Fala Chen Suffers Facial Paralysis; Will Take Hiatus From TVB and Rest in USA

At the 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala, Fala Chen (陳法拉) wore an evening gown which revealed her bare back and $16 million HKD in jewelry sponsored by Emperor Jewellry and Watch. At the event, Fala confirmed that she suffered paralysis on the left side of her face and will return to the United States to rest for a period of time.

Fala said, “It was my body’s way of sending off an alarm. Due to my current filming schedule, there was no time to see a doctor. I have not been feeling well over the last two months.  I have problems with the trigeminal nerves, which may be triggered by stress and tension.” (Will this lead to severe facial paralysis?) “That is what the doctor said may occur. As an artist, we depend upon the face for our income. I have been taking painkillers for the time being and waiting for The Palace Scheme of East and West <東西宮略> to finish filming in the next two weeks. I will take one month off to rest in the United States afterward.”

Placing priority in her health first, Fala sighed and noted that she had to bail out of acting in Prominent Family <名媛望族>.  After her condition improves, she will return to Hong Kong to film Triumph In The Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>.

Excerpt from Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Hope Fala takes care of her health first. It sounds as if there is not much she can do for her condition aside from resting more.

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  1. Can the facial paralysis be triggered by botox use?

    Anyway, wish Fala speedy recovery.

    1. Trigeminal nerve damage does not lead to facial paralysis. The trigeminal nerve innervates the sensory supply of the face, while it is the facial nerve that controls the facial muscles. And yes, Botox can cause facial paralysis

  2. Wish her speedy recovery. Tasteless joke I know but any criticism of her lack of facial expression in her series can now be blamed on this problem.

  3. One by one TVB actresses having this problem. Wish her speedy recovery too so that she can come back and gives us her face again. She need to rely on that face a lot.

    1. LOL, no wonder when TVB are milking their cows non-stop.

      Get well soon Fala TVB can’t afford to lose yet another asset and your market value is correlated 100% with your face as well.

      Wonder why only girls are having these problems? Perhaps there is another explanation to this…

  4. Hope she takes an earnest rest and takes care of herself. Get well soon.

  5. Will she be able to film T.I.T.S. 2 at that time frame for her recovery?

  6. This is what happens when TVB overworks their artiste. Poor Fala! Wish her a speedy and full recovery! It’s good she knows to take care of her health first.

  7. trigeminal nerve pain is caused by high level of stress; not botox. there’s no cure for it except for lots of rest. painkillers can’t do much; antidepressants is the only drug to stop the pain. but if fala takes antidepressants, she wouldn’t be able to work for a while. and this nerve pain happens mostly in women. men do get it but women r more prone to it. hope fala will recover when she goes back to us. and learn how to manage stress in her life.

  8. acupuncture can help her! but good thing is this condition, has high recovery rate, like 90% +

  9. Poor Fala…

    It must be terrible… being such a pretty girl, and in the entertainment line where one needs to depend on one’s looks to a large extent to succeed.

    It reminds me of Selina of the Taiwanese band S.H.E getting burned all over because of a mishap with the explosives at a China production she acted in.

    Hope that Fala recovers soon with her beauty intact!

    Thanks Jayne for bringing us this news.

  10. I think too much of smilling infront of cameras etc make one’s face to becomes stiff and destroy nerves?

    1. Means that she smiles too much? Can’t say it is a bad thing.

  11. Who’s leading the polls now? Jayne, is ther any news on tavia? It seems fala, myolie and linda all the way… I hope you’ll answer jayne. Tq.

    1. Myolie, Linda, Fala are leading the polls. No need to spam for the same question :).

  12. Hope she never returns to tvb and never appear in any drama no more. better go to america and find a job she’s good at instead of being an actress who sucks at acting.

    1. I agree too Dim Sum. Sick and tired of seeing her face. She’s been in way way too many TVB series. Never like this girl and never will. So fake….

  13. I think she made the right decision to take time off to rest. I mean good health is very important.

  14. What?! That’s seriously scary! Fala feel better…that’s some serious stress yo…

  15. she had a tired-eye look lately while attending functions and she is getting skinnier and skinnier…, might be because of her trigemenal nerves problem.
    The nerves problem she has must be quite serious otherwise she wouldn’t turn down a role in pf. That was a very brave decision for current fadan like her to turned down a role in a such grand production!

  16. I hope she gets some good rest and a speedy recovery! Health is most important, so I’m glad she chose that over filming a big series, which will affect her performance if she’s not feeling well. I’m curious to see who will get offered the role because I’m sure it’s a big one? The main lead actresses might all already have other filming arrangements.

  17. I feel so sorry for Fala because if her condition is indeed trigeminal neuralgia I can tell you that it can be excruciatingly painful. My husband had it and I saw him wincing in pain which can come suddenly. Fortunately there is a drug , ony one, that can dispel the pain. I forget the name as it’s been so long. Surgery can help but there must not be any mishap otherwise facial paralysis can result and the face will no longer be pretty. The Japanese surgeons are good at at the procedure and in fact they were the pioneers for this precise type of surgery. I hope Fala will find a good doctor in the States.

  18. she just got bells palsy, nothing to worry about…i had bells palsy which lasted about 4 months for me….

  19. If she has Bell’s Palsy then indeed there is as you say nothing to worry about. I know quite a number of people who have recovered completely from it.

    1. myself suffered from bells palsy for 4 months, it won’t full recover to 100% but would be around 90%…..

  20. THIS IS A RESULT OF BOTOX. what sucks is that she’s not that pretty anyway! typical mainland girl look, with botox. lol

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