Ady An Downs Beer to Overcome Kissing Scene Nerves

In her Taiwanese idol drama, Go, Single Lady <真愛遇到他>, female lead Ady An (安以軒) shares a great deal of kissing scenes with costar Mike He (賀軍翔). Since she often gets nervous when filming intimate scenes, Ady admitted that she would drink beer beforehand in order to complete filming successfully.

Also known as Upper-Class Common Girl <上流俗女>, Go, Single Lady stars Ady as Wang Manling, the daughter of a rich pig farmer. As luck would have it, she gets embroiled in a relationship with Fan Jiangyu (Mike He), the successor to an extremely successful investment company. Their interactions eventually lead to a large number of kissing scenes.

Because Ady’s nerves regarding kissing scenes are so well known in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, the filming crew was always prepared to offer her beer prior to any intimate scenes. “Beer is really very important to me!” said Ady. “This time, my kissing scenes with Mike He were no different – I also used beer to work up the courage.”

In response, Mike joked, “Is it really that difficult to act out a kissing scene with me?”

The filming crew also frequently used special angles to create the impression that Ady and Mike were sharing a kiss. However, Ady shared that in the past, there has been confusion over where the two actors should stand for the scene, making the take unsuccessful. “If I had known,” lamented Ady, “I would have just gritted my teeth and gotten it over with.”

Go, Single Lady will be Ady’s first return to the Taiwanese drama scene after the popular Autumn’s Concerto <下一站,幸福> in 2009. Having already premiered on Zhejiang TV in July, Go, Single Lady will begin airing on CTV on August 23 and on GTV on August 24.


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  1. The after taste of beer would not make it pleasant for her co-stars.

    1. You can always try strong chewing gum or mouthwash to mask the beer after taste.

  2. If they both drink beer than there will be no problem about the after taste. 🙂 I like them both – can’t wait to see their dramas.

  3. Trini,

    Thank you so, so, so much for the tip. I understand Mandarin so I can watch it. I’ll watch it tonight. 🙂 You have a great day.

    1. @Jh

      You are welcomed. Than you, I had the most amusing day, so yes, I enjoyed my day. It is not everyday I get to deal with a mixer of Peter Pan and Forest Gump rolled into one, so my day was quite amusing.

      Enjoy the My Pig Lady drama.

      1. Trini,

        I’m glad to hear that. I wish all your days are great days. 🙂

    1. That’s a mean comment. I hope you are better looking than him.

    2. @Bah

      Many things have been said about Mike He, but ugly is not one of them You are the first person to say he is. Then again, there is a fist for everything and you also have a right to your opnion.

  4. never like jaynestars to feature news about mainland and taiwanese celeBITies…. could not be bothered with them

    1. Then why do you even bother to click on this article then?

    2. Is Jaynestars supposed to feature only Hk celeb news? I am glad that there is a variety of news here.

      1. HeTieShou,
        We’re been covering sporadic mainland and Taiwanese news and dramas to add variety to our reading mix.

      1. Jaynestars should stay focused. Straying will only make this site a little common like many others

  5. Wow, she is still playing this game?
    She already did this w/Vanness Wu back then. Sigh… n how long have she been an actress already? 30 years? haha pls…such an old joke. get over it already haha lol…

  6. Doesnt she have this kissing phobia? I remember years ago, william feng shao feng had to coax her for hpurs for kissing scenes. Poor girl. She was so tense that she cried.

    Phobias are bad. hope mike he helped her mentally prepare before the scene.

  7. I would definitely watch this show. I like Mike He & Ady An. These two are my favorite Taiwanese stars.

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