Beneath His Slim Silhouette, Huang Xiaoming is All Muscle

Fasting while filming for his new movie The Man With The Wig <带假发的人> in November, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) dropped 20 pounds in a short time. When he admitted he felt faint and his heart was shocked by the dramatic weight loss, many were concerned about the actor’s health. However, the 43-year-old actor appears noticeably better lately and received compliments when his topless photos surfaced on social media.

The actor’s gym trainer uploaded three topless photos of Xiaoming on line – all of which showed off his lean muscles and eight-pack abs. The results were quite surprising, as Xiaoming has a lean silhouette when clothed which does not suggest of his build. Once the clothes are peeled away, it is clear Xiaoming only lost body fat but gained more sharply-defined muscle tone.

With his face is slimmer and features more pronounced and defined after the weight loss, many said he looks 10 years younger and can compete with many of the newcomers and young idols. Many admired Xiaoming’s handsome looks, and complimented the actor for his disciplined lifestyle and working out consistently to achieve amazing results at his age.

Source: HK01

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  1. Too skinny and pretty boy for my tastes. I like him better looks wise with more meat and slight gruff like a grown man instead of fresh young meat. But he is keeping himself looking good though.

  2. he does look visibility leaner and pretty good for his age. hope the progress was through a good trainer instead of an unplanned sudden weight lost.

  3. He does look younger but he also look different. BTW, i dont really keep up with him but is he wearing a toupee? Jw

      1. @m0m0 i just Googled his early debut days and yes he had thinner hair. Its probably because of how competitive the industry is… Damn! its crazy how much effort celebrities go to look good. Hopefully they’re just as healthy

      2. @purplerain edit button not working.. but meant to clarify that i was talking about the toupee/ transplant at, “Its probably because of how competitive the industry is.”

  4. Having an abundance of muscles and looking nice does not equal to being healthy. It can equally stress the body by overexerting through the types of strenous exercise and dieting you need to get that 6 pack.

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