Helen Ng, Chan Wing Chun: “Love Never Comes Too Late”

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Helen Ng, Chan Wing Chun: “Love Never Comes Too Late”

TVB artistes 62-year-old Chan Wing Chun (陳榮峻) and 57-year-old Helen Ng’s (吳香倫) love story is well-known among Hong Kong viewers. Although the senior couple initially kept their relationship low-profile, viewers became very intrigued with their love story. The couple’s wedding attracted many media reporters and many of their celebrity colleagues attended and sent their blessings.

As opposed to others who may want an exciting and heartrending romance, theirs is one that is comfortable and easy. This is Chan Wing Chung’s second marriage, and Helen’s first. When his wife died after having a stroke in 2010, the actor fell into depression and didn’t think he would ever love another woman again. He met Helen on the set of Gilded Chopsticks <食為奴> and the couple started dating in 2014. He eventually proposed to Helen and they got married last July.

Although some single, middle-aged women become uneasy and hope to find their other half soon, Helen was never one to fret about these things. She believed in leaving things to fate. “I didn’t deliberately search for a partner, nor did I have the desperate urge to get married. All these years, I have had my own life and was happy living my own life. But having Wing Chun with me is not so bad either. We were both fated.”

For Helen, the little moments and small acts of love are the most precious. One of these moments, as Helen recalls, was when she was diagnosed with pneumonia while the couple was on their honeymoon. “When I was not feeling well, he accompanied me to go see the doctor. I didn’t know the symptoms were so severe. He was even more worried than I was.”

Source: Marie Claire

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    1. jimmyszeto says:

      It’s great to have a spouse at that age. It seems TVB have been very good case with them appearing in most scenes amd series together. It’s important that work does not take away the time they spend together….

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      They are so sweet. I always have a soft spot for Chan Wing Chun.

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