[Breakup Files] Fala Chen Confirms Breakup with Daniel Sit

Fala Chen (陳法拉) discreetly acknowledged her breakup with her boyfriend of six years, Daniel Sit (薛世恆), at a promotional event for a beauty brand in Hong Kong today. The former TVB-managed star refused to elaborate on their current relationship status, but did reveal that she and Daniel had “reached a consensus” on how to handle the matter.
Shortly after Fala started her acting career in Hong Kong, she began dating the Neway heir. The couple was rumored to have secretly gotten married in 2008, with Fala and Daniel co-owning two properties in the United States. While the couple acknowledged dating each other, they never openly admitted to marriage.
Rumors of their impending breakup went rife last week, when a magazine source reported that a quarrel broke out between the couple when Daniel refused to invest in Fala’s artist management and talent scout venture. The altercation resulted in Fala’s abrupt decision to further her acting studies in New York this summer.
“A lot of what was written in that report weren’t true,” said Fala. “But a lot of things have changed recently. In my opinion, any kind of change is a good thing.”
Asked if her breakup with Daniel had something to do with her recent change, Fala laughed and said, “I knew that a magazine wrote about it last week, but I was in the United States at the time, so I didn’t look too much into it. However, my colleagues did take some photos [of the magazine report] and sent it to me. I immediately phoned Mr. Sit [about it]. We have discussed it together and reached a consensus about our relationship. We want to maintain our privacy. I did ask him if he wanted to make a [public] response today, but he said that wasn’t necessary. This is our matter and I ask for everyone to please give us the space to handle it ourselves.”
So is Fala currently single? Fala smiled, “All I can say is that we have reached a consensus. I know everyone is concerned about us. My friends as well, but I can assure everyone that I am really happy. In these past couple of months, I have lived my life with freedom and clarity. I haven’t had this feeling since my [university] years. I am very clear on how I want to walk my road. There have been many changes. It’s a blissful thing for someone to finally do what she wants to do.”
How would Fala describe her current state with Daniel? “A state of bliss,” said Fala. Asked if she considers herself to be starting her life anew, Fala nodded, “I suppose so.”
Fala described her current relationship with Daniel to be “good.” Asked if she considers Daniel a boyfriend or a good friend, Fala explained, “It’s impossible to describe two people’s relationship in just a few words, especially in a relationship that lasted so long. The relationship was true. I really don’t have the heart to define [our relationship]. I want to maintain the privacy and remain low-profile.”
Was it Fala who suggested the breakup? “I never said that!”
Fala stressed once again that her reasons for furthering her studies in New York had nothing to do with her relationship with the Neway Star heir. She stated, “Please do not enforce a set of values for female artists. I have the right to choose my own set of values. Do not sell fake stories and rape [my reputation]. I have worked hard. I find it disgusting that money is always linked with female artists. Many female artists I know are very hard-working.”
Source: Ming Pao
This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I had a feeling that this was true. But if so, maybe it is a good thing for the both of them?? Good luck to the both of them!

    1. Another gold-digger “failed” story……..of course it’s always about money. You think she would date a nobody in the entertainment industry on a measly TVB salary?….doubt it!…….Won’t be hard for this gold-digger to find the next victim though…….she’s still sexy enough to bait the old rich boys!

  2. Reading between the lines, Fala’s relationship with Daniel didn’t give her enough freedom, perhaps in her career. It was likely her career ambition and perhaps the Sit family’s expectations of Fala that were in conflict with each other.

    I believe Fala had been secretly married to Daniel for several years, which would make this a divorce rather than simply a breakup.

    1. If it is a divorce, sooner or later the paps will get a copy of it. We shall soon know… I wonder how much is the settlement.

      1. “I have the right to choose my own set of values. Do not sell fake stories and rape [my reputation]. ”

        Jayne, what was the word in chinese used for the word translated as rape here?

      2. I referred to the original article and the word used for “rape” was “keung gan” (強姦), the literal meaning of the word.

        Oh, that was quite a harsh word for her to use. I don’t think it fitted into the context in Chinese.

      3. RLF Lover,
        “I referred to the original article and the word used for “rape” was “keung gan” (強姦), the literal meaning of the word.
        Oh, that was quite a harsh word for her to use. I don’t think it fitted into the context in Chinese.”

        Fala has strong principles. Her usage of “rape” also illustrates how upset she is with the rumors.

      4. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that she would use those words?? Maybe she is truly unhappy but is acting like she is happy??

      5. TO use the word ‘rape’ to describe the media’s fake stories is showing the level of frustration and annoyance she has towards gossip reporters actions.

        ” I find it disgusting that money is always linked with female artists. Many female artists I know are very hard-working.” – I totally agree with her…although they say being a public figure comes with a price, no pain no gain,expected, deal with it etc. I find it really unfair for those who have worked hard right from the very start, and have reporters use their imagination to write up stories that can damage their image hence career with one single article. Yeah, maybe it is reality is harsh and that’s how the entertain industry’s game is played, but it shouldn’t have to be like that in order for the media to gain their own share of money or whatever.

        And if it is a divorce (if they were even married in the first place….) I really do hope the paps do not get a copy…it is their own private matter-a 7 year relationship is not short, i’m sure both are not taking it emotionally easy, but the paps to expose any more of their relationship is just a plain, digusting action.

    2. I have a feeling that they are married too. I think it may partially be her ambitious goals, but money may be a part of it too. If the other article has any truth to it, then another reason may be because she wanted money from him. As we all know, money is a sensitive issue even between close family members as well as husband and wife.

      1. HeTieShou,
        Tabloids reported that the Sit family wanted Fala to have children and prioritize family life. If this is true, then it would be at odds with Fala’s career ambitions.

        When Fala first started at TVB, she had a very sexy image and wore bikinis at promo functions. Around the time she was rumored to have married Daniel Sit, Fala’s sexiness was kept under tight wraps. She even said she didn’t want to do any kissing scenes. Perhaps it was the Sit family who didn’t want Fala to do so.

        The key word in Fala’s reply was “freedom” and perhaps being with Daniel was a bit stifling as she could not carry herself the way she truly wished to.

      2. Jayne,
        Maybe there is some truth to what you are saying, but that is how it is when you get married in some cases. You have to give up your freedom and other things at times and try to impress your inlaws and all… Every woman and man has to make some sort of sacrifices if they want to get married and also have kids.

      3. HeTieShou,
        Agree with the compromises of marriage. Fala and Daniel likely had different expectations of Fala’s ultimate course. The Sit family seems pretty accommodating to keep their marriage under secret wraps. Even at Daniel’s grandmother’s (?) funeral several years ago, Fala attended the family mourning, but their marriage was not openly acknowledged. At Daniel’s younger brother’s wedding, Fala was seated at the head table, but again they carried on as if they were not married. Daniel’s compromise was to let Fala carry on as “unmarried” since she wanted to maintain such an image for her acting career.

        It is not surprising if Daniel wishes Fala to think about starting a family or perhaps scale back her career ambitions. Their expectations of her role were at odds. Both likely felt they have made enough sacrifices in the relationship and didn’t want to anymore.

      4. I go with Jayne on this one. Fala is known to be a strong-career minded kind of woman, if money is all she wanted from the start, all she needs is produce an offspring. She will get all the money she needs/wants from the Sit family. Therefore, she would have called it quits in the entertainment industry but seeing she still wants to make it ‘big’. Money can come later when she makes it big but right now, it’s all about her career and the ‘freedom’ she actively seeks.

      5. I did not mean to say that it was just money, but I feel money is definitely a part of it… If Fala has pride and all, then I don’t think she would just have a kid to ask for money from her in laws.

      6. I can’t help but think that Fala shouldn’t divorce Daniel, unless he has been unfaithful to her.

        Issues like career ambitions, freedom, etc can be discussed and worked over.

        The unfortunate state of society is that a woman’s value decreases as she ages. Fala will not come off better for divorcing Daniel if he has not been unfaithful to her. He is still rich and can provide for her and help her in the future. If Fala can talk things over with him and win over his parents, Fala may be able to have her cake and eat it too.

      7. Sad if it’s a divorce. Fala should have known right from the start what is expected of her by her husband and her in-laws. When you marry, it’s not just to the husband. It’s to your in laws too. Especially in wealthy traditional Chinese families.

      8. HTS – Fala was already an actress when Daniel started dating/married her. For him to expect her to change what she is, and what she wants is wrong. That isn’t the type of “compromise” a partner should demand. Acceptance of who each other are and what they desire to do is key.

        I think that Jayne is correct in the assumption that the family life and the ideals that the Sit family were pushing on Fala (no sexiness, muted roles, motherhood) eventually wore Fala out. Forcing someone to do something they don’t want isn’t the way to go.

        Has Fala turned down roles at TVB in order to appease the family? We don’t know… but maybe in the back of Fala’s mind she’s thinking she’s been held back.

        In any case… 6 years is a good amount of time, but there is obviously something fundamentally wrong in the relationship if they’ve decided to end it. At least it was amicable.

        Here’s hoping Fala has a clean start, and that she uses her new found “freedom” to pursue her dreams.

      9. TVBfanatics quote: “Fala was already an actress when Daniel started dating/married her. For him to expect her to change what she is, and what she wants is wrong. ” ====== Agree, but that is only half true.
        You should remember that there is no free ticket to married to the rich family. Fala have to sacrify something too, many actress after married rich husband, they usually are low profile, and stay away from the limelight.

        Example like Michelle Reise, she might lost her career but then up side is she set for life from her husband’s money.
        Fala’s case involve Daniel’s parents, he has not break free from his parents yet, all their business are still under his parents hands right? Then of course, they can have a say in how they prefer their daughter in law to be.

        Unless Daniel can be like Gigi Lai husband, where he is in control of all his asset, then it easier to persuade the husband.

      10. I guess the difference with me is that I don’t see why money should dictate suppression of one’s self.

        Did Fala stay with Daniel for money? Did Danial expect to mold Fala with his money?

        If either answers to these questions are “yes” – then this wasn’t a very good relationship to start.

      11. Couldn’t she opt for a baby and continuing in her career? If you’re good, you will be eventually noticed.

        I mean it’s difficult to conceive at older age. Career is important but it’s not everything. Why not try to balance it?

    3. She used the word ‘rape’ which is really the wrong word in this context. However I think it reflected how she badly she feels about this relationship. Sounds like she has been struggling in conflict with the whole family and has given up. So marrying into wealthy family is not a walk in the rose garden, girls.

    4. Hi Jayne,
      I do agree that I think they are married, but I also believe that if she wants to pursue something in life, to have that freedom, she should go for it. I suppose it’s already stifling being a public figure and more stifling to be a Sit daughter in law on top of that.

      No point being unhappy and forced. They probably tried their best to salvage it before it reached this. If letting go is the lesser evil for both parties, I wish her all the best.

  3. If it’s for the better, all the best to fala and Daniel then

  4. For better for her and for worse for him…no money no talk, no money no honey, and no money I start runny…Daniel thought he could change Fala after marriage by buying some of the material goods to get her “love” but in the end, he did not have enough capital to satisfy her every whim as she loved money and fame which led to his demise…

    1. Aptos,
      Staying married to Daniel is not a bad financial picture at all. I think Fala has a bit of wanderlust in her and she just wasn’t ready to call it quits on her career. She doesn’t want to be known simply as Mrs. Sit, in which she will be bound by the Sit family’s definition on how she should live her life.

      Married to a high-profile rich family in HK can give an actress much pressure, given the traditional values that such families may have on their daughter-in-laws.

      I don’t think money was the issue at all.

      1. I have a feeling that money was definitely a part of it in one way or another. It is hard to hold onto your career if you marry into such a rich family because if they are traditional, they would not allow you work much if at all. But then again, just because you marry into a rich family does not mean that the money is yours. It is your husband’s money and his family’s money, not yours. It is better to hold on to your career and make your own income. That can be one of the reasons why Fala felt trapped and pressured. If she is Mrs. Sit,then she may sort of lose her individuality which can be one of the reasons why she refuses to admit that she is married.

      2. Good for her. There are some women out there whose life goal is to get married and have kids. I knew a girl like that once. When I asked her what she wanted to do after uni she would just giggle and say “I don’t know”.

        I support. She may not be the best actress or the best singer, but if she actively goes out to improve herself then that’s already very admirable.

      3. That could be due to family values causing some pressure to their rift but that definitely is not the only issue in a bad marriage, it would be a multitude of issues that would cause them to break up such as financial instability, unsupportive spouse, expectations of each spouse towards the other and the unwillingness to compromise, etc…

  5. Wow, a very firm conversation of Fala anyway good luck to her ambition.

  6. I always thought that her relationship with him held her back in her acting. She would have chemistry with others if they were playing siblings, but I don’t think she had any romantic chemistry if any of her fellow actors. It seemed like she was too afraid to show too much emotion.

    1. agree. like what Jayne mentioned about her sexy image. at first i thought covering up did help in getting the audience to focus more on her performances, but now that u put it this way…the relationship was actually holding her back in more ways than we know

  7. She could have easily had a kid and became rich like Cathy Tsui, but she didn’t. I’ve always admired her personality. Still do.

    I just hope she knows what she’s doing because I’ve also heard about rich, successful women who are in their 40’s and wishing they’d given up their career for a family.

  8. she’s too spoiled. just because he couldn’t get his dad to fund her business, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her, she just wants it her way. then is love just money to her? too whimsical.

    1. Are you 100% sure that Fala broke up with Daniel because of Daniel’s refusal in investing in Fala’s new business?

    2. We don’t know if that’s the truth, and probably never will. I’ve always saw Fala as a strong and ambitious girl, and this marriage may have tied her down. I’m not sure what her aim is, whether that is more fame, money she earns on her own, or some other sort of success, but I guess a split is for the best if that’s what they want. Viewers will never really know.

      There is definitely a lot of pressure being the daughter-in-law of a rich family, no doubt about that, and not everyone can handle it. She doesn’t seem to be the demure type, so she probably clashed with her in-laws. That Marie girl seems to do a good job at sucking up to them though (no offense).

  9. Fala, best of luck in your future endeavours …….. either career or marriage.

  10. I just watched the actual interview clip of fala and she didn’t indicate anything about ending her relationship, which is odd that the tabloids claimed that she “confirmed the break up rumours”. She never said anything about the press “raping” her reputation too.

    1. Can you post the link here please? I wish to watch it too. Was it on YouTube?

      1. I found the link in the “source” of this article, but it did not work well. It is okay, I can skip it.

      2. I watched it on tv. I’ve no idea where to watch it online. Sorry :/

      3. The recording was pretty bad. It took more than a minute to hear one word. I gave up.

      4. Moon:
        Thanks! I just tried your link. It started okay but once Fala started talking, the recording stopped after every few words. I gave up eventually.

      5. I managed to finish listening to the whole video on the article source despite the annoying buffering. And in the video, Fala did not outright say they broke up – and did not hear her say the ‘rape’ word. Maybe edited out. Her smile though bright was strained. Anyway, best of luck to Fala in personal life and career. Breaking up is always a painful process to go through.

      6. Doesn’t matter if they officially break up or not. What matter is there Definately a problem in their relationship.
        Fala and him both have different viewpoints on marriage life.

        Even if they don’t break up, none of them of them are be truely happy. Daniel and his family not getting what they want, Fala also not getting what she wants, this will continue to be a problem for them until one of them compromise.
        If this continue on and on and on, eventually one day they will broke up., unless they work it out.

      7. @clamine:

        She seems truthful when she was asked about her relationship status. Only when she was asked about her recent weibo posts that her smile seem somewhat strained and forced.

        How would you know that? She and Daniel rarely mention anything about their relationship. And since you dont know them personally, how would you know that they have problems in their relationship? In her interview, she seemed happy.

      8. @939393 , yes you right. I don’t know them personally, and they break up or together, don’t affect me in any way.
        I am in this thread where we discussing the news article that posted above.
        So I just reply goes by what I read in the news, and discuss from what I read in the news.

        If this news is totally bias, and if all the previous news talking about how they might have problems about Fala’s career ambition and her in-laws are all bias, then I will apologize for my words that their relationship might have “problems”

      9. @LeilaFan:

        But the way you said it seems as if you know everything about their relationship. I think most of the articles we read online, or in the newspapers are biased to some extent, be it politics or entertainment. And judging from the number of instances that the press has twisted her words and wrote about her negatively, I think it’s safe to say that the press is biased. Also, I dont think the press mentioned anything about her supposed in-laws forcing her into conceiving right? It’s all our speculation. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      10. @ 939393 I don’t see anything wrong with what I post. This is my opinion, and my rights to express my viewpoints on this Fala’s news whether true news or not. If you are Fala’s fan then you might feel offended with what I write.
        Please read what I write above, no where in my reply I wrote the word “conceiving” in there.
        I simply wrote, Fala and her in-laws and Daniel all want different things. So if Fala ambition in her career is more important than the Sit’s, then that definately IS or WILL be a “Problem” in their marriage.
        Yes, you right, it is all speculation. And I will not apoligize for my post until there proof that this news about “Fala and Daniel have problems in their relationship” is TOTALLY FALSE.

      11. @LeilaFan:
        Christ! You are overreacting. I was in no way asking you to apologize nor was i offended by your post. Lol. Take a chill pill will ya?

        “Doesn’t matter if they officially break up or not. What matter is there Definately a problem in their relationship.” these sentences made it seem like you know them personally, particularly the word “definitely”. Just my comment about your comment.

      12. @939393,
        I don’t need to take a chill pill, because I am not mad.
        This all come down to how to read my words and interprete the meaning out of it. To you, it sound like that. But to me, it does not sound like that.

        My opinions are just based on the news that I read, simple as that. I don’t read many Fala’s news, since I am not her fan.
        And if I did think wrongly about Fala relationship, then I will apologize. You think wrong about someone, then you admit your mistake.

        This might offended you, but I strongly believe Fala and Daniel have problems in their love. Even if they not offcially break up, that does not means they are problem-free. Fala is an actress, she like her career, and if the Sit wants her to place her career second, then ofcourse she will be unhappy, I wouldn’t be surprise if they have problems.

      13. Yup, they Definately have problems or issues need to work out.
        It simple to see, Fala views about her career is not the same as her in-laws.
        Especially in a rich family like the Sit, it definately a problem especiually if Fala priority her career first, it doesn’t take rocket scientist to figure that out. And if you think Fala and the Sit are problem-free, then you just in denial and defending your idol.

        No where in my reply, I write they broke up. I said if this continue to be an issue to the Sit family, then chances sooner or later they will break up. It already stressful enough in the Entertainment industry, with more stress from the career and the in-laws, it hard to make everyone happy.

      14. I just want to make a fair statement that every couple has problems in their relationships because that cannot be avoided. However, the most important thing is are they able to solve those problems. I remember once watching a show where they asked how a couple has a long and lasting relationship/marriage and one of the factors was that they are able to resolve conflicts. I cannot agree more with that…

      15. of course every couple have their fair share of problems in a relationship, I am not that naive. No where did I mention that their relationship is problem-free and would last forever. I dont think you understand what i was trying to convey. I was merely saying that you comment as though you know their lives inside out. You also said that you based your opinions on reports you have read. Alright. How can you be so certain that their ambitions clash? We wouldn’t know since it’s not stated nor confirmed by the relevant parties. (I dont think it was reported in the press either) we may assume, but it’s not “definite” as you made them to be.

        No, fala is not my idol. Be it in a Raymond thread, a linda thread or whomever’s thread, I would say the same thing.

      16. 939393, useless to continue this with you.
        I am not the only one here who said that their problems are related to her career ambitions clash. Feel free to read All other people the Comments below and above me.
        Again, I am “Definately” have problems. If they don’t reach a compromise on this issue, then sooner or later they will break up, especially Fala’s case are also involves the rich in-laws.
        You don’t like what I said, too bad for you. Suck it up, they definately have issues.

      17. No 939393, I understand what you convey, is you got a problem with my freedom of express my viewpoints.
        They “Definately” have a issue, especially in Fala’s case it involves the rich in-laws.
        You have a problem with my word, too bad for you 939393.

    2. I do think it is odd for her to use such a word since she is usually diplomatic and is not crass. If she did use such a word, maybe a word of advice to her; remove yourself from that situation either by releasing press statements or not being in the entertainment world. I find the usage of such a word in invasion of privacy matters rather like peanut compared to an actual rape which is violation of a person’s body mind and soul.

      1. Well, it was not shown in the interview that I watched. And I also doubt that the footage has been edited out. it’s likely that the author of the article added the word in to make it more sensational. But who knows if violation of a person’s privacy is “peanut” as you mentioned, We ordinary people haven’t experience this violation as often and as serious as those which are faced by celebs. to me, a violation of privacy is also affects a person’s body, mind and soul. Some got it so bad till the extent that they suffer from numerous disorders.

  11. I was sad for them when I read the title of the news. They look like a very strong couple to me that will last.

    But, this is not clear confirmation yet like what the title says. So, it still might not be true.

    Anyway, I’m happy for Fala finding herself. It’s a good thing to be able to live life with freedom and clarity. Not many can do that.

    1. Life is unpredictable and nothing is a guarantee at all.

      1. really? i always thought that life is predictable and everything is guaranteed in this world.

      2. No wonder you are named “simple mind”. I wish that life was that simple but sadly it is not.

      3. I know they are so I am playing along with it… However, IF that is truly what they think, they need to get OUT of their little shell and face the real world…

  12. You are lucky, Daniel. You dodged a gold digging bullet.

  13. The reason I visit this site frequently is not only do I get up to date info but also a forum where I can express my opinion safely. Atlas there are always someone who would attack other people’s opinion just because they are not agreeing what has been written. Slight jibe is acceptable but when it gets personal then its ugly and upsetting to some. Chill out everyone. Love this forum!!

  14. Good on Fala! So smart to prioritise career over relationship! Plus she’s too pretty for Daniel.

    1. Man goes for beauty. Women goes for $$.
      He just happens to have tons of what she wants and that’s why they were together.

      When his family didn’t give Fala the money she wants, she leaves him immediately. LOL

  15. It seems to me that the relationship fell victim to different goals and desires.

    We all know the Sit family has been pushing hard for Fala to have a child… and that Marie’s status in the family soared after her pregnancy rumours.

    Fala is headstrong… so I’m guessing she didn’t allow herself to be molded by the family like Marie allowed herself to be changed… I suspect that lead to a number of issues that eventually eroded the relationship.

    1. Fala has a big career ahead of her, while Marie doesn’t. This is the difference between them in addition to different personalities.

    2. I hate it when people compare Marie and Fala. Marie is the true gold digger who just wants money and fame handed to her because she looks pretty. Fala is much more admirable.

  16. Not saying there aren’t any gold-diggers out there, but I absolutely agree with Fala that most artists, especially ones with much fame and talent, work very hard. It’s not easy to get to any high position and it often requires either a lot of time or effort or both.

  17. Short marriage, but possibly a good thing.
    At least they tried and didn’t waste time after realizing things didn’t really work out.
    As Fala’s fan, I’m a bit glad since she can now focus more in her career and has unlimited freedom to challenge herself and do what she wants to do 🙂

  18. I like Fala…although not her fans…feel sorry for her…lost the chance to marry a rich guy!

  19. How much did Daniel have to pay to get Fala’s hand in marriage? Here is the tip of the iceberg. Definitely, she is not hurting compared to other people. I wonder if the money she makes she would consider sharing it with her husband. I doubt it as what’s his is hers and what hers is hers…just like my materialistic HK wife. I am just like Daniel who made a big expletive mistake and currently regretting it. http://www.lollipop.sg/stomp/lollipop/the_newsroom/1563962/fala_chens_luxury_mansions_in_usa_exposed.html

    1. most people would prefer marrying the rich anyway so no surprise here.

    2. so it was a smart move for her, she gets to keep all or 1/2 of those properties and expand her career.

      1. Hopefully I don’t think you want to emulate her as an uncompromising gold-digger…if not, then hope all the men in this world be smart enough not to into a serious relationship and stay clear of women with the likes of you or Fala.

  20. Another breakup after a long engagement not unlike Myolie and boscoe’s. These are not the only 2 but I’ve known of quite a number of similar breakups and have come to the conclusion that a long engagement is not healthy. I’m sorry that this has come to Fala but she has decided to go it alone again and seems the happier for it. It is difficult but when a girl like her is married there are certain sacrifices she has to make as a wife. She can’t, as the saying goes, have her cake and eat it. So, I hope she’s learned from this unhappy end to her relationship with Daniel and go on to a better life.

    1. I don’t see why marriage means an end to her career, or why it should impact the types of roles she should take.

      And I hope you also expect that the man needs to make sacrifices too.

      I don’t like the term sacrifices myself… I think it gives the wrong impression… i prefer the term compromise. There must be compromise from both sides of a marriage to make it work. It can’t be a ‘one way street’ as that will build regret/annoyance. With the right amount of balance/give and take you can still maintain the relationship while allowing for the freedom to pursue ones goals.

      It’s not necessarily about having your cake and eating it too… it’s about having your cake, sharing it, and enjoying it together.

      1. Good points TVBFanatic!! Just because you get married or have kids, does not mean that you have to give up your career. In some cases maybe, but in a lot of cases not really especially if you are a woman who marries into the average family so need to help bring home the bacon in order to make ends meet.

        When you marry anyone, you need to complement them as they complement you. I have seen cases where one takes too much from the other so they have problems due to the imbalance in the marriage. I like your word “compromise” and that is what we all do to some extent with anyone that you have a relation with.

        Yup, it is about having the cake and sharing it so that everyone can enjoy. Great words of wisdom TVBFanatic!!!

  21. Good for her, she knows what she wants.
    As long as happy, that’s all matter..

  22. She deserves to be taken down a peg or two. Fans who meet her personally have said she is such a snobby character. They cannot be wrong. Look at how she treat her “sister-in-law” that even a dumb person will realise that she is quite a mean and petty woman. The guy is really lucky to be rid of her.

    1. Sounds like she is a demanding and difficult diva who leaves if she doesn’t get her way. She thinks highly of herself but she’s above average looking (at best), can’t act, can’t sing, etc. Well, if she can’t dig gold inside marriage, she’ll dig gold via divorce and/or another man.

  23. Breakup after 6 yrs and never given a Mrs Sit title? Even Marie have a wedding why not Fala…

  24. So future suitors will need to adhere to the “buyer beware” adage in beginning a relationship with Fala.

    Daniel paid dearly and definitely did not luck out of this relationship. Since he did not use the press to say anything about Fala and their relationship, I am sure that he tried to make this relationship work by acquiescing to her demands by allowing her to continue her career full-time, going to school and starting her own business, buying a couple of homes to make her comfortable either in the East Coast or West Coast. All he probably asked to be together and spend time with him sometimes as a wife. Many spouses would be satisfied but not her but not Fala.

    1. Agreed, but I’m sure there is already a long line of ladies waiting for Daniel to become emotionally available again. He sounds like a good catch. Stay away from divas, Daniel. LOL 🙂

  25. I must admit that this issue makes me look at Fala differently. She is a very modern woman. She chooses to be finanically independent despite her boyfriend is super rich. If she is a materialistic woman, she can easily choose to work less or even dont work and just be a baby maker. But she chooses otherwise. Admire her independence.

    No matter what is the root cause of the breakup, hope happiness and peace be with them.

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