G.E.M. Secretly Got Married?

Rumor has it that 28-year-old G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) secretly wed her wealthy stylist boyfriend, Mark Ngai, earlier this year. According to sources, the couple had a small beachside wedding ceremony in Thailand with only close friends and family in attendance on January 25. However, they chose not to announce their marriage in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Although the lovebirds have yet to confirm the good news, photos show that the rumors are likely true. In January, G.E.M. shared a photo of her and her grandfather, both wearing red, in front of a huge swimming pool. Taking advantage of the tropical backdrop, they wished the public a happy Chinese New Year on Instagram. Afterward, she posted two more photos in a similar setting in early February. In one photo, she sat by the pool with her back facing the camera, and in another, she ate chips with her sister in the waters.

Coincidentally, Mark’s sister Joyce Ngai (魏韵芝) also posted a photo of herself wearing red in front of a similar-looking pool and tropical scene around the same time. This indicates that the two families could have been on the same trip.

Reporters immediately reached out to Joyce and G.E.M.’s close friends Renee Lee (李蘊) and Laurinda Ho (何超蓮for confirmation. Both Renee and Laurina said they believe the news is false, and Laurinda even joked that she would kill G.E.M. if the singer didn’t ask her to be a bridesmaid.

How G.E.M. and Mark’s Relationship Developed

Before meeting Mark, G.E.M. dated Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin (林宥嘉)  for three years. After they ended their romance, they both moved on and found new lovers. In 2017, Yoga married Kiki Ting (丁文琪), and they now have two children. That same year, G.E.M. was revealed to be dating Mark.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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