Huang Xiaoming Promotes “Mission Milano”, Has the Sexiest Lips

On June 10, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and his female costars in the upcoming Wong Jing (王晶) comedy Mission Milano <王牌逗王牌> made an appearance at a Shanghai press conference to promote the film. The heist comedy, which also stars Andy Lau (劉德華), is expected to arrive in theaters on October 1, 2016.

Mission Milano, previously known as Trump Card vs. Trump Card, stars Andy Lau as Master Bao, a troubled investigator, who enlists the help of a professional thief Luo Tianhao (Huang Xiaoming) to steal an important artifact from a notorious terrorist organization. The unlikely heroes then travel to Milan to stop an impending terrorist attack on the world.

At the press conference, Xiaoming led the show with his five female costars, including Nana Ou-yang (歐陽娜娜), Stephy Qi (戚薇), Hu Ran (胡然), Mao Junjie (毛俊傑) and Xu Dongdong (徐冬冬). Although Andy, who also produces the film, could not make it to the conference, he did film a short video to greet the press.

Being the only male artist to promote the film, Xiaoming was put in a special spotlight. The organizers arranged a quick Q&A game with the cast, to see which of the girls is closest with Xiaoming.

When the girls were prompted to answer who was the most important woman in Xiaoming’s life, someone from the audience immediately shouted Vicki Zhao (趙薇). Xiaoming, who is known to be close with the Chinese actress, immediately turned flustered and said, “Who are you? Come up to the stage! I promise I won’t beat you up!” He then said, “Besides my mother, the most important woman in my life is Angelababy.”

Which part of Xiaoming’s body is he most proud of? An audience member shouted, “Face!” Xiaoming then retorted with a laugh, “Who said that? I don’t have a face [shame]! When I train, I only train my butt!” Xiaoming then added in a serious manner, “I like my lips the most.”

Hu Ran said, “I actually think his chest looks the sexiest. It’s perfect!” is Xiaoming’s first film project with Andy Lau. On working with the Hong Kong superstar, Xiaoming said, “He’s someone I’ve admired for many years. He’s also very kind, and I’ve received a very generous gift from him.”

Source: Sina

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