Laurinda Ho Gifts Mom 10-Carat Diamond Ring

Laurinda spent three years to find the same heart-shaped design, which was a gift from her dad.

Laurinda Ho (何超蓮), daughter of the late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), recently shared about her “most expensive purchase” to-date on Instagram, and it turned out to be a heart-shaped ring for her mother, estimated to have cost $8 million Hong Kong dollars!

A Sentimental Gift

The family’s domestic worker had accidentally flushed mother’s 10-carat diamond ring, wrapped in tissue paper, down the toilet. The ring was an exorbitant heart-shaped diamond given to her mother Ina Chan (陳婉珍) by her late father, and therefore was of great sentimental value to her.

To soothe her mother’s ruefulness, Laurinda began searching for the same ring design, and it took her three years to locate it, which she gave to Ina on Mother’s Day. According to Hong Kong media reports, a 10-carat heart-shaped ring, which cost HK$7.5 million a decade ago, is estimated to cost over HK$8 million today. No wonder Laurinda wrote self-humoredly, “A 10-carat heart-shaped ring is really expensive, Dad.”

As Stanley’s third wife, Ina, who was a private nurse when she met him, had stayed by the Gambling King’s side to take care of him when the latter fell ill during the final years of his life.

Source: Sohu

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  1. I wonder if the helper is still employed …. So many things leading to down the sewer…. Tissue paper? How did the helper get her hands on the ring, and then mistakenly flush it down the toilet? I’d imagine a ring worth a good sized apartment to have some weight to it …

    1. @bubbles23 Bet she was gone by the hour, no way they could forgive a transgression like that. I am visualizing the lady probably rinsing off her ring, and left it wrapped in tissue in the toilet to dry and the helper just flushed it thinking it was used paper. Maybe she frequently picked up after them.

  2. If she really cares about the ring , it should not have been carelessly placed. If it is lost , it is lost. To replace it does not have the same meaning unless given by the same person. A gift from her dad & now from her. Does it add up? Even if u find the same size , style does not have the same meaning.The mom will not say oh this is from him when the original is lost, she would have said oh this is from her. So a waste of time & effort. What is lost is lost.

  3. For a ring that expensive why would you wrap with a tissue paper? Could have put them inside the jewelry box or a safe box. They probably fired the worker already since the day the ring got flushed. Laurinda probably used her late father money to buy her mom the ring where else she can get those money? For that much money just for one ring I could get a brand new car or get a house such a waste.

    1. @cutie777
      I agree with you but rich people have a different mentality than we do. I can tell you that even my sister in law’s sister who is pretty wealthy spent $80,000 on just one ring too. I thought that was wasteful too but that is my thinking as I am broke but it seems like it is not much to them. The wealthy can spend hundreds and thousands on just one designer bag too. I think that is wasteful too but once again just my thinking as a broke citizen. The rich think differently than us…

      1. @hetieshou I know what you’re trying to say here that’s right rich people think money it’s nothing to them. Even if I’m rich I don’t think I’ll spend that much money on a ring or handbag some handbags may be expensive but they’re not my type when it comes to pick on clothes, handbags and jewelry I’m really picky about it sometimes I think it’s worth it to spend money like that only if you can afford it. In my opinion I would spend those kinda money on a brand new car, make down payment on a house or on clothes and shoes.

      2. @cutie777
        I agree but some rich can be even more cheap and misery than poor people. It just depends on the person. I have a friend who is nothing near wealthy but spends like crazy. Her husband is the same way. He got her a $4000 Chanel bag for her birthday which I thought was wasteful. If they were wealthy then that it not much but they are not. They are just wasteful spenders. I don’t mind spending a bit on jewelry but not that much unless it can retain value so I can resell later on if I need the money. I am picky on my jewelry and clothes too. I agree that I would rather put it towards a house, car or something more practical. However, if the piece of jewelry can retain value then I would not mind spending a bit but I would still have my limit. I would never blow thousands of dollars on a bag of jewelry…That is just wasteful to me.

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