Fans Want Mike He and His Daughter to Go On “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

The new season of Where Are We Going, Dad? <爸爸去哪兒> hasn’t started its casting call yet, but fans already have a candidate in mind.

After seeing new pictures of Mike He (賀軍翔) and his adorable one-year-old daughter “Mei-pao”, fans are urging the Taiwanese actor to consider starring on the reality TV show. Mei-pao is exactly a miniature version of Mike, and even Mike himself has acknowledged this. He shared a picture of himself when he a toddler, and asked fans if he could guess which one is him and which one is his daughter.

Mike announced his marriage and the birth of his daughter in June 2017, when Mei-pao was four months old. Since then, Mike has gone full-fledged father mode, and most of his social media posts centered on his daughter. We are all looking forward to the day when Mike is ready to formally introduce his daughter to the fans!


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  1. Don’t need DNA to prove Mei pao is Mike’s daughter cause she is the spitting image of him. I did noticed that after Mike got married, he looked a bit haggard and oldish. He was losing his handsomeness a bit too. In recent months, it seems he had an overhaul done. His nose is gaining that ‘European look’ more and more. He looks rather young too. Well, whatever makes him happy, as his facial features and his body frame keep his ricebowl from going empty.

  2. His daughter really is his Mini-Me. She looks so much like him in the top pictures and I really can’t make out who is Mike and who is Mei Pao in baby pics collage. I can only guess the ones where the baby where the butterfly pattern shirt are his daughter’s since that looks that a girl’s shirt.

  3. Oh…At first glance, I thought the babies on the pic collage are all the same baby hahaha So adorable, I hope Mike joins this show since it looks like he’s pretty comfortable sharing pictures of his daughter like Wu Chun does to his children (Come to think of it I find lots of similarities between Mike He and Wu Chun on how they handle the privacy of their own family in social media)

  4. Going left to right.
    Row one,…… Mei pao, Mike and Mei pao.

    Row two…….Mei Pao and then Mike.

    Bottom row……. Mike, Mei Pao and Mike.

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