Is Laurinda Ho Distancing From Shawn Dou?

Dubbed the most beautiful heiress, daughter of gambling tycoon Laurinda Ho’s (何超蓮) romance with actor Shawn Dou Xiao (竇驍) made the headlines in 2019, and the two tied the knot in a luxurious Bali wedding in April 2023.

Unhappily Ever After?

Despite their recently married status, the two not only looked glum while posing for photos together at a recent event in Shanghai, but even sat apart throughout, fueling rumors of marital disharmony!

Looking visibly displeased, Laurinda only smiled weakly when cued by media to get ready for a photo. The blatant expression prompted netizens to comment “Laurinda is not good at concealing her emotions”, “Guess they had a fight”, “She’s fuming and still has to work” and “She has the capital to show a black face”.

Other sharp-eyed netizens also spotted how the two sat apart separated by a person between them after entering the venue together, evoking a fury of online discussions and guesswork as comments wondered if it were the difference in treatment from Shawn pre- and post-marriage; yet others commented that Shawn was not truly in love with her. Meanwhile, unverified rumors also swirled that Shawn’s unhappiness was aroused when Laurinda was unwilling to let him handle her exorbitant financials, leading to friction between the two.

Source: Star Entertainment

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  1. That is the infamous “Cold treatment” between couples… and looking at Shawn still chatting with the person next to him, that will just annoy her more.
    I did that in my younger days with my hubby. Lol…we are still married after so many decades.

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