Florinda Ho and Joel Chan Broke Up Over Money?

Is Florinda Ho (何超雲) and Joel Chan’s (陳山聰) two-year relationship finally over?

Florinda and Joel’s relationship had always been undisturbed by the pressures of their families and the outside world. In fact, Florinda constantly uploaded sweet photos of herself with Joel on Weibo and Instagram to display their love. So what was it that made the couple’s love become so unstable?

Allegedly, Florinda and Joel were involved in frequent arguments after possessing different opinions about the fashion business they were starting. With this, along with the societal pressure pressing down against them, their deep relationship eventually turned bland. After the breakup, Florinda flew to England and consulted over the matters with her sister, Laurinda Ho (何超蓮).

Florinda stopped uploading photos of her and Joel online. Earlier, both of them wrote on their Weibo profiles respectively, “Love = money”, and “We are going to separate.” Reporters tried to contact Florinda in England yesterday to ask about the breakup, but she replied using WeChat that she will maintain her silence.

Earlier, reports claimed that Joel has not given up on his girlfriend and had desperately tried to save the relationship. However, he has not replied to the rumors yet. Furthermore, Florinda will not be returning to Hong Kong until the end of April.

Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Rich girl always has her princess syndrome not easy to take care…

    1. Yup,even not so rich girls can have princess syndrome, so that is even highly likely for rich girls.

  2. I can’t believe Joel divorced his wife for this, karma karma

    1. Joel Chan divorced his wife before dating Florinda quite a long, about 1 years.

  3. What happened to Joel’s ex wife that he divorced because of Florinda?

  4. Joel and Florinda’s tale is not like the TVB series entitled 4 in Love with Charmaine and Moses in two different worlds trying to accommodate with a storybook ending…J & F just did not work out. Joel with a beer budget just could not keep up with the FLorinda’s champagne needs.

    1. Yea, it is hard to date your co worker, but it is possible if you can keep personal and business matters separate. However, it is pretty hard…

  5. Does this mean Joel can come back to act for TVB full time?? =D

    1. Ever since Joel dated Florinda, he had very bad relationships with TVB producers. Don’t know if they would hire him back though he is a talented actor.

      1. Well, TVB is kinda desperate for talent =P Hope they could look past his past bad relationships with them and take him back! I love watching Joel =P

      2. Producer Lee Tim Sing has mentioned that he’ll be more than glad to cast Joel in whatever roles he sees fit when and if he returns to TVB.

      3. umm, don’t think he’s that talented, not that good looking too, he looks like a drug user haha

    2. It’s a shame that Joel threw away his career for money an this chick. He had burnt a lot of bridges in TVB, it’s difficult to see that he can rebuild it quickly. Not sure which producer will risk it using him.

  6. I had a feeling this would happen so am not shocked at all. I am actually shocked that they had lasted for 2 years. If it ends then it does… They have to accept and move on. I wonder if Joel can still come back to TVB???

    1. yes might be. tvb now lacking artistes so when joel crawled back to tvb asking for his job back tvb might take him with open arms.

      1. Good point so Joel has a good chance of coming back.

    2. Haha, yay I thought their relationship only had max 1 year duration. Joel has to do whatever it takes to secure his golden ticket to riches. Too much invested already his friendship with ppl and Tvb lead actor status, lol. Worst case scenario would be to ask for a breakup fee to cover his initial investment 🙂

  7. Seriously Florinda Ho’s fashion taste is like a fobby Lady Gaga. Judging from their facebook photos, I don’t understand how they’ll ever operate a fashion business. She shows off all these expensive brands but she doesn’t even know how to style them.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Just because something is expensive does not mean that it looks good. There are often times things that are cheap are a lot better looking.

      1. i agree with you, also believe in joel’s sense in fashion then florinda, this woman has no taste at all, why did’t she attend the new york / paris fashion week? or get more fashion ideas from top fashion magazines? am thinking she’s not so smart after all

    2. Maybe that’s what caused the “frequent arguments after possessing different opinions about the fashion business they were starting”.

    3. does this mean that florinda has no talent whatsoever? good thing she’s born into stanley ho’s household, else she’ll have a hard time living in this competitive world

    4. Florinda’s style is still way better than Eason’s wife, Hilary Tsui.

  8. this is what joel deserves to get after leaving his wife to pursue a rich life with florinda and abandoned and hurt his best friends sharon chan and christine ng.

  9. lol i can’t believe i went to check her instagram kekeek

  10. Oh dear the well has dried up for Joel. Hmm it is always better to earn your own money you know.

    1. He isn’t deadly poor at all and he has his own gym business in Macau which giving him monthly income.

    2. Yup, in any case whether it be family or husband/wife or whoever, it is always better to make and have your own income.

  11. Wow, I can’t even imagine who this could have been fixed. True, as an outsider, it looked like a completely idiotic relationship. That family is ridiculous with all of the Chinese extra wives basically prostitutes who demand the surface courtesies of respect from society but that must cause a dissonance in their moral education of their children. All these daughters in the spotlight with their bizarrely elaborate names – none of them are respectable but they are so clueless when they speak to reporters about their “rich people’s problems” – Hello, Danger Zone!

    if this was a real relationship, I can’t imagine it would play out the way it has – first of all, he should have told her to stop wearing Blade Runner outfits in the middle of the day – nor at all. And they should have been silently privately happy or miserable depending – not playing this out for the pleasure of everyone who basically hate her hanjian whorish family (sorry but I think whorish is pretty appropriate for how the father does not protect any of his kids by repeatedly adding extra wives and siblings to the mix – this is going to be dangerous since he looks completely disabled according to those indiscreet instagram photos posted by Laurinda.)

    I mean there is no way to see the end of this relationship as being the end of a genuine relationship. It’s just been ridiculous, insincere and sordid.

  12. Do they realize that their daughters have put themselves out there as nothing more as descendants of their “courtesan” mothers in their youthful conduct??

    Ugh … so many people, families in Hong Kong are genuinely conservative – they live in privately owned homes as well as government housing – and this is just so … blech.

  13. I get why her dad reportedly urged her to tie the knot because this predator will be more straightforward and permanent than the ones Fourth Wives cronies will set in her path once Stanley Ho passes away. I can’t imagine what these two argued over – either you let her do whatever she wants because she has the money or she lets him decide whatever he wants because it’s only money. I would have given in to the other side regardless of which side you are on – as long as there is a trust fund in place – everything else is rich people’s problems. If she was crazy about him, she should have been open to criticism and if he was crazy about her, he would have tried to curb her appearance.


  14. There is some Chinese saying about marriage and ‘matching doors’. If you have money, unless you are so in love that nothing matters, one has to wonder if this person is dating me for my money. That is why dating someone with similar financial background would be ideal. And if you want to wear the pants in the family, date someone that makes slightly less and thats my two cents worth. Its sad but money does matter in a relationship maybe not in the beginning of the relationship.

    1. there is always suspicion and resentment and risk of disrespecting one another when there is a difference in money EXCEPT when it is true love.

    1. florinda’s fashion style matches her looks, good thing some people don’t have it all, else would be super snob

  15. The Ho sisters are not exactly known for their fashion sense. Kinda sad when you’ve so much money & you still look like…

    1. I think they prefer to look unique and really ‘stand up’ among the crowds.

  16. I had actually thought the subplot about Monica D and Cheung Cheung in “Inbound Troubles” was a parody of this relationship.

  17. Does this mean Joel will return to TVB? A silver lining if anything.

  18. dun know.. about this breakup rumours, may not be true

  19. Well, it was money that brought them together in the first place…

    I don’t think anyone really thought it would last. Except Joel. Poor foolish man. Burnt a lot of bridges for this relationship and now it’s gone.

  20. These public details of a failed gigolo will be a case study and change the culture of gigolo transactions – they’ll never come right out and say I am with you for your money, honey so respect the business relationship and make sure we both come out of this in the black but boys will definitely be demanding stuff like oh, I have to be a self made man and be financially independent so I can’t do this or that with you and then the client will have to be diplomatic and cleverly place the money in a way where he has it in his hands in order to keep the relationship sustained – blah, blah, I’m sure in Paris, this has been going on for centuries.

    It’s weird that there are always an undercurrent of rich women in Asia (actually Japan) willing to pay for male attention. I think in Chinese culture although it supposedly exists – it has to be so ridiculously rare because that’s just not how Chinese girls think – but when you are in a situation where you want your older boyfriend to take you to afternoon tea and have to upgrade his wardrobe so publicly then you should be compensating him for the time he takes off from his career – because it’s really damaged now. I think in LA, there is grounds for palimony. There is always grounds if you have a litigious culture but I guess in HK, no one wants to cross that family.

  21. i can so imagine joel crawling back to tvb now…….

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