Mike He on Kissing Ady An: “It’s Like Licking Pig Poo!”

With the new idol drama, My Pig Lady <上流俗女>, finally scheduled to broadcast in Taiwan this week, Mike He (賀軍翔) and Ady An (安以軒) attended the press conference for the premiere.

In the romantic comedy, which was released as Go, Single Lady <真愛遇到他> in mainland China, Ady plays the daughter of an ambitious and wealthy pig farmer who hopes to get rid of her nouveau riche image and mingle with members of the upper class. While pursuing her dreams, she encounters Mike – a former member of the wealthy second generation who has now become broke. Together, they plan to help each other achieve their goal of becoming part of the upper class, and along the way, they slowly become attracted to one another.

In the series, Ady and Mike have numerous intimate kisses and bed scenes. Nervous about kissing Mike in front of the camera, Ady not only rehearsed with the actor beforehand, but she also drank beer before filming. While Ady praised Mike and named him the new ‘”God of Kissing” after their collaboration, Mike jokingly commented on his kissing experience, “It felt like licking pig poo!”

Ady: “Give Jaycee Chan a Chance”

Having previously worked with Jaycee Chan (房祖名) in Chrysanthemum to the Beast <給野獸獻花>, Ady hoped the public would give Jaycee and Kai Ko a second chance after their arrest for marijuana use. “I’m very surprised and I feel sorry about it. Everyone makes mistakes in life. We fight and we’re scared while walking down the road, so I hope that everyone will give them a chance so they can get back up quickly.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.



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  1. wait it’s just being aired? why was i able to watch the entire thing online already?

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Where did you see this entire drama online? Would you please share the link? I only found five episodes so far on http://www.viki.com. Thanks

      1. YT:

        Thank you so much for sharing the link. I’ll will check it out. 🙂

    2. I thought the article said it was already released in mainland China?

      1. For those of us who are not in HK, Taiwan or China – we don’t get to see it right away. If you do know any link for the full drama – please share it with us. Thank you very much.

  2. “It felt like licking pig poo!”

    I have been reading this line for many times. Just can’t find any real meaning or even humor in it, other than Mike He being rude, insensitive and disrespectful.

    This is another and further put off for me to watch poor quality taiwanese actor like these and any of their drama.

    1. Maybe he is close enough to Ady so he feels it is ok to “joke” like that? As outsiders, we do not know for sure. If Ady is ok with it then I do not feel it is as bad as it sounds.

    2. I thought it was rude too, until I read about her character. Now I think its funny lol 🙂

    3. It’s supposed to be a joke against her character the pig farmer’s daughter. Not insensitive.

    4. Must tasted like persimmon. Another moron. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    5. Well… it means that Mike has actually licked pig poo before or else he could not make such comparison, wakakaka.

  3. I watched 1/2 an episode and I couldn’t continue. Stupid plot thru and thru. I couldn’t even continue even if Mike He is there.

    1. I like Mike He and Ady An so that’s why I’m watching it any way. It doesn’t look like the best story, but I will finish it.

    2. Another good example of how the plot is even more important than the cast. Sadly many still blindly go for the cast without considering anything else.

      1. I know, but not all actors pick the perfect projects/movies/dramas all the times. Good movies/dramas need all the right factors: good story, good acting, good directing and everything else that comes with them.

  4. Mike’s acting is not the greatest, and he has never been given the chance to improve his acting ability. Mike has not been cast in any really roles that called for him to go deep inside himself and lay himself bare. The closest he came to that was in Sunny Happiness with Janine Chang.

    The producers and directors know he is good looking and that alone will carry him in a movie or drama, cause his lovey dovey girl fans will flock to the screen to see him. Good looking actors and actresses need good roles too. Everyone gushes Devil Beside You, bad acting, Raine Yang throwing tantrums, screaming, whining

    1. I meant Raine acting like a ten year old. Mike being rude, impish, no heart, no soul, and a lot of stupid ganglike style violence. That was a drama for silly preteen girls and gangta wannabe teen boys. There was no substance, no depth and no solid storyline in that drama. It was one of his worst, yet every young girl say it is one of his best. Maybe because he made it when he first came on the scene and the fangirls were discovering just how good looking he is.

      The casting directors need to offer Mike more substantial roles so that he can grow as an actor. Unfortunately, he takes what he gets because he needs a paycheck. Those bills don’t pay themselves, even if you are a celebrity.

    2. Yes. When actors/actresses get the right roles for themselvess (good stories, good directors & etc.) – they would have more chances of “breaking through”.

    3. I haven’t seen any serious acting by Mike He since Love Contract.. Where his character was a lower middle class boy. Now all of his roles are about rich and successful cool guy. It’s about time he takes a serious and complex character and not the fluffy prince charming. Maybe that will break the bad acting spell..

      1. J.H. lighten up will ya? Just taking it literally. Chill

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