Mike He Caught Kissing a Hostess?

Married Taiwanese actor Mike He (贺军翔) has landed on the rumor mill after being allegedly spotted kissing a hotel hostess. The claim was made by veteran paparazzi Ge Siqi and AV director Hun Zhiyu in a live broadcast as they boasted, “If Mike He challenges this, I will release the evidence.”

In their broadcast, the two revealed that Mike and a few friends went to a nightclub to celebrate Michael Zhang’s (張勛傑) birthday on May 16th. Ge Siqi continued, “There, they invited some hostesses. The first lady ‘J’ had a tanned complexion and she seemed to fancy Michael. Michael did not reciprocate. Mike drank a little too much that day. We can say the facts. I verified it and I have the recording.”

Hun Zhiyu further posted on his Facebook page on May 21st and wrote, “Mike went to the hotel and french kissed a hostess. I have the evidence.” When the reporter reached out to Mike’s agency, they claimed to be unaware of the actor’s private matters.

This was not the first time that Mike got embroiled in a cheating scandal. In 2017, the actor dropped a surprising announcement that he married his first love after giving birth to his daughter. After his marriage, Mike’s heartthrob image transformed to a devoted and loving husband, and made fewer appearances in dramas. Most recently, Mike signed on to appear in upcoming drama Pu Kou Shan Liang Te Wo Men  (不夠善良的我們) with Ariel Lin (林依晨) and Tiffany Hsu (許瑋甯).

In 2020, Mike was photographed hugging and kissing a long-haired woman in a dark alley after celebrating his birthday with friends. In the aftermath, Mike was quick to issue a response clarifying that he drank too much with his friends but his actions did not cross any boundaries beyond that of friendship.

Source:  World Journal

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hohliu
      Notice the articles always say he was drunk when he behaves badly. Drunk or sober, he is serial womanizer. He has put his wife through other nightmare outside of the cheating stories. How CYW puts up with his behavior is beyond tolerance.

  1. He is a known womaniser for a long time…I did wonder if he might just finally settle down after marriage…but I guess not. To be honest, if his wife does not divorce him, it will not surprise me at all… I remember a Taiwanese woman once told me, she is fine with her husband drinking milk elsewhere once a while as long as he clean his mouth when he returns, no milk stains and he dont have a kept woman… I was very shock. That was 25yrs ago..

    1. Not even sure what was it about him that made girls go gaga back then. But that’s besides the point I guess. His good husband image is now down the drain. So long idol status!

    2. I never understood why the females worshipped him. He is not a nice pert in general. He is not good looking, cute, but nothing to shout about. His acting has slightly improved over rge years, but still nothing to brag about. His former lo, best friend Joe Cheng is a tad slightly better actor, but has a plain, normal face, not good looking at all.

  2. @hohliu
    It is understood former bestie is also married several years now. The wife is sight to behold. Her look is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!. Words ca r express.

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