Huang Xiaoming’s Shyness Served as an Obstacle in Career

In a recent interview with Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), he revealed that he has an extremely shy nature. In fact, when Huang Xiaoming was a little boy, he was shy to the extreme. “Once, I was pulled to audition for a child film. After seeing the director, I covered my face with my hands for the rest of the time. The director said that I had a very good image, but I couldn’t film because I was too shy.”

Back in 2001, Huang Xiaoming’s shy personality again put limits on his career. He did not want to star in a gay role in the movie, Lan Yu <藍宇>, and thus bid farewell to that opportunity. Therefore, he lost the chance in winning the Best Actor award at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards. Adding to that, Huang Xiaoming exclaimed, “At the time, I didn’t dare film any bed scenes.”

In the past, Huang Xiaoming had always possessed high expectations towards himself. He had once remarked, “No matter how outstanding I am as an actor, I still feel like I’m not good enough!” and “Looking back at the films from when I first entered the industry, it was so stupid! I looked so ugly!”

Lately, Huang Xiaoming expressed that he became more calm and objective. More satisfied with himself, he told the media, “A handsome look is superior when you first enter the industry, but it later becomes a barrier. I am now caring less about my appearance. Although I occasionally looked into the mirror, I’m doing less of it now.”

Huang Xiaoming is currently still recovering from his severe leg fracture incurred last November, when he filmed for The Bride With White Hair <白发魔女传之明月天国>. He spends him time interacting with fans using an alias. On Weibo, he posted the latest updates of his two pet pandas, “Ping Ping” and “An An”, which he raised after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.


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  1. Can TVB invite him to film. He’s cute. Also, ask Julio Acconci. He’s hot. Why u gotta married the taiwainess girl. She is *****.

    1. He’s too expensive for TVB and the language barrier and also the actresses or actors may all be bigger sized than he is. And he is a movie star now.

      1. If he’s 5’9 then everybody else is over 6 feet tall. Maybe he is 5’9 plus heels which he wears.

      2. you don’t believe he’s at least 5’9? how tall u think he is? 5’5′?

    2. He has way better opportunities than TVB. He is from China so is already filming there, is in movies,etc.. Why would he need TVB?? I don’t think he is marrying any taiwanese girl… Who are you referring to?

  2. He is currently dating Angelababy. She is not Taiwanese. She’s from Hong Kong.

  3. currently the most handsome actor in china thus far…how sad he drop “Lan Yu” chances cause if he really acted in “Lan-Yu” then we all have chance see his #%@%$#@… but now he too famous, i dont think he will do any @!%$#$^

    1. Huang is handsome, but not THE most handsome.

      Yan Kuan and Chen Kun are stunners too.

      1. Chen Kun and Huang Xiaoming are university classmate but I prefer Chen to Huang. Liu Ye was good in Lan Yu and he won The Golden Horse for his role. However, Huang’s acting is not up to par with Liu or Chen yet. Both already won best actor years ago. Btw, who is Yan Kuan?

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