Laurinda Ho’s Wedding Photo Was Leaked?

Dating since 2019, Macau casino heiress Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) and actor Shawn Dou (竇驍) were said to be holding their wedding in Bali this April. However, it may just be a red herring, as Laurinda’s “wedding photo” was leaked online.

A celebrity photographer recently shared a black-and-white wedding photo of a bride’s backside, mysteriously captioning, “With the consent of the artiste, this is the only wedding photo that I can post and share. A mysterious wedding held in Sanya, China.”

Although the photo only showed the bride’s back, the woman’s ears, height, and backside closely resemble Laurinda. Many gasped that Laurinda and Shawn may have already gotten married secretly, while some netizens remain skeptical, pointing out that the couple likely would not host their wedding in Sanya.

Appearing at a function this week, Laurinda was mobbed by the paparazzi. She calmly replied, “If there is good news, I’ll be sharing it.”

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  1. Their love life is left to the open with nothing left to imagination, so I don’t think they will hold a secret wedding.

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