Hera Chan Cried Over Criticism

Giving up her chances of becoming a nurse after obtaining her degree in university, Hera Chan (陳曉華) jumped out of her comfort zone and entered Miss Hong Kong 2018. Possessing a straightforward and boyish personality, Hera made an impression on the other contestants during the competition when she was seen constantly eating.  Little did she know, she would win the pageant and become an actress full time, officially retiring her idea of working in the medical field.

After taking home the crown, she did not quite know what to do afterwards. Seeing other contestants and their career success made Hera feel self-conscious for not having a lot of jobs in the beginning, and she began stress eating due to the pressure. The 25-year-old expressed, “I would order a pizza a day and one day when I was unable to order one, I burst out in tears.”

Though acting opportunities eventually poured in, her worries only increased. Starring in her first debut in a supporting role in On-lie Game <迷網>, Hera’s acting was met with criticism from viewers. Claiming that her acting was terrible, many viewers did not particularly like seeing Hera in the drama.

Upset over the negative reviews, Hera said she wanted to hit herself because of how awkward the situation was. Known for her high strung emotions, Hera often cried on set after being scolded by the director. Despite her tears, Hera would constantly encourage herself to continue working harder and to improve in future dramas.

Besides negative criticism on her acting, Hera was linked to Matthew Ho (何廣沛) during their collaboration in Paranormal Shop <異搜店> despite knowing that the actor was already dating Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗). Dismissing the rumors, Hera said she is actually not very close friends with Matthew. Her ideal partner is someone whom she can start a family with. However, she would much rather focus on building her career first.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Well, she has tears and real emotions. That’s a start. Now she needs start channeling that energy into improving her craft. She’s beautiful, young, and still actively being promoted. It’s not a chance everyone gets at the beginning.

  2. no idea who she is and the only time i’ve seen her name is on this site. her name is more popular than the person it seems.

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