Even stars like Chow Yun Fat and Amy Kwok commented on KR without being promoted when they were asked by reporters if they were watching TITS 2.

    2. Karma Rider is sometimes confusing but you need to really think deep to understand the story. At first I was like what the hell is this? Then as the episodes continues, it sort of enlightened me (even if this sounds ridiculous) it makes me rethink about life and destiny. I really like these type of drama that makes you think deeper than just the surface of everything. KR gives me a refreshing that TVB haven’t gave me in a LONG time.

  7. @Funn:  You’re just starting to lose patience with this series?  I already lost patience 10 episodes ago….the storyline started getting too ridiculous and ‘all over the place’ ages ago.  Personally, I don’t know if I’ll be able to ‘survive’ until the end of the series, especially knowing now (based on the episode summaries that came out today) that the Sam/Zoe story will officially end with episode 23.  I actually only skimmed through the summaries this week because outside of the Sam/Zoe wrap up, the rest of the episodes are about all the side stories again, which means we will be seeing more of Apple, Teddy, Pink Pink, and all those people from the PPP thing….argh….

    1. Should I give up writing? I will still watch but I am not sure about writing it. I remember TITS 1 was such a joy to write for, not because it was great but because it has some rather good scenes to really talk about. This one, if not for Sam and Jayden and Isaac I have already given up.

      1. @Funn: From a selfish perspective (because I enjoy reading your summaries and have actually been reading them in place of watching certain episodes), of course I would like to see you continue writing the recaps of the series, but from a fellow reviewer / writer perspective, I totally understand not wanting to write anymore, especially if you’re no longer enjoying it. As it is, I already applaud you for lasting 19 episodes (with the writing that is)….you definitely have more patience than I do…LOL…

        One suggestion: instead of doing a recap on each episode, perhaps just watch and take some notes, then save the rest of it for a review at the end of the series? This way you can still recap particularly ‘good’ scenes (if there are anymore after episode 23) involving the characters you like and not have to waste time on all the other boring scenes (the ‘fluff’ that is really not worth recapping)….

        Of course, in the end, it’s up to you….

  8. I’ve just finished episode 20… its really dragging and there seems to be no underlying back story to help it along apart from Sam’s memory and regret for Zoe.
    Also I wished they used someone else other than Fala for the female lead. Even Myolie has better chemistry with Chilam etc.

    1. Yes, there really isn’t an underlying story. It seems like characters come and go. The problem? Well, there are just way too many fillers to squeeze in here. Since the sequel is not about promoting new blood, take out the subplots.

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