Mike He Caught Kissing Unknown Woman

In 2017, Taiwanese actor Mike He (賀軍翔) shocked fans when he announced that not only did he become a father to a beautiful baby girl, but that he will also be marrying the mother of child, Chen Yi Wen (陳怡玟). Prior to the announcement, Mike often faced romantic rumors with his female costars and never admitted to being in a relationship. Due to the sudden and unexpected announcement, many deduced that Mike was “forced” to marry Chen Yi Wen because of the accidental pregnancy.

Perhaps because the marriage was borne out of obligation, Mike wasn’t really ready to settle down yet. Recently, the 36-year-old actor became embroiled in a cheating scandal. Reporters recently photographed Mike behaving intimately with a long-haired woman.

After leaving a karaoke bar, Mike entered a nearby alley. His good friend, Michael Zhang (張勛傑), later came to meet Mike along with the long-haired woman. When they were dropping off the long-haired woman at her home, Mike got out of the car to hug and kiss her goodbye while Michael waited in the car.

Afraid that the scandal may impact his career and image, Mike was quick to initiate damage control and issued a statement. “Michael is good friends with the woman in question. That day, we got together with a group of close friends. We drank quite a lot due to the happy occasion, which is why our actions are abnormally warm and dramatic. However, we didn’t engage in any actions that crossed the line of friendship.”

Despite Mike’s quick reactions to the news, many did not respond well to it. Netizens sarcastically wrote comments such as, “I didn’t know that friends could kiss like that,” “Good friends act that way? Do you think we are blind?” “Good friends to the extent where everyone thought it was your wife,” and “When you commit a wrongdoing, you should admit to it and apologize. Why are you trying to deny it?” It seems that it may take some time for Mike to recover his public image.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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      1. @dramas4me Mike had surgery on his eyes, lips and nose. All them getting PS like crazy. Him, Jiro, Show Lou, Joe Cheng, Aaron Yan, just to name a few, have botched their faces.

  1. Didn’t really look like a kiss but definitely more than a simple goodbye hug and friends.

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