Him Law, Vincent Wong, and Benjamin Yuen Reveal Naked Torsos in “Flying Tigers”

TVB series, Flying Tigers <飛虎> feature young, muscular actors such as Him Law, Vincent Wong Ho Shun, and Mr. Hong Kong winners, Benjamin Yuen Wai Ho and William Chak. The men were used to revealing their muscular torsos and walking around in tight briefs was not even a problem!

In a scene in Flying Tigers, Him Law had just joined the Police Department’s Special Duties Unit (nicknamed Flying Tigers Unit). He was bullied by other members in the unit. After taking a shower in the locker room, Him complained to his colleague, Vincent Wong. Originally, interviews were not allowed on the set. After reporters repeatedly asked Him and Vincent, the actors agreed to re-enact the shower scene to benefit fans!

To achieve increased exposure, it is inevitable for artists to reveal a bit of themselves. Actresses need to reveal their cleavage, while actors show their muscles. With his muscular 40-inch chest, 26-year-old Him Law rose to popularity after Suspects in Love <搜下留情>. Him became extremely popular among the gay male community and received countless job offers. Perhaps he was more protective of overexposing his body after achieving fame, Him wore two sets of briefs and a towel while filming a shower scene in Flying Tigers. Him was very careful not to expose too much of his lower body, but he generously revealed his upper torso. Unfortunately, due to the dragging weight of the wet towel, the shape of his butt and one inch of Him’s butt crease were revealed!

Although Joe Ma Tak Chung and Jessica Hsuan were the leading cast in Flying Tigers, Him Law and rumored girlfriend, Mandy Wong Chi Man, dominate significant screen time. An insider commented on the 13-episode series, “Taking inspiration from American television dramas, Flying Tigers will air only one episode each week. Of course the Producer wanted to generate viewer discussion in each episode, so a shower scene was added for Him!”

Although Him was hard-working and possessed a good figure, he was very reluctant in revealing his butt onscreen. At the praying ceremony last week, he said, “There is a butt-revealing scene, but I will not be revealing my butt crease. My waist size is only twenty-eight inches and my butt is quite round. If I reveal a little bit below my waist to show the top of my butt, that should be okay!”

Him filmed the shower scene with zero preparation. On the other hand, Vincent Wong performed one hundred push-ups to increase the size of his muscles. Vincent even did weight lifting exercises to achieve the optimal figure prior to filming Flying Tigers. Vincent said, “Two months ago, the Producer asked me to trim my figure down to zero fat. I promised to try! Afterwards, I enlisted the help of a fitness trainer for a diet plan to attain the ideal figure. I have a 42-inch chest now, but of course Him has a better-looking body!”

On the day of the reporters’ visit, Benjamin Yuen was wearing Nike Pro Combat briefs, which clung to his body snugly. Benjamin won the title of Mr. Hong Kong in 2007 and has maintained his muscular figure since then.

Excerpt from Face Magazine # 193

Jayne: Flying Tigers will feature a lot of male eye candy. I’m sure a lot of female viewers will tune in to watch for their favorite muscle man, whether it be Joe Ma, Him Law, Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen, or William Chak!

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  1. The first pic of Benjamin kinda really looks like fala’s boyfriend.

  2. Yippee this make me more interested in the series! Let’s drool at ALL of THEM

    TVB must be following the current Korean trend right now where there’s this trend of pretty boy-bands with pretty muscled bodies. Which started last year or so. 2PM for example. Drool worthy bodies.

    1. lmao beast idols. There’s at least one member in every kpop group with a muscled body.

  3. Him really has a great body figure and muscles! No wonder he’s so popular

  4. I’ll watch this for Vincent Wong and William Chak. I already like Vincent after watching him in ‘War of the in-Laws 2’.

    1. same here.. Although Him Law probably has bigger muscles, but vincent and william chak will probably be more entertaining to watch.

    2. Me too! But I especially put him on my must-watch list after Gun Metal Grey.

      And he worked out for the show! LOL. He’s always been so gangly before because of his height so I’m glad to see him get a little more definition.

      I’m also curious about the show. I think it’s a good think that TVB is trying to experiment a little with the format of shows.

  5. I’d like to point out I’ve been falling in love with Mandy Wong Chi-man. She’s definitely a new actress on the rise with charisma like Flora Chan.

    I read about her on wiki and I was not surprised that she graduated from an acting institution. Her appearance in Home Troopers helped me survive that dreadful series.

    Um .. the one the nike, gotta go. Hate men with hair there!

    1. Agree with you on Mandy Wong. I like her acting,too! I didn’t know she graduated from an acting institution though. She is quite natural and does not overact. I see a lot of potential in her and I can already see her slowly get promoted to more prominent roles and screentime. I think she will get “most improved” in another year or two. And yes, she saved Home Troopers cause I couldn’t stand anyone else in the series. She shined in the cast, and I enjoyed watching her even more than Kevin, Bernice, and Liza combined.

      1. Omg me three! I love Mandy Wong too and also think she shined over Liza, Kevin and Bernice in Home Troopers. She has only been acting in a few series but her acting is highly promising and she has nice appearance too.

    2. Pandamao, Mandy reminds me a little of Nnadia Chan from some angles.

      1. Hmm – yeah but Nnadia lost her charisma over the years.

        Maybe she’ll have a Maggie Siu comeback!

  6. William!

    I used to think Him Law was cute but after all the bad publicity between him and Theresa and seeing him everywhere (functions and variety shows and some series, and movie) he’s kind of a turnoff now. Maybe that’s just me.

    1. I agree. he’s so overrated now! Most of the news about him now are either about his body/muscles or his relationship with the girls.

      1. Star, Him became famous because of his body. That’s why most of the news focus on his body. I hope his newfound success will lead to the rise of more muscle men and increased popularity of Mr. HK.

  7. hahaha NICE, thanks Jayne. I’m just looking. Not making any opinions yet about each actor.

    1. Iampheng, lol same here. Given its length of 13 episodes only and weekly broadcast schedule, the show sounds experimental and wondering what route it will go? Cliffhanger action at the end of each episode?

      Japanese dramas are about this length, but they succeed due to very tightly written script centering around only the leads and supporting characters.

      Sometimes I think TVB has too many actors on its payroll…do we need so much diversion in the background scenes?

      1. Agreed that there is def an excess of TVB actors. As a consequence, some people will just lose out on the opportunity to be a star. Perhaps, that is just a consequence of the nature of the business.

        I don’t think TVB’s got anything over Japanese TV scripts lol. I’ll tell you one thing though, there are more common people who are not Chinese that will watch TVB shows rather than Japanese ones. I’ve spent sometime traveling in South East Asia and most people in those countries just can’t follow the often too complex story lines of Japanese dramas. Heck, even I can’t sometimes!

      2. I think it isn’t just TVB, but even mainland China along with other countries and the whole entertainment industry in Asia. I remember back in the days(especially in the 70s) when there was not that much competition since not many people were actors/actresses. THen came the 80s when more actors and actresses emerged, but the competition still wasn’t as bad since China hardly made any series while Korean series weren’t even in existent yet. However, these days there is China, Korea, and many other countries and way too many actors and actresses with no talent that join the circle because they look decent and hope to gain some fame and fortune. My mom was saying that these days actors and actresses arise just like mushrooms which is so true. Back in the days, there were more talented actors and actresses but these days, there are sooooo many excess actors and actresses that you wonder why they even joined the circle?? It’s not to say that there aren’t any talented actors and actresses, however, there is not as many as before.

  8. WOW, those are nicely cut abs! I like! I personally prefer Vincent though!

  9. LOL what’s with this new drama first Him’s butt is going to show and now the stars are half naked? LOL is it like some kind of porn or something haha.

    1. Icecream, porn? Hardly, there’s no more skin shown than in a Mr. HK contest. The magazine photos will likely be more explicit than the final TVB scene.

      1. Not porn but a very smart marketing ploy because you won’t see past the shoulder in the real scene.

      2. won’t see past the shoulder is too conservative. I would say won’t past the waist line. Unlike girls, guys going topless is not taboo.

      3. Not in TVB where it is a shower scene. Maybe not past chest.

      4. I hope they will push the “envelope” a little bit with the scene. It’s a little embarrassing that TVB is so afraid of showing skin and love-making scenes. I’m not looking for porn, but sometimes couples get more depth from doing more than hand-holding. It’s also time that the HK TV industry puts some manly looking men on the map.

  10. in my opinion, they look untone to me, disappointed!! looking like a bunch of sick ducks playing with the shower!!

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