Rumored Wedding Bells for Laurinda Ho & Shawn Dou

Going public about their romance in 2019, actor Shawn Dou (竇驍) and Macau casino heiress Laurinda Ho‘s (何超蓮) relationship appeared to be smooth-sailing. Contrary to recent talk, wedding bells are likely to be on the cards for the high-profile pair, who are reportedly planning a romantic April wedding in Bali, close to Easter day!

Wedding of the Century

Already planning their nuptials for a year, the lovebirds are said to be spending a lavish HKD$50 million on their dream wedding with every detail ironed out to perfection, allowing a 2-day stay on the Indonesian destination for lucky wedding guests!

Besides family and friends, over a hundred celebrities and esteemed guests will turn up for the wedding of the century, with extremely stringent security — even guests who have received invites will need to have their identities ascertained before gaining entry. Besides splurging on the venue and decor, Laurinda has reportedly spent millions on a custom handsewn wedding dress from a luxury brand as well as on stunning jewellery pieces for her big day!

Shawn Sparing No Expenses on Betrothal Gifts

Rumored to be on the guest list are the bride’s good friend, singer G.E.M/Gloria Tang (鄧紫棋), who is expected to hype up the wedding with her vocals, Renee Lee (李蘊), JW, Twins, Fiona Sit (薛凱琪); while Shawn has likely invited many Chinese actors from the industry. Sources say that the invitees have already turned down work assignments in order to witness the matrimony of the two, while the couple has thoughtfully arranged for five-star accommodation and air tickets for their family and friends to ensure related expenses are taken care of!

According to insider sources, the pair initially considered venues included French Chateaux, their alma mater in England and also Portugal, but eventually settled on Bali as they both adored sunshine and beaches. Having put off plans until now as Shawn delayed his formal proposal due to busy acting schedules, the lovebirds have already flown to Japan for an advance honeymoon.

Besides traditional Chinese delicacies the likes of abalone, sea cucumber and shark’s fin, groom-to-be Shawn is said to have prepared gold and diamond pieces worth over tens of millions for the important custom, to the delight of his future mother-in-law Ina Chan (陳婉珍).

Meanwhile, Laurinda’s twin brother Orlando Ho’s (何猷啟) ex-wife Gigi Tsai (齊嬌) was spotted moving back to Hong Kong with their two daughters. Making her presence felt on social media, Gigi has been sharing gorgeous photos of herself with much frequency.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. If they’re really serving sharkfin, then this doesn’t seem real. I would expect educated folks to know that sharkfin is high in Mercury, terrible and cruel to sharks and unnecessary. If this news is real, then these are a bunch of rich hicks.

    1. Sharkfin are tasteless and they just adds texture to soup… It is very cruel to see so many sharks’ fins cut … Similar to chopping foot of a human and leaving them to died in wilderness because they are not mobile. Extremely cruel…

    2. Isn’t shark fin a delicacy? Like the rich ppl would care more about face than much else lol. Unless the rich started to see shark fin as a no no?

      1. It is a delicacy, but it’s also poisonous. Funnily enough, Chinese govt banquets have banned its consumption, but that’s purely due to its extravagance. It is unfortunately still allowed for public purchase. Even Singapore has banned this product – you’d think other Asian countries would follow suit.

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