Hong Kong Crime Thriller “S Storm” Release First Stills

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Hong Kong Crime Thriller “S Storm” Release First Stills

S Storm <S風暴>, sequel to the 2014 crime thriller Z Storm, has released its first set of character stills. The movie about Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), directed by David Lam (林德祿), stars Louis Koo (古天樂) reprising his role as Officer William Luk of the ICAC. The sequel also brings in new cast members Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Vic Chou (周渝民), Ada Choi (蔡少芬), and Bowie Lam (林保怡).

“Although I play the same character, the story is entirely different,” said Louis. “It’s a more challenging script. With Chilam as a Senior Inspector from the Special Crime Unit, we get to push our story to more extreme levels.”

The first movie, Z Storm, was about the ICAC investigating a charity fund involved in an elaborate ponzi scheme. In the new sequel, a tricky corruption case and a murder investigation will bring the ICAC and the Hong Kong Police Force to reluctantly work together.

“There’s going to be a lot of conflict of interest between the HKP and the ICAC. It is fast-paced and exciting,” introduced Louis.

Vic Chou, who plays an assassin in S Storm, revealed, “There are more special effects this time around. There’s more action, more flying cars, more gun fights. Our action director and stunt coordinator Bruce Law (羅禮賢) is very professional and he’s managed to make the scenes very realistic. It’s been such a thrilling experience for me.”

S Storm opens in theaters on September 15, 2016.

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Sources: Oriental Daily

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Hong Kong Crime Thriller “S Storm” Release First Stills

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  • 7 comments to Hong Kong Crime Thriller “S Storm” Release First Stills

    1. mulder99 says:

      Even though I like Louis Koo, but really HK producers need to get other actors in their movies…

      3 movies for Louis this year,

      Line Walker
      and now S Storm…

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      • nigel replied:

        @mulder99 yeah I concur with you. It’s always Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Sean Lau …. and then repeat again. Oh I dun get why they always include that teh pau as the leading lady! Can’t stand her really

        Login or Register before you can reply to nigel
      • elizabeth replied:

        @mulder99 I think it is because HK has not been promoting newer stars for a long time and they have to either stick with the already established ones from a small pool or get some from Mainland China.

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    2. linvin8 says:

      FIVE films for Louis Koo in the span of 4 months, two of which are out within a week of each other this month! I like Louis but I do think it’s a bit much.

      His films this year are: Three, League of Gods, Call of Heroes, Line Walker & S Storm.

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    3. sammie1988 says:

      What can you do? Chow yun fat wanted a more lighter role these days since he is semi retired. Andy is in less movie due to his age and his daughter. Leon Lai never really a good actor. Daniel Wu chooses his role carefully so you got no one left.

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    4. kimo28 says:

      So happy Ada is starring in this movie , miss her

      Login or Register before you can reply to kimo28
    5. says:

      I’m not a big fan of Hong Kong movies, but this looks somewhat interesting to at least take a peek at because of Ada Choi. I hope there will be an interesting romantic plot between her and one of the guys.

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