Idy Chan Will Film For TVB Again

Idy Chan (陳玉蓮) attended an event for the disabled. The ambassador for Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power for several years, Idy would always try to help out in the organization’s events to raise awareness for the disabled’s needs.

“I’m an entertainer after all and my job is to promote it well,” said Idy. “If I come across people who support the organization monetarily, I’ll encourage them!” Finding sponsorships for the organization had been difficult and Idy hopes to spread its cause.

In regards to the ALS ice bucket challenge, an activity that helps bring awareness to a neurodegenerative disorder known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Idy said she is not familiar with the challenge, expressing that she only recently returned to Hong Kong from China. She rarely gets the opportunity to return to Hong Kong, but fortunately she has had enough time to make it to the organization’s biggest events.

Asked if Idy will return to TVB soon to film dramas, she admitted that has been in discussion with the station all this time. “TVB has treated me well. They are willing to accommodate my schedule. We will be collaborating again. I just don’t know when.” Idy looks forward to filming dramas again.

What about movies? “I have not been in discussion to star in a movie. I’m very passive when it comes to these things. People have to approach me.”

One of her costars in Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, Kwong Chor Fai (鄺佐輝), has succumbed to cancer. Idy said she rarely keeps in contact with friends in the industry, but she would occasionally see the actor at mutual friends’ gatherings. She hopes he will find a remedy and have a speedy recovery.


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  1. My mom asked about whether she will be filming again so this is great news! So happy to hear this and thanks for sharing!

  2. Best to stay away and let people remember her in her past glory. I remember being so disappointed to see her in that drama with Damien and also in SSSS. Just destroyed whatever beautiful memories i had of her. Same wit the other great beauties of her time like Bridgette Lin and Cherie Chung.

    1. hey i just realised both her comeback dramas were with Damien. The first one I’m referring to is that thief drama, forgot the English title.

      1. You are referring to Catch Me Now. She was ok in that, but the role of the scared housewife and mother wasn’t very well written

    2. I do not see anything wrong with seeing them act again in older age. Who does not age? It is great to remember them in the past but is great to see them act as a more mature actress as well. If you just want to remember the past glory then just do not watch the new series.

      1. It’s painful to watch them as they’re now mere shadows of their past glory. Anyway I never thought Idy’s a good actress.

      2. Because her acting has deteriorated. It’s understandable since she’s been in retirement for over a decade. Why not just let the audience remember her glory days as XLN and all those hit roles she had?

      3. I do not think that her acting is that bad now. Maybe many are that used to her in playing older roles. Many artists that have been in retirement come back and still act really well. Esther Kwan still acted really well even after being in retirement for a number of years. Once you have a skill like driving for example, you always have it just need to utilize it a bit in order to get it back into working mode again.

      4. HeTieShou,
        A part of your comment may have triggered some sensitive words on our filter list.

    3. She was horrible and quite annoying w/ her raspy voice in the thief drama w/ Damian. Didn’t care much for her in SSSS either.

    4. Coming out from her retirement doing what she loves, rather than sitting at home doing nothing. How many holiday can she take? 😀 🙁 LOL!

  3. By the way,which character did Kwong Chor Fai play in Return? I do not remember.

      1. Oh yea, that is him. Thanks for the reminder and it is great to know that they still remember each other and still wish each other well after so many years.

      1. geez, why is my comment under moderation?
        “One of her costars in Return of the Condor Heroes , Kwong Chor Fai (鄺佐輝), has succumbed to cancer.”

        …he has d-i-e-d (succumbed), according to this article.

  4. bloody hell, when it said kwong succumbed to cancer, i thought it meant he’d died already. but he’s fighting it with a positive attitude, so i wouldn’t say he’s succumbed to it.

  5. “Succumbed” to cancer sounds a bit misleading. It was only until the final sentence did I realise he’s still alive and kicking.

    Anyway, best wishes to Kwong Chor Fai~

  6. I dont really like her acting so plz dont come back and act in tvb dramas. Her acting sucks and so does her voice….

  7. I actually hope Angie Chiu will come back to film more tvb dramas! I only understand Cantonese so I have don’t understand the dramas where she speaks Mandarin (the ones in China)…

    1. Did you ever see her in White snake? That was one of her most popular Mandarin speaking dramas. Her mandarin dramas are dubbed in Cantonese so you should be able to see them. I also wish and hope that Angie will return to TVB as well. I miss seeing her in Hk dramas. However, I do enjoy the Mainland series that she is in.

    2. Yeh, Angie is great. Has she filmed anything since The Point of No Return with Damien, Chilam and Charmaine?

      1. She recently filmed “Master of Destiny” with Liza Wang (<– I don't like watching her)….and it still hasn't aired yet. I think the original language was in Cantonese. BUT TOO BAD SHE PLAYS A MINOR ROLE.

  8. hi oscar, if you do not like someone, do not need to be exposed in public. seems that ur reality live even worse than her

    1. Why not? This is a forum for you to voice your thoughts no? Similarly arent you voicing your thoughts now.
      ? Do i have to say only nice things? Or say only things you want to hear?

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