Florinda Ho and Joel Chan Caught Arguing in Thailand

By on April 11, 2013 in NEWS


Since announcing her break up with Joel Chan (陳山聰), Florinda Ho (何超雲) has been mending her heartbreak with expensive shopping sprees and left many cryptic messages on her Instagram. Her nearly three-year relationship with Joel was looked upon negatively, with many speculating that Joel had an unhealthy interest in Florinda’s family fortune. Earlier Florinda hinted at their source of conflict when she posted the message “Love = Money”. The message was quickly deleted, but not before its wide spread on the Internet.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Florinda and Joel separated over disagreements about their joint fashion venture. The two were planning to set up a clothing manufacturing factory in Dongguan, China, with Florinda acting as a major investor. Joel did not put in the effort as promised, and displayed a lazy and negative attitude. The former couple argued frequently over financial issues which ultimately affected their personal relationship.

This week’s issue of East Week revealed photos of Florinda and Joel during their vacation in Thailand. In the photos, the two appeared to be in the middle of an argument and looked very serious. Joel seemed like he was trying to explain himself while Florinda listened with her arms folded in front of her in a defensive pose.

Since their break up, Joel has disappeared completely from social media networks. While he was previously known to “like” and comment regularly on Florinda’s Sina Weibo posts, he has not been seen online since the end of last month.  With an increasing amount of credit card debt, Joel was rumored to have asked his former flame for a $10 million break up fee but he was quickly rejected.

Florinda has since flown to England to spend time with her sister Laurinda Ho (何超蓮). Florinda continued to express her heartbreak on Weibo and Instagram, posting photos of cryptic quotes. Florinda seemed to have accepted the break up however, and is grateful for the lesson. On Monday, she shared, “Dear God, I wanna take a minute, not to ask for anything from you, but simply to say thank you, for all I have.”

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31 comments to Florinda Ho and Joel Chan Caught Arguing in Thailand

  1. meaty says:

    so how much is florinda’s inheritance? is she going to ask more money from her dad if she feels that its not enough? capital to set up factory in china? what else?

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  2. add on says:

    what does she expect? she not working for her own money.. don’t have solid education, not hanging around with the right kind of people, suggest she go church, get herself a skill and stop mixing with the wrong crowd, don’t take drugs like her sister sabrina and also the other one who was involved in the kenny wee’s case

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    • Jj replied:

      If u were florinda and have been leading a carefree lifestyle. What would u say to urself ?

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    • Michael replied:

      I agree with all your suggestions but how is church going to help her? They all just pretend to have high moral but never practice what they preach.

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      • timid replied:

        that is because they dun go the right kind of church to seek God and worship Him the way God wants it to be.. watch on youtube, ’23 minutes in hell (DVD full length video) by bill weise testimony of hell, 23 questions about hell’ and our living God won’t simply reveal Himself to people, He knows everything

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  3. Starry says:

    That’s what they call a cryptic message? ………………… ok

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  4. HeTieShou says:

    Florinda is lucky to be born in a rich family. Otherwise, I really wonder what she would do for a living??

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    • Tess replied:

      Because she comes from a rich family it’s almost impossible to live a normal life. Imagine she works at some firm that pays 20k hkd a month, then the media would say her father doesn’t give her money. Or the media will say the father disowned her blah blah blah. Even if she does a good job at work her coworkers would say its because of her father’s connections thats why she’s doing so well. No matter what she does, she’s doomed.

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      • yeung4life replied:

        poor thing D:

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        What you said is true to some extent, however,I believe that if you wanted to do something or make something of yourself, you can always do it. For example, look at Raymond Lam. He came from a rich family but had to work his way up and is successful now. Even the late Bruce Lee, his mom came from the same Ho family family and even though he is more distant in the family line, he still managed to become famous and known to this day. I think you can do anything if you put your heart to it. However, in Florinda’s case, she seems to just want to sit back and spend her father’s money and that’s it..

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      • Tess replied:

        You think the entertainment circle is a normal job? Or they lead a normal life? Do you see a normal person having paparazzi following you around all day? I don’t want to talk about Raymond Lam because some crazy fan will just come from no where and attack.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Sorry but do you really consider Florinda as a part of the e circle?? She never acted nor sang a song or did anything. Maybe you can sort of consider her as a part of it because she dated Joel, but what about before that?? OR better yet, since she has broken up with him, she CAN lead a more normal life IF she really wants to. Since she was born with a silver spoon, she just wants to sit back and spend her dad’s money…

        It is true that life in the circle is hard and abnormal, but she is going to die out of the spotlight soon since she has broken up with Joel. Unless she follows and dates another actor, but once again, that it will be by choice. No one is forcing her to be in the spotlight. It seems as if she wants to be in it. She already has fortune and now wants fame too.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        About Raymond, my main point is just because you are a part of a rich family does not mean that you cannot venture out and make something of yourself, which was what Raymond did. He could have easily just stuck with his family and relied on them,but he did not. My point is that you have a choice and you do NOT have to sit back spend your family’s money.

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      • Fox replied:

        Florinda’s sister is in e-industry and she can be a good example to be used.

        Sorry but HTS, you shouldn’t mention LF because some ppl will attack you and then put the blame on his fans even when his fans do nothing. To avoid the sensitivity of some ppl here, you should take some more examples. For example, I suggest you to take Carlo Ng as example of rich heir who is working ny his own in e-industry.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Sorry I could not think of anyone else besides LF. I did not know about Carlo Ng or else I would have used him. I just could not think of anyone else off the top of my head. Sorry LF fans(I like Ray too so don’t think I meant to attack him by using him as an example).

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      • Crystal replied:

        You know what amazes me on this site? When someone defends a celeb, he or she has to be a fan. Like say for example tavia yeung and her nose. When such a statement, tavia shouldnt act or cant act because of her nose, comes out in the open and someone else counters it with ‘how does a nose have to do with acting’ …he or she is a crazy fan defending his or her idol…like seriously? It does not take a genius to know that a nose has almost nothing to do with acting?

        Then with the raymond thing, his crazy fans cant like him openly because the non fans dont see anything admirable and etc. But what the heck? Thats why theyre fans? And the whole attacking/defending scenarios…well generalization is bad. Not all his fans are crazy. Not all his fans worship him to the point where they got no conscious. Not all his fans think he is the almighty. He has flaws just like any human being.

        I am extremely baffled by some of the comments being made throughout the day. Tonight happens to be a more severe case especially after reading eric tsang, florinda ho, sonjia kwok’s news.

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      • Tess replied:

        @hts: You don’t have to act in a movie or sing a song to be famous. Once you are some famous person’s offspring you are in the limelight and it’s hard to lead a normal life. Chelsea Clinton never acted in a movie or sang a song, but she is very well known in USA. Is she able to lead a normal life? maybe you don’t read a lot of those magazines in Hk that talks about rich ppl’s offspring (aka the rich second generation), but most of them are well known because of their parents. Also, I don’t think opening a fashion business is useless. Easin’s wife has a fashion business and it seems to be doing well (even though some thinks her style isn’t good). Florinda is 24, still young. Lots of people don’t have much on their resume at 24.

        Crystal if you are directing that statement towards me it goes both ways. Why can Raymond lam fans openly love someone and others can’t criticize him? There’s always this one person that feels the need to defend every single thing that isn’t positive about Raymond lam. But you know the funny thing? She does the same thing with Kenneth ma. Every single article that has Kenneth ma she will nitpick to the core and call those that defends him ‘obsessed’ and always comes up with some snarky rude comment. Or she will indirectly say rude things about him. That person hates tavia as well. That’s why i said I don’t want to talk about Raymond lam because I will get attacked just for speaking my mind. I’m here to entertain myself with these news and share my opinion not get attacked by that person for speaking my mind or even asking a question. But why hould I be so stressful from an unknown person for even mentioning his name? That’s why i said crazy fan attacking me. Funny thing is, I don’t even hate Raymond lam.

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      • Crystal replied:

        No it was not directed towards you. It was a random rant of the night since its a daily observation I see on almost every article.

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      • Fox replied:

        LMAO~, @Tess: When I’m a fan of someone, I can’t dislike or hate someone else, or I have to hate everyone else except LF (while probably that I like many many ppl, just dun include your beloved TY and Ma Ming in)? What kind of logic are you having? The way you are describing me is sooo you. Or I can say that you are talking about yourself and what you are doing but putting the blame on me. You said that you don’t want to talk anything about him, but you did and not so long ago. So I would like to quote the words a Ma Ming fan told me: “You are such a hypocrite”.

        And FYI, Eason’s wife did the job of an actress, but she retired after her marriage.

        HTS, I don’t say that you did anything wrong because you didn’t, but someone is trying to put the blames on me in particular even when I don’t do anything in this case. The reason is simple: I don’t like her idol Ma Ming and I did have the negative comments on him for things I don’t think he is right, and s/he is having to bash LF whenever she has chance and in unrelated articles. However if you notice, I don’t say about Ma Ming in unrelevant issue so if s/he wanna copy me, maybe she should be more picking on topics.

        Overall, nobody told you not to criticize anyone, but don’t jump when someone have the arguments against you. Please putting more positive attitude when having a debate. However, it’s sad that in this sites, now there are so many children who don’t provide proper debate. I miss the old days.

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      • Fox replied:

        And @HTS again: Florinda’s sister is the best example to this case. Her name is Josie Ho. She is also a daughter of Stanley Ho and she is working in the e-industry. Actually another daughter Pansy Ho was an actress but she retired. Josie is still working as an artist so you can use her as your example here.

        For the rich guys in industry, why don’t we mention of Wu Chun and Feng Shao Feng who are two rich heirs. Feng Shao Feng is even the only son in the family :). Some suggestions in case you wanna mention. I don’t have a matter when you mention LF but be careful, ppl like Tess don’t like 😛 and will take chance to be sensitive, so let’s find another examples.

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      • Tess replied:

        I had no idea I was a kenneth ma fan. I was just providing evidence that you are a hypocrite. And it goes both ways with the love and hate relationship. You can love raymond others can hate him. You can hate Kenneth others can love him. But you always claim others are obsessed and blindly support their idols with your rude comments. You should look at what you say about Kenneth and tavia on other forums. NASTY comments. Compared to what you say, my comments are very positive. I didn’t even say anything bad about him and you jump all over people’s comments and attack them. I am kinda sad to see this website full of your attacks when people just want to make a comment. I don’t miss the old days if you call your comments a ‘debate’. Maybe that’s why nobody wants to debate with you anymore.

        Btw, I know eason’s wife use to be an actress. I was saying her business isn’t too bad and fashion business isn’t useless like hts thinks. Thought that is pretty obvious.

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      • Fox replied:

        I don’t know why Ma Ming fans have the tendency not to admit they are fans. Is it a shame to admit that you are a fan of someone? However if you feel so, I have no matter. It’s a fact that everyone have own love/hatred and I have no matter of whoever you like/hate. I don’t accuse anyone for their love/hate or saying anyone is blindly in love, but I notice that TY and Ma Ming fans, whom can’t accept that I hate TY and Ma Ming, have the tendency to accuse me such things. You can love or hate whoever, not my business. I’ll reply you in things I don’t agree and you are free to provide a proper debate against my arguments if you can and want. However you guys seem like to have personal insult to me than providing any argument. It’s such a bad way of debate, do you know?

        I have to inform you that I don’t mention the name of that TY girl since her fans bothered me too much, and now I’m thinking of doing the same thing to male god fans. Yawn, and if you don’t like to see those things, don’t feel strange when I defense anyone or anything I like, and don’t jump whenever I comment anything differently to you. And I dare you to quote anything I attacked or insulted any other fan in this forum.

        It’s so obsessed of fans to jump at anyone with different favourite artists with you.

        You are saying about yourself, so I’ll let you continue. Don’t be worried, it’ll be the last time ever I’ll quote something of you unless you quote me personally. I hope that you can keep your words and not keep saying about yourself under the name of others like that. Chill out.

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  5. irene says:

    Will be harder for Florinda to strike out on her own as compared to Raymond.

    Raymond is from wealthy family but Florinda is from ultra wealthly family. Different league.

    If not wrong Raymond’s family worth hkd 2 billions where by Stanley Ho fortune worth usd 2 billions.

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    • Crystal replied:

      I believe raymonds family is ultra rich. Florinda is royalty rich. Lol. I am not too sure since the last time any news came out about his family’s overall wealth was a couple years ago. They were already in the hundreds of millions. I suppose theyre even better off now since there arent any major outbreaks about them losing money. But yes, Florinda is def royalty rich.

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    • Larry3 replied:

      Very different league….real estate vs gamble money

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  6. himhim says:

    Her ex wife must be celebrating now. Haha

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    • Fox replied:

      No, his wife didn’t.

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  7. Fox says:

    Uhm, neither Florinda nor Joel said anything. So maybe they are just arguing, haven’t broken up yet.

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    • Larry 3 replied:

      its a normal relationship, big deal HK press!

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      • Fox replied:

        Having to sell articles, and other couples dun have any arguments or going to get married.

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  8. Cleo says:

    okay, this was kind of a nonarticle until the last part because I am pretty sure that many ordinary people have a problem with the SOURCE of all that she has and they know “God” had nothing to do with it.

    they should have some kind of law in place that whenever one of the addicts enters a gambling den, he has to submit his bank account to a lien where a matching amount is set aside for his/her welfare in the event of unemployment or illness and a trust for any children he/she may have.

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