Shawn Dou Blamed for Slacking Off After Dating Laurinda Ho

Gossip mills are running wild in claiming that Shawn Dou (竇驍) has been slacking off of work due to dating Laurinda Ho (何超蓮).

Dating for over a year, Shawn and Laurinda have been in a high profile relationship since confirming their relationship in April 2019. Over the past year, we as reader have witnessed the couple traveling all over the world for vacation. Last year, Shawn brought Laurinda to Canada to visit his parents, and most recently, he brought her to Xi’an, China to visit his extended family. After visiting Xi’an, they traveled to Yunnan, where Shawn met up with a group of friends. Laurinda is completely winning over Shawn’s circle.

Unfortunately for his fans, Shawn’s dating life has taken the forefront, while his career has taken a backseat. Many fans left comments on Laurinda’s social media, jokingly asking her to “release” Shawn so he could focus on his career. While most of the banter is meant to be light-hearted, the press did zero in on Laurinda writing down the wrong character for Shawn’s upcoming drama The Legend of Xiao Chuo <燕云台>, writing instead of .

Regardless, Shawn’s dedication to Laurinda is boundless. When Laurinda’s father, the late casino giant Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) passed away in May, Shawn immediately flew to Macau after completing his work to attend Stanley’s funeral. He was besides Laurinda’s side in every step of the way.


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    1. @dramas4me
      I agree and what if it does not work out? He may end up like a Joel Chan but Joel got luckier than him. It is always better to have your own income as you never know what can happen.

      1. @hetieshou

        If he works for his money then he will get the self respect and the respect from others. If I were him, I will not give anyone a reason to say that I’m a gold digger. I hope that he understands that logic and smart about it.

      2. @dramas4me

        I agree and he should not give up his career because who knows what can happen? I think that should apply to both men and women as it is still very smart and wise to hold onto your career even if you do marry someone wealthy. Yup, you earn self respect and respect from others if you work for your own money.

  1. Yeap Joel Chen vibe. But he is in love. Anyway he’s a very good actor and in demand so not worried.

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