Fala Chen Uses Ample Cleavage To Boot Out Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Moses Chan (陳豪), Raymond Wong (黃浩然) and Susanna Kwan (關菊英) arrived at Hangzhou yesterday to promote their TVB drama, Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>.

Poor Charmaine Sheh, who was decently dressed and heavily covered up, was brutally outshone by Fala Chen, who wore a low cut dress, successfully using her cleavage and career line to gain attention from the mainland media. When asked whether she was planning to snatch the status of “Number 1 Sister,” Fala took a look at Charmaine before saying, “I don’t dare; I don’t dare!”

The trio came to promote the TVB drama but upon appearance, Fala Chen was the first to gain attention from the audience. Fala, who was donned in a low cut dress, showed off her deep career line (cleavage) and won praise from the mainland media that she had a huge “killing aura.” Whereas Charmaine was appropriately covered up and only showed off her well-toned legs, obviously paling in comparison. When asked whether she was planning to seize the opportunity that Charmaine’s contract with TVB was already over and snatch Charmaine’s “Number 1 Sister” status, Fala looked at Charmaine before saying, “I don’t dare; I don’t dare!”

Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan, who have a certain level of exposure in mainland, was pressured into answering questions regarding their love life. When approached about former flame Benny Chan (陳浩民) marrying and setting up a family of his own, Charmaine expressed that she will not be envious, “I just signed with a mainland management company and will focus on filming. I will not be in a relationship for a year or so. Even so, there must be an excellent combination of timing, the right person, circumstances, and background that can move me before I will accept the declaration of love.”

Regarding rumors with former Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺),  and whether wedding bells will be ringing soon for him, Moses immediately blushed and was in a loss of words, he finally replied after stammering for a long time, “A good matter? Our coming here to promote our new drama is a good matter!””

Lamented In Pain When Clipped On the Nose

Charmaine Sheh, who was due to turn her career direction and venture into the mainland entertainment industry, revealed that she would be starting filming on the television version of If You Are The One <非誠勿擾> soon and taking up the role of “Xiao Xiao” and would even be filming at location in Japan.

Charmaine expressed that the director she wishes to work with the most would be Director Zhang Yimou. When asked whether she had signed a management contract for $15 million Yuan for two years, Charmaine declared that it was a secret but admitted that the filming income in mainland was much more optimistic as compared to Hong Kong, which made Moses laugh and feel green with envy.

Besides that, the trio attended some promotional activities earlier on and played some games. The person who lost would have to be punished by clipping themselves with a clothes peg. Fala Chen and Raymond Wong lamented in pain when clipped on the nose while Charmaine pardoned Moses and only clipped him on his hair and clothes, thus being teased that “Princess” Charmaine showed favoritism towards her “Prince” Moses.

Source: The Sun

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just to point out that in another article from a different publication about this same event, it was stated: “At the event, Charmaine maintained her smile all along when other artistes were speaking, except when it was Fala’s turn, she lost interest and her face darkens. Instead, she often chatted with Susanna.” (extracted from another site)

    Credits to:
    the publication Mingpao, Oriental Daily
    the translator: aZnangel @ AsianEU
    the site: TVB News World

    Thought that I should notify about this in case some of you are wondering about the disparity of the translation, thank you! 😀

  2. Fala is prettiest new fadan in TVB now. Charmaine is getting older can’t compare.

    1. Everyone will age, we can’t run away from that.
      Fala may be youthful today but eventually she’ll also age.

    2. One day, Fala will aged too, and go south along with the cleavage she’s flaunting now.

    3. Fala is pretty, yes, for her age maybe. Let’s see how she will look like in 10 years’ time. But look at Charmaine Sheh, still as pretty and young looking. Unless you know their age, you’ll probably think that Charmaine is just 2-3 years older than Fala.

  3. yeh Charmaine’s so in the past. Her performances haven’t been up to scratch lately and I find her acting very boring. And her change of appearance makes her look very old. I think she either puts on too much makeup and/or style her hair differently. She used to look ok with long hair like in Forensic Heroes and You’re Hired.

    1. ^_^ I’ve found she is pretty, her smile is so fake. I started to dislike her from the Forensic Hero II as she and Kevin Cheng (a bad actor) stole the air-time of the funny fat man – Bobby Au-yeung.As a result, I did not even finish the series.

      1. Agree Charmaine’s smile is dull and so is her complexion. Fala can certainly surpass Charmaine in a few more years when her acting matured. Fala has a very natural beautiful smile.

      2. I have the same feeling with you. I was annoyed with Charmaine stealing everyone’s limelight in FH2. But, later I found out the reason was because Bobby has another commitment at that time. So, some part of Bobby’s and Yoyo’s scene has to be written out and replaced by Charmaine’s and Kevin’s scene. I don’t remember the details. That’s what I heard.

      3. I thought Yo Yo was the one who was filming something else, that ID show with Roger, but Charmaine was able to carry the show just too much relationship stuff made it boring

      4. speaking about her smile (yes it looks so fake), i don’t know if it was a joke or not, but you know on Weibo how Charmaine likes to put up her self-taken portraits with that ‘i think i’m so cute’ smile look … well she’s been doing the same thing over and over again and I think Felix Wong teased her about it and said “You need to get rid of that Sister Fa smile!!!” …..

        I think some of her fans got offended, and then I don’t think Charmaine liked what he said either because she didn’t reply to his comment (she usually replies to his comments) but she replied to everyone else who said she looked pretty/nice in that pic. LOL…. I wonder if Felix is thinking what some of us thinking: her smile’s too overused and it doesn’t look natural.

      5. LOL, Felix said that? gotta love the guy for his directly and honesty haha

      6. @ lara

        Why do you follow the weibo of someone you don’t like?

      7. I was thinking the same thing. seems quite contradictatory to “follow” someone that u hate.

      8. I follow a lot of artists on weibo… because sometimes they make posts about/with other people I like and that intrigues me like when she posts photos with other ppl, i like to look at them despite her making the post.

        And when other artists interact/post on other ppl’s walls, you can see them on the wall so can’t really help but see her posts/photos here and there even if i don’t follow her.

        yeh I remember the photo of her wearing a wedding gown. She was filming something. Felix made that comment. He doesn’t care about offending ppl hahaa… he’s so direct and frank.

      9. @Kidd @josie:

        Maybe for @Lara, it’s a case of keep your lovers close but keep your enemies closer lol! No lahs, just kidding @Lara, hope you are gracious and don’t mind! 😀

        Honestly speaking, maybe @Lara doesn’t like Charmaine for her acting skills but just follow her on Weibo for her good writing skills or inspirational quotes? Anyway, life is always that contradictory, no?


        Don’t worry, I understand what you mean cause I follow Liza Wang on Weibo too, she’s not my generation type of actress so I’m not exactly interested in what she do everyday and every hour but I’m interested in which actress/actor she gets along well with since she’s known to be a person who is kinda difficult and has high expectations of others.

        Haha Felix Wong is so brutally honest, I think he shares a common trait with his Stone Sir character, both as rash and frank. But luckily for him, Charmaine has a high EQ and did not retaliate back although not sure whether she will bear a grudge against him in future 😡

    2. Charmaine’s performance was never great to me and most of the time lacking but yea she’s very popular. I think she looks old too.

      1. don’t know why she got so popular in the first place anyway. she’s not that great of an actress and not pretty either.

        fala is lacks in the acting department, however she is the hottest thing tvb has in years.

      2. Charmaine know how to play the riddles inside the industry and to hook with the right people. Her looks and acting are lacking but she has EQ. I’ve read somewhere that she never refuses a series during her time in TVB.

      3. That’s true, although Fala is lacking in acting she made it up by being TVB’s hottest now. She’s still young so she still as time to improve her acting and be more famous later. She also has her boyfriend as a secure thread.

      4. boyfriend/husband insurance policy is not 100% secure though. maybe she knows that he is playing around but turn the eye on it. however he might be bored with her and chase after another model/actress that are younger and more beautiful than her.

        so she should try her best to make her own money as she won’t be staying at top very long unless she turns to be another michelle reis the infamous gold digger LOL

      5. There’s not any news of her boyfriend/husband playing around so I take it as they’re happy together. His name will give her an extra mark whenever she’s considered for any job.

      6. i think there were some rumors about the issue but we don’t know for sure.

        yes his name will help her career.

      7. I agree that Charmaine doesn’t look that great and her acting is that great either. I also wonder how she got popular?? I guess it is not just acting and looks that can get you popular but other factors as well.

        I also don’t think Fala is that great either, but she is younger than Charmaine. I agree with Exoidus, that Fala should make her own money since who knows about the boyfriend/husband insurance policy(love how you worded it exoidus!). Women should always make your own money since it shows your independence and you never know when your boyfriend/husband will walk out on you.

      8. @lol

        “Charmaine know how to play the riddles inside the industry and to hook with the right people. Her looks and acting are lacking but she has EQ. I’ve read somewhere that she never refuses a series during her time in TVB.”

        I heard about that too! Something about her inviting TVB managers to dinners and stuff to win their favour…

      9. is strange how you ppl always condenm her and yet follow her news so closely and also under Charmaine column seem to have lot lots of comment compare to other artists….. Why ???

  4. I actually like fala’s image as an artist and her short hair gives a fresh feel. Her Cantonese is pretty good coming from a person who grew up speaking Mandarin. yea I kind of agree that Charmaine is getting old or maybe she should just never get that short haircut ever again because it just makes her look older and dull.

    1. Really? Fala grew up speaking Mandarin? Wow, I never knew that. All I know is that she was Miss Boston or something.

  5. I always thought Fala was gorgeous! If TVB keep pushing her I believe she will be even better in the future, Fala is very natural onscreen.

    1. Agree. Fala Chen will be more success in future. In Forensic Heroes I, she only played a small role but within a few years, she plays “almost” many leading rules.

      1. She’s playing the lead role for Laughing Gor too now. Her acting can be improved but she has the looks and for a mando speaker she’s considered great already in her cantonese.

      2. Oh please not that! I found her acting as a Supportive Actress is good but as a Lead Actress is quite bore….and not good at all. Kill the series!!!

    2. I don’t know why everyone is saying that Fala is a good actress. I guess it is because many thinks that she is pretty, but that’s it… I personally don’t think she is that great in looks or acting. I guess it is her timing and connections that have helped her more than looks or talent…

  6. Fala is so pretty! Her acting, on the other hand, needs a lot of improvement.

  7. Unlike some of the TVB beauty queens, Fala is not only beautiful and she can act too. Just give her a couple more years, she probably will eventually win the best actress category. Of all the fadans, I am most impressed by her work. I also like Charmine’s work as well. Too bad I will see less of her on TV from now on.

  8. I think Fala has great potential and if given the same push that Charmaine got she can achieve more. Fala is gifted with a beautiful appearance and a sweet smile.

    Her acting still need improvement. Fala is given the important female lead role in Lives of Omission but her acting as the Madam is mediocre at best.

    1. Even though Charmaine’s acting is the best, it is better than Fala’s. Even with time, I don’t know if Fala can achieve the same level of fame as Charmaine but lets see… Fala’s looks and acting are way overrated just like with many talentless artists of today. I guess TVB doesn’t have many people to promote so Fala is getting heavily promoted. I think that is why TVB is good to start your career and make a name for yourself. THen after that, you can go to China or anywhere and achieve more fame and fortune…

      1. I meant to say “Charmaine’s acting isn’t the best”,…

  9. “Charmaine expressed that the director she wishes to work with the most would be Director Zhang Yimou”

    Zhang Yimou, to work with him will boost the name go very fast. BTW, Zhang often likes to find newbie, someone who dun really have big name to be his actresses.

  10. I think that Fala is beautiful when she smiles. But you’ll find her boring after a while. And i don’t think she her acting is good, for now. Maybe she’ll improve.

    1. I think she’s beautiful either way but her beauty multiplied when she smiled. She has nice dimples too.

      She’s still young and will have time to improve. She’s not 30 yet.

      1. Well, it’s just my opinion that she gets boring if you keep looking at her. But so far, i don’t think her acting has improved much, maybe a little. And yeah, she will have time to improve.

        But comparing with Myolie,Kate,Tavia,Linda.

        I thinl Tavia is the prettiest followed by Fala. The rest, i think they are NoT beautiful at all.

      2. For whom I saw in real life, including Kate, Linda, Myolie, Fala, Sharon, Mandy I think tat:

        Linda: Sweet, innocent looking
        Kate: Bright sexy look
        Myolie: Something very unique
        Sharon: Perfect skin
        Mandy: Woman of family
        Fala: Pretty

        Choose one to like, I choose Kate. Her smile is very bright.

        Most of TVB actresses now are pretty, not beautiful. Maybe Sonija (if her mouth dun make her look older) is the closet to the world beautiful.

      3. Tavia used to be pretty until she overdid her nose. I think prettiest among Fala, Myoli, Linda, Kate, Tavia is:

        1. Fala
        2. Linda
        3. Tavia or Myolie
        4. Kate

      4. For me, i still think Tavia is the prettiest.

        Linda- NO. She is not pretty at all.
        Kate- No also. Not pretty. I guess, just sexy.
        Myolie- At first, i think she was okay, but now, i just don’t think that she is pretty.
        Fala- I’m okay with her.

        1) Tavia

      5. I don’t think Fala can sing well. I feel that her voice is not nice.

      6. pretty isn’t everything.

        *Linda – too plain, dull and boring. Bad interviewee… you do not want to watch her interviews. Its a one-way interaction.
        *Kate – too seductive, too pouty, too chok. the mole on her eyelid makes her look evil, scheming and cunning.
        *Myolie – unique but not feminine enough. always have these weirdo hairstyles that don’t suit her.
        *Fala – pretty. cute dimples.
        *Tavia – easy on the eyes but a bit more mature looking than the other 4. she looked pretty nice with long hair though.
        *Sharon – pretty but look too skinny and don’t like her wearing short shorts and tight short dresses in real life which is similar to what she wore in Ghetto Justice!!

      7. I agree that pretty isn’t everything.

        But based on actung , isn’t Tavia the best?

        Linda- I agree she’s too dull. Her voice and her looks. She can only act those innocent roles.

        Kate- She cannot act. I guess she can do best only at kissing scenes? Lol

        Myolie- I find her acting very fake.

        Fala- She still can improve.

      8. About 5 of them, uhm, I think that Myolie has the best facial expressions to show on a drama. Her expressions can change very fast. It’s a rare thing that not many actresses can do.

        I used to think TY has good acting, until BTROC. This series showed her weakness in acting. Now her roles are monotone, so does her performance. Same roles, same expressions, same way to act in a role. But her nose is very special and noticable.

        Linda’s acting is still raw, but she improved heaps from HOG. When she acts in crying scenes, except that her eyes are not convincing, her tears look beautiful. She is the only girl in TVB now makes me think tat can cry without the square mouth. If she can make her eyes more convincing, she should do crying scenes.

        Fala can act cute roles well. She just need to work on the professional type. She dun look convince with professional roles. Lack something, like the confidence.

        Kate, she is more suitable to big screen than small screen. It’s wat I think from Eyes on sky and 14 Blades. Well, still dun buy her goodie roles :P. She is suitable to act fierce girls more.

        Then come to new girl, I still think Koni has potential, except that she is overusing the sexy image on her. Milking it too hard. Mandy Wong can be a new future.

      9. If its comparing acting at this present moment (not talking about potential or the future), then yes Tavia would be the most experienced and well-trained one. However, many ppl have expressed her recent roles have been quite boring. I don’t think its because she’s a crap actress but more because the roles that are given to her are so similar and the producers require her to cry in every series (which she’s good at) so that’s why audience is getting bored with her. She’s done lots of diff roles before, in her earlier ones, her characters were more ‘happy’, ‘jumpy/hypo’ and a bit ‘comedic’.

        The others come from pageants and have no formal training. They were just chucked into acting pretty much straight away.

        Linda, Kate and Fala definitely do not have enough experience to be lead actress.
        Fala has potential because of her looks but watched LOO, her acting and speech ain’t that great. Maybe in a few years time but not at this stage. Linda very boring actress. I feel she did a good job as Miss Koo in YSNS, but to me its just a random one hit and one scene that blew me away. Nothing special. Don’t understand the hype, i feel it was all overrated. Kate – i don’t know why she’s even in the ‘competition’…. popularity-wise she isn’t that popular compared to the others, acting and singing both crap.

        Myolie has done really well this year though. Her career never really lifted after the To Grow With Love or Wars-of-in-laws. Her popularity rose again this year after The Rippling Blossom and Ghetto Justice….. if she continues like this, then yes that would be good. Just as long as she doesn’t slide back like before. She had that opportunity before but she didn’t take grasp on it. Too many comedic roles though, I think she needs to try and work on playing other characters (sad, weak ones) because her roles are also quite similar. Actresses who specialise in comedy ain’t really taken seriously. Her role in The Queen of Queens (not yet aired) has potential. We’ll have to see how she performs.

      10. I don’t understand why you think that Tavia doesn’t act well in BTROC. I think she did extremely well in that show. Her roles now are boring because she acts all the very serious characters(ect. Teacher, lawyer.) I think it’s because of her hairstyle? With that short hair, i don’t think it’s suitable to act comedy kind .

        As for Linda, i don’t agree at all. I find her crying scenes really annoying and terrible.

        For Kate, well. I just don’t think she can act, except for Kissing scenes.

        Myolie- I never liked her, because i think her acting is very fake and forced. But maybe now, it’s okay.

        Comparing all of them, they all sing/dance except Tavia. I feel that Tavia can sing better then them. But why doesn’t TVB wants to promote her?!

      11. @ lara: Some ppl from beauty contest took a short-term of acting class (3 months). Not that they are not trained.

        Myolie dun only have comedic. She has sad roles in BF3, Taichi, etc. In Taichi she cried a lot.

      12. @ Fybttrforever: Because she is totally OTT in BTROC. The way she shows face, the way she acts, even her eyes expressions, all are OTT. Like she is trying to hard to be “evil” but failed to show ppl that she is evil. I can’t feel her evilness and the series itself has bad plot. Too simple, too OTT and kinda ridiculous. I still rmb that I laughed so hard at the scene when Gam Ling (is it her name? I dun rmb well) wanna kill Yue Fei (it’s Selena’s name, rite?). The light effect used in her eyes in the close scene is freaking funny. Like her eyes can’t shine so they have to help her. It means something.

        Evil acting to me, maybe you should watch Sheren with Yu Fei in WAB. Just a cold look and she made ppl feel scared. To Gam Ling, it’s more of crazy than scary. I even dun feel that she got into the character enough.

        Alright, can say that it’s her first time act an evil role. But she failed. With 11 years of experience, I expected more from her than this performance.

        Watever, it’s my opinion. You can agree, or not.

        Myolie in short hair and see, she is in a lot of comedy.

        Linda, I don’t say that she is the best crier. I said she is the only girl in TVB now makes me think tat can cry without the square mouth. But it’s her eyes tat make her crying not convincing enough.

        As for singing, sorry to say that, TY can’t sing :). I judge based on her live singing in Canada for a function. She sang a Joey’s song. It’s a fast song but she didn’t dance. Even that, it’s hard to hear her voice. Only can hear the music. For the studio one, her voice is too low. It’s kinda like a man’s. And she can’t reach to high notes. So, if she sings, she’ll join the group of TVB-can’t-sing-artists.

        Bonus: I also dun think Kate and Linda can sing. Linda improved but her voice is still funny. Charmaine also can’t sing. Myolie is the best voice in TVB lead actresses group, but it doesn’t mean she has good voice.

        Maybe you should listen to Mimi Chu or Mimi Lo’s singing. They really can sing. Loretta Chu also has nice vocal. And the newbie girl Cilla – she has soft nice voice.

      13. It’s an opinion, so never mind. Different people has different opinions.

        Lol. But i still don’t get what’s so funny about her in BTROC. I think she acts very well there. Abd it was her fist time acting evil, and she did very well. Some people can’t even act evil.( opinion too)

        As for singing. She’s at least better than kate right? Kate can’t sing. Her voice really sucks. She also can’t reach high notes. But she still sings.

      14. If comparing acting Myolie is the best and never boring.

        Tavia is boring since BTROC.

        Fala needs to improve more.

        Linda is famous for crying but need to improve more too.

        Kate just can’t act well. Her acting is flawed.

      15. @Fox – I agree with you. Tavia exaggerated too much in BTROC. Her acting isn’t good there and her evil expressions made me want to laugh. I can’t believe this is called Tavia’s signature role.

      16. @Fybttrforever: Better than Kate isn’t a thing to proud at all :P. However, Kate has dancing skill. TY dun have that. Her voice is Karaoke type, can’t dance, not sexy, 32 already, so you guess she’ll provide wat if she becomes a singer?

        The funny thing is the way she was OTT at acting in the series. I said, like she is trying to hard to force herself act evil, so she looks forced and unconvincing. BTW, a part of the blame should be given to the series itself. I don’t think BTROC is a good series, at all. No, I think it’s a bad series with undeveloped plot and poor edition. Not saying of first time. She isn’t a newbie to use it as an excuse. She has 11 years of experience.

        Well, I’m quite annoyed with the way she is saying like she did so good with BTROC and giving advices to Ron of evil acting. If she can’t see her flaws for this series, she can’t improve herself and stay with this forever. Look like she is addicted with evil roles and be blinded that she did very well.

        To say Kate can’t reach high notes is wrong. Fact that her voice is too high, like scratching. Her right decision to dance more than sing. At least it’s something she is better than others.

      17. @ lol: I think TY is also be blinded with the so-called “signature role” so she is thinking that she did very well in BTROC. I dun think it’s a good thing for her.

        Signature role of her, I blv it’s Sun Ho Yuet in MR. Not that I like this role, keke. And this series as well. However, she did well as Sun Ho Yuet. Way better than BTROC and her recent series (I count to MOL only because after MOL, I dun watch her series anymore. Even watch, I fast forward her scenes if dun have the one I like in this scene. Maybe the only next series I will watch her performance in the future is MWNS because Bobby and LF are my fave.)

      18. I used to think Tavia is prettiest and act best but not anymore since these 1-2 years.

        Now for acting

        1. Fala, Linda, Myolie – can improve more
        2. Tavia – BOORINGGGG
        3. Kate – Please quit acting.

      19. I still find her acting in BTROC good. But i also prefer her role in MR . Looks like there isn’t any Tavia fans here?

        Kate- She can’t sing , she can’t act. She only can dance very well?

      20. I liked Tavia in MR! She’s my favourite there and that time I like her a lot! Now she don’t look as pretty anymore and her acting also not as good.

      21. @fybttrforever

        Nancy Wu can act and dance better than Kate. She only worse at treating 620 ROFL

      22. @fybttrforever: Sure-lee, buti4 and lara? Maybe more but I dunno :P. Buti4 is the most sensitive in my opinion.

        Kate can dance very well, it’s her strength. Give her credit for that. It’s quite smart of her to have an EP with dancing songs. BTW, dun criticize Kate’s singing career much because it’s almost ended.

      23. I agree with you completely. Nancy can act and dance so much better than kate.

      24. @ Vivien: Disagree that Nancy can dance better than Kate. Grace Wong might be, but not Nancy.

        Why you dun give Kate any chance to improve?

      1. both are runways anyways… though I’ve always said anything more than a handful is a waste

  11. Fala’s acting ability is no way near charmaine’s. I don’t think charmaine cares if takes fala takes the limelight as she has already established a certain status. Fala has a long way to go (albeit having a rich boyfriend prob. helps along the way), that’s why she is the maid in the series and charmaine is he princess!!!!

    1. I agree but I guess maybe it is because Charmaine is more experienced and has been in the industry for a longer period of time. There are some people that just start out but end up play lead roles immediately, while there are others that are in the circle for many years but don’t ever get to play leading roles. It just varies I guess…

      1. Sorry off topic : I heard Charmaine has good charisma and someone who knows how to behave when she meets up with higher ranking officers.

  12. It’s so sad that nowadays people would overlook acting skils for beauty appearances. Yes, Fala is really pretty and that is prob why she’s is so popular. I think it’s very unfair to less prettier artists. They work so hard but couldnt be in the spotlight. Ugly people couldn’t help that they were born ugly. they would wanna choose thier looks if they could. No wonder celebs are undergoing plastic surgery cuz they need to fit into the “beautiful” group! =[

  13. I can’t stand Charmaine because her parts are way too young for her. She looks so old. I always fast forward her part.

    1. Agreed. The only role I liked from her was in FH2.

  14. Fala is damn hot and her acting is improving…dont forget when Charmaine started out acting she got heaps of criticism as her voice was like a chicken..
    Check out her performance in Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain , her 1st series it was aweful.. but look where she is now…
    Fala will be top FaDan in the next year or so

    1. I won’t exactly say Charmaine is top fadan because of her acting but mainly because of timing. Timing because at the time of her era, there weren’t many competition: flora, ada, jessica, kenix all left tvb and it was just her left behind and she was the youngest out of them all, so tvb HAD to promote her.

      Charmaine was more in the same league as Sonija, Gigi …. Sonija too many bad publicity and Gigi retired.

      Now that Charmaine is gone, TVB decides to promote 5 lead actresses instead of just one like before so if anything happens to one of them, at least they have a backup.

      1. If I rmb rite, there are tabloids said tat TVB decided to promote 4 lead actresses, not 5 :P.

      2. Fox,

        The 4 actresses u mentioned are Linda, Myolie, Fala and Kate right? Tavia didn’t include in the list.

      3. lol.. that’s because 620 doesn’t like Tavia. But I think its absurd that Kate is in the list over Tavia. Well frankly if Tavia wasn’t in that ‘promoted’ list, she wouldn’t have all 4 series that she filmed being broadcasted this year. Not one of her series have been warehoused.

      4. @lara,

        Well, i’m not sure if 620 aka Virginia Lok (if you meant there) dislike Tavia that’s why she is not in the promoting list. But I can tell why that those 4 above mentioned “Linda, Fala, Kate and Myolie” hold the same title..and that is they are all from the beauty pageant who won some titles. I notice that those from the beauty pageant always get promoted faster compare to those who came out from TVB Acting class.

      5. @Fox @Veejay:

        Yes, that’s correct, it was Tavia Yeung that wasn’t listed to be promoted.

        It is as per what @Lara mentioned, there were rumors that Virginia Lok didn’t like Tavia (wonder why, maybe not obedient enough?) but as what @Lara pointed out, Tavia seemed to be in quite a few series this year, “Yes Sir Sorry Sir”, “The Other Truth”, “Back To The Three Kingdom” and “36 Hours On Call”, sure doesn’t seem like Tavia’s star is showing any signs of diminishing! 😡

      6. @Fox @Veejay:

        Yes, that’s correct, it was Tavia Yeung that wasn’t listed to be promoted.

        It is as per what @Lara mentioned, there were rumors that Virginia Lok didn’t like Tavia (wonder why, maybe not obedient enough?) but as what @Lara pointed out, Tavia seemed to be in quite a few series this year, “Yes Sir Sorry Sir”, “The Other Truth”, “Back To The Three Kingdom” and “36 Hours On Call”, sure doesn’t seem like Tavia’s star is showing any signs of diminishing soon! 😡

      7. *Oops, sorry for the double posting of comments! Anyway, I meant Tavia’s star power not Tavia’s star

      8. If I rmb rite, because before TY is in Stephen’s ship. Since it’s sinked, she ran to 620’s and now being promoted heavily like we are seeing. Maybe 5 series a year for 2011. That’s an impressive number.

        BTW, number can’t tell much. Sheren only need 1 impressive role to win :P. So far, in all 3 aired series of TY, she seems not having a breakthrough at all.

      9. @Fox:

        What you wrote about Tavia being in Stephen Chan’s camp before jumping ship over to Virginia Lok’s camp might be true because according to what I found out, Tavia was invited to Virginia Lok’s birthday in the year 2006 (http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/271976-virginia-lok-yee-ling-celebrates-her-birthday-with-tvbs-artists) but for Virginia Lok’s birthday party this year, Tavia wasn’t invited at all (http://tvbceleb.blogspot.com/2011/07/virgina-lok-celebrates-52nd-birthday.html), wonder why? Maybe a demotion in Virginia’s ranking of favorites? 😛

      10. @Fox: but you just said TVB is not promoting Tavia due to that article, and now you are saying TVB is promoting Tavia because she has 5 series (it’s actually 4) out this year. and then you say even if she has lots of series out, doesn’t mean she’ll have a breakthrough. Contradict much?

        So what are you trying to say? A person with less series is not promoted but more likely to get a breakthrough role and that a person with lots of series filmed is promoted but they’ll be less likely to have a breakthrough role?

        Tavia’s Mavis character in TOT have generated a lot of discussion (after Ruco’s Keith character of course) in the forums. It has been overall been well received and positive. Well, speaking of breakthrough roles, neither have any of the other 4 actresses this year.

        Except for Linda Chung’s Miss Koo, but she had so little screen time in YSNS, that doesn’t even count as a lead performance. And really it was just that one crying scene that was ‘breakthrough’.

        Fala and Kate’s roles haven’t been well received either. Fala’s first time as a police officer lacked power and there’s a problem with her speech.

      11. I reckon 620 doesn’t like Tavia is because Tavia doesn’t try hard enough to ‘kiss’ her shoes or give her expensive handbags lol.

      12. @lara – Discussion about Tavia was miniscule compared to discussion about Linda in YSNS. Miss Koo was featured in countless news after her breakthrough crying.

      13. @lara – Discussion about Tavia’s Mavis was miniscule compared to discussion about Linda in YSNS. Miss Koo was featured in countless news after her breakthrough crying.

      14. @Ah K – maybe Tavia’s working at that time? After all she keep filming series non stop and maybe filming clashed with Lok’s birthday party

      15. Not contradict, lara. I dun say tat TVB dun promote TY. I said that “If I rmb rite, there are tabloids said tat TVB decided to promote 4 lead actresses, not 5”. It’s wat wrote in the tabloids, not wat Fox wrote. You see the difference? I myself think she is heavily promoted. I know that most of her fans including you won’t agree with me because you guys still think that she is underpromoted or 620 is maltreating her. BTW, I bet that half of TVB actresses now, including Linda wanna have the way 620 is “maltreating” TY :P.

        Wat I mean is simple: The breakthrough and the promotion are different.

        She has the heavy promotion, that dun mean she has a breakthrough.

        You might forget that Myolie has a lot of discuss and praises for her roles in TRB and GJ :P. Myolie has Queen on hand, where she is evil? She can make big wit it or not, wait to see. Kate also has a little praises for her evil role in Relic (but also being said that she was failed to be a good girl in the same series). Linda, she has YSSS and dun forget that there are 2 more of her queuing :P, including a cunning girl in Dwelling. Fala is the only one who dun really have any praise up to now. But who noe if LOO can make big? The rating is always important to TVB.

        Being fair, TY still has 2 series on hands: MWNS and the 3 Kingdoms. Well, but both seems to focus on the men more, so her best bet is TOT. Too bad for her, watever you say, you can’t deny a fact that the role Mavis (haha, the name!) isn’t really well received :P. You can track hkdiscuss or uwants or golden forum. Not half of Linda’s fame after YSSS. It can be seen by the newspaper. Do you see any newspaper to say that Mavis shocked the whole city like Miss Kool? Even Myolie’s role in TRB has few articles to praise her and Chilam’s chemistry. Well, TY dun have one for Mavis. For wat I see, ppl seem to focus on her nose and voice more than acting :P.

        And LOO started with 30 :P. Fala and Kate might have chance if the series grabs high rating than the rest in the beginning of the year.

        So TY’s chance all now have to lay on MWNS (aired in Sep) and 3 Kingdoms (rumoured to be anni series). Let’s see she can do any special in these two or not.

        Whatever, I blv that her best goal will be “TVB Best Actress” only. Myolie, Kate, Linda, they all 3 have another way to go but TY? Only have TVB. Maybe one day she’ll leave TVB, maybe to Mainland. However, consider her age and popularity in China, I really doubt that she can make anything big there. She dun like Charmaine as Charmaine did a lot of China series in the past as a basement.

        For 620 dun like TY, sorry to say that, I bet TY is doing more than kissing 620’s shoes to have the current promotion. If not, tell me why she is heavily promoted like this? If not 620, maybe Stephen Chan, keke.

      16. @Ah K – I don’t know why but Tavia’s acting hasn’t been good lately. She uses the same acting method repeatedly to death. It makes her charisma nonexistant.

      17. @lol:

        I think Tavia has probably reached her maximum breakthrough already such that she doesn’t know how to progress on from there.

        Hmmm…I don’t know man, I think at this point of time maybe Tavia should just sit back, relax and go to the Mainland to film, watch how the veterans do it there and learn at a slower pace of life (at Mainland, they only film from morning to 5pm in the afternoon with tea breaks in between) then come back with a fresh set of perspective and better acting skills instead of tiring herself out and getting herself sick by churning series out every year with no improvement in her acting performance.

      18. @Ah K – I think so too. Her role in BTROC is called her breakthrough role but she is nothing but an OTT actress in it. Her performances after BTROC are all using the same tone, same formula and even the same short hair. She and her fans can’t blame audience for being sick of this.

      19. I’m watching LOO. Fala and Kate are both mediocre, the worse being Kate. Fala has a lot of screentime in the first 5 episodes, I think even more than Bosco but she doesn’t have the madam aura and has speech problem. While Kate has little screentime and also little range of expression. She choks and pouts a lot, and also has speech problem in court. That being said the series is just beginning so I’ll give them both more chance, who knows LOO will do well and make them shine.

  15. I find Fala’s dress ugly because it’s very imbalance. Won’t Fala feels one side secure one side not?

    1. @Kidd:

      I was thinking about the exactly same thing too, lol!

      Fala looked like she just stepped out of her attempted rape scene from “Lives of Omission” with one side of her dress strap gone. I know I sound mean :S

      I know that this dress is considered a toga dress in today’s fashion world but the Zebra prints just doesn’t do justice to Fala’s naturally pretty looks and I don’t know why but the cutting reminds me of something the female characters in “Flintstones” would wear.

      1. Haha, Flintstones. Yeap, the dress does look like a Flintstone dress.

      2. She looks good in the dress, like a sexy Pebbles.

        Hmmm…. LF could be Bam Bam with his jumping tiger outfit from “sister fa.”

  16. She looks old with wrinkle when she smiles. She is not even 30 yet….LOL

    1. Agree and Fala actually has the type of face that will age very quickly. She will actually age faster than Charmaine. By the time she is Charmaine’s age, she will look really really old and look even older than Charmaine does.

  17. Hey since there are a lot of comments on TVB artists are getting boring with same roles continuously, I open a topic about it.

    So do you think that the artists who have right to choose series to act will have better roles to act?

    1. They can’t choose their roles unless they’re veterans or not signed artists such as Chilam, Sheren.

      1. The list now includes 2 new members: Charmaine and LF.

        No, you dun see wrongly. From 2012, LF has the right to choose series to act even that he is still TVB’s contractual artist. It’s a term in his new contract, signed from 2012 to 2017.

      2. That’s good for Raymond that he can choose his series. That will allow him to get the best roles. I also heard that he’s only required to film 1 series a year and the rest of his time is for movies and albums. Is it right Fox?

      3. I wish it’s Tavia or Kate who only gets 1 series a year. I’m sick of seeing them in 3-4 series a year and their acting or lack of it doesn’t make it better

      4. Yes hope they can make Tavia film less and give her a role that she can carry unlike her current roles which show her mediocre side of acting.

      5. Tat’s right. 1 TVB series per year and choose series to act. It’s the new term.

        So you think that being able to choose the role is better than having roles given by TVB?

      6. Of course better! That means Raymond for example can choose the good written roles and refuse the bad written roles

      7. Only 1 series a year means Raymond have ample time to get more big movies and become a movie star! TVB series are crappy!

      8. LOL… then why did Charmaine and Raymond choose My Sister Fa…. stupid choice!!!

      9. @lara – Raymond can only choose beginning 2012 and Charmaine leave TVB after filming Sister Fa. Technically at that time they still have to be obedient just like the others.

    2. They can’t choose their roles unless they’re veterans or not signed artists such as Sheren, Anita, .

    3. wish Myolie can be like Raymond one day and get to choose her series. Wow Raymond must be the first younger artist who can choose his series. Didn’t Moses get bad remarks from a producer for rejecting his series at the last minute?

      1. Maybe Myolie will have more chances with movie outside TVB and albums to make herself be less with TVB in the future?

      2. Yes maybe she can be a movie queen and leave the TV spot to Tavia. Myolie’s already getting a good role in Johhnie To’s production as the male lead’s wife. She successfully acquainted herself with Johnnie To. I see a bright future ahead

      3. Tavia will stay in TVB. She doesn’t have movie face.

      4. Charmaine doesn’t have a movie face either… she still make movies.. just flops.

      5. @lara – Raymond can only choose beginning 2012 and Charmaine leave TVB after filming Sister Fa. Technically at that time they still have to be obedient just like the others.

    4. @Fox:

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to let them choose any series to act and any roles they want, really dreadfully no please!

      Because then they wouldn’t break out of their safety nets and would choose similiar roles that gave them that much-needed breakthrough and introduced them to the audience during their times of obscurity.

      And I can safely say that everything will be like repeating itself again.

      Fala – goes for the blind, mute role (like in “Moonlight Resonance”)

      Linda – goes for the role that requires alot of crying scenes every other day (like in “Heart of Greed”)

      Myolie – goes for playful or independent woman roles or roles that require shouting or screaming (like in “War of In-Laws” or “Triumph In The Skies” or “Survivor’s Law” or “Rules Turn Loose”)

      Kate – goes for any seductive or assassin roles (like in “The Four”, “Relic of An Emissary” and “14 Blades”)

      Yes, it would be playing to their strengths but in the long-term, it wouldn’t be beneficial for both them and the audience as the audience would eventually get sick of them playing the exact same roles again and the actresses themselves, their acting skills would be at a standstill (no improvement and no breakthrough performance) and if they don’t experiment (like Linda’s Elise Sung in “Gem of Life” – who would have thought that Linda could be so bad and wild? or Myolie’s memorable turn as Ding Sin-yan in “Golden Faith”?), they would eventually lose the most important skill to an actress, which is versatility.

      1. Linda has received the best range of roles and genre of series but her acting still lacking. I agree though that her crying is pretty and is her strong point. She don’t look gwing.

      2. Myolie got her feminine role in BF3 but she don’t convince as one. She’s better in TRB and GJ.

      3. Linda is a very boring actress. She’s always playing weak, unattractive characters. Blah

      4. @lara – I still find Linda prettier and better than Tavia. Linda is improving.

      5. Actually, I think Linda is not only a boring actress but a boring person in general too. She’s improving a bit but still a long way to go. She needs to learn how to speak to the media and how to do interviews properly – perhaps open up a bit? She seems very ‘closed’.

      6. @lara – I think Linda’s getting better in her interviews. While Tavia is still the same airhead lady. There are a few times before that Tavia made worse blunder than Linda in interviews. I can’t help thinking that she’s not that smart of a woman.

      7. @Vivien:

        Yeah, how did you know?! Lol! No lahs, I didn’t really finished watching “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” (cause I’m not a fan of periodic dramas set in the past) so I can’t really comment whether that’s a good performance from Tavia anot
        but Tavia is good at acting these roles of the accused or bullied (like in “Moonlight Resonance”) and roles of being the maid (like in “Eternal Happiness”) and a reckless young sister/woman (like in “Golden Faith” and “Dicey Business”)

        I think her worst lacklustre performance thus far is still in “Cupid Stupid”, it was so so boring! Anyway, one thing I realized is that Tavia cannot hold a drama on her own, she performs best when in a capacity of second or third lead.

      8. Because Linda’s image is clean and innocent?

        @ Ah K: Well, but let TVB give them roles isn’t anything better. TVB also gives them safe roles to keep image.

        I think it’s a 50-50. Like Gallen’s series with TVB Cat & Dog and Born Rich, both series are quite poor written but he still chose these roles. But TVB repeats the same type of roles to their artists.

        I rmb that LF said he went to request TVB to give him more challenge roles like psycho killer but he was denied and given siu ye role again. Maybe if he can choose role, he can find this type of role for him. I hope so. I’m kinda bored with his goodie siu ye roles recently.

        But glad that I’m not the only one who think that it’s a 50-50 possibility.

      9. @Ah K

        agree. Tavia is best at her supporting roles. She was great in MR. She was also good in DB.

        When TVB give her bigger roles her acting start to falter.

      10. @ Ah K: Oh yeah Cupid Stupid. This series itself is fit the second part of the name. Exactly after this series (I watched it at the same time with MOL) I feel no mood to watch TY without artists I really really like. That’s why I only watched Linda & Ron’s part in YSSS to catch the trend and not TOT. TRB I watched Myolie & Chilam’s.

        TY’s best time might be HOG-MR. However, I like her acting in HOG more than MR many times. Dunno why but her character (not acting) in MR really annoyed me. Like she (the character) is maltreated all the times but she is still luckier than many ppl in this series, such as Ah Hing or even Lo Ka Mei (who has a bad childhood). This type of character is never my cup of tea.

      11. @Fox

        A lot of ppl are full of expectation for LF’s devil role in MWNS. That role is not a siu ye and never been done in TVB before! It can be a break out 😀

      12. @Fox

        I can’t imagine how you will watch MWNS ROFL. LF’s anticipated role but at the same time –> Tavia 😛

      13. cupid stupid = boring steven + boring Tavia + boring Laughing oops Michael Tse = BOORINGG

      14. @Vivien: Find a card and cover half of the TV? Lol, kidding.

      15. @Fox:

        I absolutely agree with you! I think it’s a two way thing lahs, either you maintain a safe mindset and keep your image or you ditch your image for the better (or worse) – recall Roger Kwok was so convincingly evil in “Last One Standing” and so were Deric Wan and Nick Cheung respectively in “Looking Back In Anger” and “Secret of The Heart” that people actually came up and scolded them on the streets back then.

        And yes, I am with you for Raymond in another role other than the ultra rich young master or intelligent guy please, it seems like he’s always stereotyped into these roles! I want to see Raymond in more memorable roles like “A Step Into The Past”, “Eternal Happiness”, “Golden Faith” and “Survivor’s Law”! It doesn’t matter whether Raymond was evil as the ingrate of an emperor who was cruel and didn’t trust anyone in “A Step Into The Past” or the misled-by-his-uncle-into-doing-evil Oscar in “Golden Faith”, fans will know better than to differentiate it from reality please!

        Oohs I didn’t know Gallen Lo specially picked out “When A Dog Loves A Cat” and “Born Rich” to be in as his comeback scripts! Oh dear, maybe he felt both roles are totally different from the typical roles he used to be in? I quite liked and enjoyed “When A Dog Loves A Cat” actually but I do agree and feel that Gallen Lo’s performance in “Born Rich” was alright but definitely not his personal best.

      16. @Fox

        Just stick to the remote but yea for the scenes that LF and Tavia are together you might get the card ready 😛 ROFL

      17. @ Ah K: Sorry, I like ASITP but I can’t stand Oscar Jing in GF keke. I dun like stupid role.

        My fave LF’s roles are: ASITP, EH, SL, TOB, HOG and TF. I also like his role as a player in the China series New breath of love. Uhm, I admit that I like Alfred and Mou Jing because of the fanfics I read more than the series themselves :P. But I like his look in these series, keke. So it’s kinda :P. I’ll consider as fave roles!

        I enjoyed Cat & Dog as well, but Gallen’s performance in this one, I dun think it’s good. Just that.

        @ Vivien: Nope nope. You must miss my post that I stated I like Bobby a lot, too :P.

      18. @Fox:

        I like “Eternal Happiness” too! I also major love “Lofty Waters Verdant Bow” cause both of the dramas paired Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye as a couple lol! I still think that Michelle suits Raymond best on screen (and maybe off screen too heehee)

        I like “The Last Breakthrough” too as Raymond acted as a doctor who liked Leila Tong in there and their filming on location in Africa back then is still vivid in my mind!

        I also like “Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion” cause I thought that he actually looked quite good together with Charmaine in this series (although Charmaine’s master was like damn extra)

        Ah “The Four” was quite good too but I think his acting skills kinda went downhill from then onwards? I thought he was rather annoying to pester Linda day and night in “Moonlight Resonance” actually, to speak the truth and he was kinda stiff and wooden in “The Mysteries of Love” or maybe it’s just the requirements from the script? :S

      19. I dun feel his acting has a lot of changes from The 4 onwards but the roles are repeative. Especially the ones with LKH including MR and MOL. That’s why I dun have any faith on 3 Kingdoms.

        I like his acting in recent movie Perfect Wedding. Cute jai.

      20. I find Linda’s characters quite unappealing. I would like to see her play a villain sometime, just for a change. Wonder how that’ll be like.

    5. I think instead of artists choosing the series, the producers should take bigger chances when they cast their roles and not typecast people. A good example would be Ghetto Justice- both Kevin and Jazz Lam had a “breakthrough” for playing unexpected roles.

    1. Men with No Shadows. It’s a supernatural and fantasy-like modern series where Raymond is a demon/vampire, and the other cast includes Bobby and Tavia. Tavia has a lot of chances this year.

      1. No, not vampire. Devil is the most correct. This role is a devil who come from hell to learn to become human and challenge human. The trailer said so.

      2. I got it right :D.

        I’ve never seen a main actor as a devil before and TVB rarely or never made a supernatural genre in modern times. I can’t wait for this series.

      3. @Vivien: Watch My date with a vampire :P.

        TVB made few supernatural genre in modern time. You forget the recent Fly with me?

      4. Fly with Me was STUPID. I can’t fathom why Ada take this seris and Moses is at one of his stupid actings. MDWAV was good but it’s ATV 😛

      5. thanks for the info! Didn’t know, I actually quite like Tavia although not fan status but I do like to watch Bobby, I agree he has a great TV persona and despite his lack of good looks, I love watching most if not any series with him in it. Ray as a demon sounds interesting haha…don’t mind him either, so it sounds like something to look forward to!

      6. @ Fox, My date with a vampire was ATV haha not TVB, I think it was a better series than a lot of TVB series actually, back in the day, not such a fan of part III though…hmm the way the main gal, Man Yi Man would always use her hand signs to destroy evil is classic (at least to me) hehe.

        Btw, Fly with Me is hands-down one of the DUMBEST TVB series ever made and is definitely the worst series Ada was in. Seriously, it was not funny, not moving, not anything but annoying and I think the person who dressed Ada did a bad job..she looked so dumb with that oversized, glittery headband all the time haha

      7. @Vivien:

        I absolutely agree! “Fly With Me” is one of the crappiest shows I ever watched in my entire life! Can’t believe I wasted like a day of my life watching it, I mean seriously! :X

        I felt that it didn’t do justice to Ada as a comeback series afterall cause the costumes were ugly, the storyline was badly written and the other characters were weird! :S

        Ah yes, I agree with @Fox, ATV’s “My Date With A Vampire” was ten thousand times better than “Fly With Me” for sure! 😡

      8. How can I don’t know that My date with a vampire is an ATV one? I mean that if wanna watch supernatural, I recommend My date with a vampire, season 1 only.

      9. @ Ah Ke

        MDWAV is a different type of series from ‘Fly With Me’. FWM is a parody series, MDWAV is a serious fantasy drama. Different.

      10. @ Vivien

        ” TVB rarely or never made a supernatural genre in modern times. “

        TVB has not done so recently, but, in the past, they have. The following are some I could recall.

        – You Only Live Twice 飛越十八層 (got demon)
        – Happy Spirit 開心女鬼 (got ghost)
        – One Step Beyond 老友鬼鬼 (got ghost)
        – A Good Match from Heaven (got fairy)
        – Love and Again 駁命老公追老婆 (exchanging spirit)
        – Heavenly In-Laws 我外母唔係人 (got fairy)

        In fact, ‘Men with No Shadows’ reminds me of ‘You Only Live Twice’ because that series also involved demon.

      11. @ Kidd: 7 sisters, 7th Police Cadet, Ghost in the Theater. These series also have ghost.

      12. @ Minami

        “Man Yi Man would always use her hand signs to destroy evil is classic (at least to me) hehe.”

        I’m not sure about the hand signal. But, the phrase she uses when she does that hand signal is not a creation by the scriptwriter. It’s actually based on an actual protection spell call 九字護身法.

        The scriptwriters make use of a long of existing myth and religions believe to create this tale. That’s why it’s so classic.

    2. Demon/Vampire… it sounds really silly at the moment but guess we’ll have to watch and see how it turns out.

      1. No it’s not silly. From what I heard Raymond’s role is on a mission on earth and will mingle with human beings to test them but at the same time get he himself experience new things. Fox might know better.

      2. Well, we have Twilight, Vampire diary, Darren Shan – Vampire assistant, Vampire family and wat’s else? Teen wolf.

        I can watch more, I can watch more :P. Imagine one day the world will become something like Day Breaker.

        Day Breaker is an US movie about a world where the whole world becomes vampires and human are hunt. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you to watch. It’s way better than some teenage Vampire, including the stupid fairy, oh no, vampire perfect man live in a forest can be bright like diamond in the sunlight with nice body and dun go to bath for 3 months Edward Cullen. Yeah, I’m anti Twilight.

      3. The trailer said such thing, @lol and lara. Other than the trailer, there is nothing revealed about the series.

      4. @lol:

        It sounds very “City of Angels”, the 1998 classic movie by Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan, about an angel who fell in love with a mortal (http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0120632/plotsummary) but in this case, Raymond’s a devil instead of an angel? Here’s the wikipedia page of Raymond’s upcoming drama, “Men with No Shadows”, for those interested: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_with_No_Shadows

        Oohs but it’s female lead is Tavia Yeung, no offense to Tavia’s fans but Tavia performs best as second lead so does this make it a recipe for disaster? Haha, not to worry, cause TVB’s smart to rope in main lead Bobby Au-Yeung as a ratings guarantee! I find that Bobby always has this onscreen charisma (and no, he’s not handsome) to keep you glued to your tv set regardless of whether it’s “Armed Reaction”, “Witness to a Prosecution”, “Forensic Heroes”, “A Pillowcase of Mystery”, “Dicey Business” and “Fathers and Sons”, or is it just me?

        Anyway, all eyes will also be on Raymond Lam as a devil (oohs, reminds me of the movie of the same name by M. Night Shyamalan) genre has never been explored into before in past TVB series, so it’s like turbulent waters that has yet to be tested, either it’s gonna be a huge hit or major flop manx! Very interesting indeed! 😀

      5. Demon and vampire sound silly, so is superwoman Ada Choi fly around in the sky in “Fly with Me”
        The ATV series “My Date with a Vampire” is much better than “Fly with Me”, watch it and judge it for yourself.

      6. @ Ah K: M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil sucked! The movie isn’t scary at all and its ending is damn stupid. If they make that the guy whose wife and daughter be killed sold his soul to devil to kill the killer, it’ll be more scary. But no, they wanna make a happy ending and that’s why the movie is sucked. Just like 2012. The whole good series being ruined by the ending.

      7. @ Leilafan

        MDWAV is different genre than ‘Fly With Me’. ‘Fly With Me’ is a parody. MDWAV is serious fantasy drama. FWM talks about one woman getting super natural power, while MDWAV is a whole mythology where the world is filled with vampires, ghost, aliens and a whole lot of other mythological beings.

        Comparing FWM with MDWAV is like comparing ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ with ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’.

      8. @ Ah K

        Erm, you don’t mean M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil do you? (I did not watch that but I’ve heard that the reviews were terrible) Right now I have no faith in his movies. His adaptation of The Last Airbender was horrendous; crappy script, wooden cast and not convincing special effects..

      9. @ Kidd

        “Comparing FWM with MDWAV is like comparing ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ with ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’.”

        Haha, I like your Buffy comparison.. But FWM was honestly terrible. I can’t imagine why Ada would choose such a role…

        @ Fox

        Yes! Someone who likes Daybreakers haha. I really liked the concept of the story where all the vampires live like humans meaning a functioning civilization still goes on. It’s different from most vampire genres where the vampires act well, like monsters, recluse or animal-like… Basically, society crumbles and there’s a lot of screaming and running 😛

      10. @Kidd: My super Ex-gf is better than Fly with me if compare. The ending is unexpected, lol. And Uma Thumman’s character is definitely cuter than Ada’s.

        Do you like Buffy series?

      11. @ CY: Day Breakers has a very unique concept. Although it has some lame parts, the movie overall is good.

        Dun watch Devil. Just waste money. Resident Evil is even more scary than this one. Lol, even Megan Fox’s scary movie that I forgot name (where she is killed and become a man eater) has better parts than Devil. Devil is just… dull.

      12. @ Fox

        Yes, Daybreakers was quite enjoyable but I didn’t like the dull lighting for the whole movie (most of it). I know that they are vampires and will fry in the sun, but can we get a bit more light please! :p I usually do not watch scary or horror sort of movies, but for Daybreakers I made an exception haha.

        Haha, I didn’t watch Devil, not even planning on watching in online or anything because I currently hate M. Night Shyamalan for what he did to The Last Airbender. It was just such a waste of perfectly good story material, haih..

        Do you mean Jennifer’s Body? (the Megan Fox one). Was she any good in it? I liked her in Transformers, she was one of only a few interesting things to look at in the movies.. 😛

      13. @Fox @CY:

        Haha yes indeed, I was referring to M Night Shyamalan’s “Devil”, I didn’t watch the movie but I found the concept of a devil living amongst us (humans), initially unknown to us, sounding rather similar to Raymond’s “Men with No Shadows”

        And yes, lol, I heard tales that the movie sucked big time! I think the only successful and highly praised movie M Night Shyamalan has ever produced to be “The Sixth Sense”, that one was damn good or maybe it was because the child actor Haley Joel Osment acted really well and convincingly.


        Oh yeah that’s right!!! Lol, but I thought we were referring to supernatural genres in general, maybe I was mistaken! 🙂

      14. @CY: Yes, Jeniffer’s Body. She is sexy in this one. That’s… all. The movie is kinda dull but it has some good parts.

        Devil isn’t about devil among human. It’s like Devil watches human and give human guesses more. MWNS, I think it’s closer to the Brad Pitt’s death movie that I forgot name. Death tried to be human. Of course, it’s wat I got from the trailer. Maybe the series will be different.

      15. @fox: I think it’s “meet joe black.” If MWNS follows that, I can’t wait to see ray as the handsome devil.

      16. @ Fox

        She was? But then again, she is pretty hot to begin with 😛 But I’m not too interested enough to watch her maul and eat a bunch of guys..

        @ Ah K

        I think The Sixth Sense worked so well was because of the unique plot and excellent cast. Haley Joel Osment was amazing in it, or so I’ve heard. I didn’t watch the movie because I don’t do horror :p And the twist at the end was so mind blowing that I had a friend who rewatched and analyzed it to see if it was true.

        But then, M. Night Shyamalan started putting a twist at the end of everyone of his movies, overused the idea, and made the twists just too silly that people got fed up. Didn’t help that he seems to have lost some of his passion for film making now (own opinion)..

      17. M. Night Shyamalan lost his way to home. He lived on the fame of 6th sense and overused it.

    3. Kidd,
      You have a very good memory in being able to list the number of supernatural TVB series at a moment’s notice. There are more ancient dramas that focus on ghosts and spirits of course.

      I actually enjoyed “Dark Tales” (聊齋) quite a bit. Like the short story format because you get to see different cast in each story. The theme songs by Cass Pang were beautiful.

      1. Yes, Cass Pang’s singing was beautiful. She gave an ethereal feeling to the song which suits the series.

        ‘Dark Tales’ was really good at the beginning, but, by the end of the series I find the story repetitive. It’s especially so when they use the same actress to play similar roles. ‘Dark Tales II’, I find some of the story draggy. But, overall, it’s a good anthology. At one times, TVB seems to like doing such anthologies. Besides this Dark Tales anthology, there’s also anthology about
        – Filial piety stories (孝感動天)
        – Love stories (Loving You I & II)
        – Assassins (The Hit Man Chronicles 大刺客)

      2. Kidd,
        I enjoyed “Dark Tales 1” because I think TVB chose better stories in the first installment. The second installment did come across as draggy because the stories resemble each other.

        I liked “The Hit Man Chronicles” very much. The historical backdrop and the creativity in some of the “hits” were quite compelling, not to mention that you know the hit man/ woman have signed their lives away. Several of the stories were quite romantic and moving. I liked the Lueng Siu Bing and Patrick Tam story and Chin Siu Ho stories best. LOL, Louis Koo was in here and really skinny at the time. The theme song, by Eric Mo, is one of my favorite old theme songs and matches the feel of the series very well. 🙂

        I like short-story format. Part of TVB’s weakness is that their scriptwriters write to meet an episode quota. That’s why series often drag in the middle, as it’s mainly filler content.

      3. I used to love leung siu bing in ancient dramas. It’s a pity she left tvb when she was still popular. I think that’s why I intially liked charmaine- she has a beautiful ancient look too.

  18. Fala obviously wants to steal the lime light from Charmaine from wearing that dress.
    Anyway, no one can be on top positions forever, since Charmaine is moving to Mainland market it definitely gives a lot of other actresses a change to become no 1.
    Let’s see who can be replacing Charmaine.

  19. After reading the comments above, I just wonder, how do you define a fan? And are there different types/classes of fans?

    1. A fan? Umm, well I suppose you’re a fan of someone if you like the artiste. Basically, if that person is your idol, then you are a fan. There are also some fans that go overboard, and can become dangerous, although that’s quite rare I suppose. Most fans are just supporters of the person in a normal way.

      1. @sure-lee

        It gets really confusing for me sometimes whether I am considered a fan or not. I like certain artists but I don’t think that they are saints or that they are always right and the best. I believe constructive criticism will help them grow and improve but most fans I see, especially on Weibo will bash other people for their less than faltering comments about their artsists..

    2. A fan = a person who like something/somebody.

      Such as: I’m a fan of sushi. It means I like to eat sushi.

      Of course there are different types/classes of fans. It’s the feeling inside you. Like a little – Good feeling – Like – Like much – Like very much – Crazy about it – Devoted for it, etc.

      1. Haha, I loveeee sushi too!! Yum..

        Hmm do you think then as a fan, that some fans are better than others? Cos i get that a lot when I go into forums, it’s just depressing…

        P.S. sure-lee
        Forgot to add this point in my earlier comment.. Sorry

        Yea, the oeverboard ones are really really scary. Just like Misery. OMG the nurse lady was just so terrifying and gave me nightmares for ages!

      2. Fox,
        I prefer Korean food more. 🙂

        Unless you eat at top grade Japanese restaurant with extremely fresh fish, the raw fish tastes bland to me.

      3. @Jayne: I hate Korean food. The real Korean food in Korea, not the Korean food in other countries which is changed to fit the taste of this country’s citizens. Korean food in Korea dun have any taste, no spice at all.

    3. @CY

      Yeah, I see that a lot too. That’s because people feel the need to believe nobody should bash their favourite artiste? Well, I think all artistes have many haters, so it doesn’t make any difference anyway.

      1. Oh, and the overboard people are just freaky!!! Ughhh I don’t think the idol of theirs even want them as a fan, LOL. Wouldn’t it be scary to see someone go crazy because of you? O__O

  20. Hi Jayne,
    I find we do have good Japanese food in KL. Do you mind share with us which outlets do you normally frequent? Maybe we could recommend few good ones to you?

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