Florinda Ho Has New Love Interest

The two-year relationship between Joel Chan (陳山聰) and heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲) finally came to an end earlier this month. It was rumored that the pair fought over the issue of money when Florinda uploaded a picture of a phrase, “Love = Money”.

Last month, Joel had flown to London to chase after Florinda. Although Joel was photographed buying takeout for Florinda and taking care of her after she fell sick from food poisoning, he was unable to save the relationship. Joel flew back to Hong Kong and has not commented on his breakup with Florinda.

Fresh from a breakup, Florinda’s mood was not down for long. She was recently seen shopping with her new love interest near the Central district. Even though people surrounded her, she did not try to hide the fact that she went to see the new movie, Fast and Furious 6. Many said that the breakup between Joel and Florinda was a hoax, but her movie date with the mysterious boyfriend finally dispelled the allegation.

When the movie ended, Florinda received a tip-off that reporters were waiting outside the theater. She left via a side exit, while her new boyfriend walked out the main entrance. Reporters rushed over to take photos of the man, who blocked his face from cameras.

Florinda’s rumored boyfriend is much younger and more handsome than 36-year old Joel. It looks like Florinda did not need much time getting over Joel.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. wow…that’s fast. I guess that’s how the rich work! 😛

    1. These spoiled little rich brats need nothing but boytoys…….Joel was just too stupid to think that he was more than a boytoy to Florinda……..she will continue to have a string of boytoys and will eventually finally marry some fat rich ugly dude when she gets to the age when she feels she’s “Old”……….anybody agree?

      1. She’s lucky cuz she’s loaded.. bet she never think of those needy people. What’s a spoilt and useless human being she is!

      2. but even more useless are old toyboys such as joel who left his wife to eat soft rice from her money. so sad. and joel is not alone, after florinda ditched him she quickly found a younger and more handsome soft rice toyboy. that means there are always a good supply of willing soft rice eaters for rich heirs such as florinda to have fun with and buy ‘love’ with money.

      3. I’m super jealous xD
        HAHAHAHAS!! Honestly, I am >.<||

      4. I have a feeling what Yuaida says may come true. Since she is still young and rich, she goes from one guy to another until one day she gets old and has no other choice. I wonder why does not do something useful in terms of work,education or something charitable instead of just spend money, chase guys and go on vacation?? Doesn’t she ever get bored? I really wonder what will happen after her dad passes away???

  2. Aren’t those yo gabba gabba guy’s frames?

    1. Lol that’s funny, only people with little kids would notice that lol…now let’s dance lol

    1. ^ Lmao, I find this clueless and irrelevant comment too enticing to not give a reply.

      Do you even know what you are saying? or have you even read the article?

    2. no wrong. gold digger is for females who get involve with wealthy guys for money and wealth. for example only: hk media calls karena bb a ‘gold digger’ who splurged in money and rich goods from her ‘sugar daddy’ raymond. well that’s what hk magazines wrote.

      ‘Soft rice king’ is the right term for this. that’s what hk magazines give to joel during his relationship with florinda.

    3. Maybe s/he is referring to the new pursuer? Don’t think “gold-digger” is gender specific.

  3. That why Joel should forget her right away and move on.

  4. “Florinda’s rumored boyfriend is much younger and more handsome than 36-year old Joel.”

    Good for her if she is dating men much younger than Joel.

    Florinda is in very good position to enjoy her 20s dating and making many friends.

    1. “Florinda’s rumored boyfriend is much younger and more handsome than 36-year old Joel.”

      ouch that statement gotta burn the already burnt joel, but don’t feel sorry a bit for him.

      he played with fire to eat ‘soft rice’ by himself, so joel only has himself to blame for gettig burnt, especially now that a younger, more handsome ‘soft rice eater’ comes to replace him

      1. Hahahahahas!!
        Agree with you babe!!! High5!!
        Joel got his karma when he leaves his wife, whom been with him for YEARS!!
        From a kelefe to finally made a name for himself, his wife faithfully stood by his side and what she got in return is he left her for a young gal!!
        Now karma hits him back!!
        Although I like Joel as an actor but aside from that, I have no sympathy at all to him!!

      2. yes. how can we sympathy at joel when he’s such a scum human being? understand why many can’t. a decent and respectable man won’t left his wife just to date another woman for money and easy rich life. really karma for joel.

  5. Is it just me? the above picture of florinda looks exactly like Linda Chung

    1. similar… but linda’s face isn’t quite as pointed/sharp in the mandibular frame… linda’s chin more rounded, buccinator muscle slightly more prominent.

      those large black plastic frames are quite popular with hK celebs aren’t they? 🙂 Make most female celebs look the same lol

      1. Really? I’ve always thought that Linda has a more sharp and pointed chin. You mean those hipster glasses? Yeah they’re quite popular globally. But to me it doesn’t make most female celebs look the same lah. Prolly just the angle.

    1. Agree with Dude!!
      She looks like Linda?!!!!!! – URGGHHHHH!!!

      1. Just the angle of the picture. she doesn’t look like Linda at all in reality

  6. Being able to find a new boyfriend so quickly, wow is she lucky or what?!

    1. money attracts. and apparently there are many of joel’s ‘soft rice eating’ species out there. sometimes they can even target middle class women to flush out the women’s money. be careful everyone 🙁

      1. Agreed, there are pros and cons to having money. Since money attracts evil, it’s much harder for people with money to find true love and/or friends.

  7. seriously, he’s been thwarted – do not throw it in his face

    if I were her, I would just lay low

  8. wait until her dad pass away… what she is going to do with her life?

    1. Well. Guess she’ll probably do the same thing as she is doing now, nothing.

    2. She may continue being the “da xiao jie” type which is what many true guys who are not money hungry will not be able to stand…

  9. she looks like a idiot with those goofy glasses

    1. Yeah, hideous glasses. She certainly moves fast! Sad to see that she has no ambitions at all aside from collecting boy toys.

      1. she’s into fashion bis remember? also the reason why she broke up with her ex

      2. She sure has bad taste and I wonder if she would be successful if she entered the fashion world. Expensive does not necessarily equate to good looking.

      3. Agreed, it is good for Florinda to “work hard as well as play hard”. For a 24-yo, it is good to be more responsible/independent. But, it looks like she may be moving in the right direction (fashion business).

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