Huang Xiaoming’s Suffered Health Problems from Rapid Weight Loss

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were behind Huang Xiaoming’s (黄晓明) Best Actor win for the film The Bravest <烈火英雄>. Going on stage to receive the award—his second Best Actor win for the Golden Rooster Awards—Huang Xiaoming thanked the film’s producers and director to believing in him. “Please use me more!” he said.

Due to his good looks and idol image, Huang Xiaoming struggled to find good roles in his acting career. Although aggressive with auditions and reaching out to directors, casting directors would always drop the ball on him last minute. “They would promise me a role, but would never cast me,” said Huang Xiaoming. “Maybe because they think I rely a lot on my looks, so they hesitate to use me. Even to this day, I get a lot of rejections.”

Currently filming EEG’s The Man With The Wig <带假发的人>, Huang Xiaoming did not shave for nearly three weeks. For his role, he rapidly dropped 20 pounds with consistent training and fasting. He plans to lose 10 more pounds in the future, but has been plateauing. 

Director Dong Yue (董越) said Huang Xiaoming the fasting, in combination with the overnight filming, has caused the actor to suffer health problems. “I remember seeing him just lying on the prop cart, his face completely white. He asked me to let him rest for a few minutes.”

Huang Xiaoming clarified in a later interview, “I lost all that weight from fasting therapy. Because I dropped so much weight in such little time, I had a nutritional deficiency. My heart almost couldn’t handle it.”


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