More “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” Spoilers

It has already been one week since the period epic, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, has hit the Hong Kong television screens. With only six episodes out, the drama has already attracted many loyal followers due to the its emphasis on controversial characters and intimate love-making scenes. But this is just the beginning.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles stars Damian Lau (劉松仁) as Sir Arthur Chung, Mary Hon (韓馬利) as Arthur’s first wife, Koo Sam Lan, Idy Chan (陳玉蓮) as second wife, Aisin-Gioro Yee Yin, Elena Kong (江美儀) as third wife Yvonne Yik, and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) as Arthur’s soon-to-be fourth wife, Hong Tsz Kwan.

Next week’s episodes will be piled with sex scenes between Damian and Tavia, introducing a new possible love triangle, and more jealousy among Damian’s wives!

Episode 7 –Yee Yin (Idy Chan) and her first love, Chai Yat Fai (Ben Wong 黃智賢) meet again after many years, and the old friends recount their memories together. Arthur (Damian Lau) becomes upset with Yee Yin’s meeting with Yat Fai, and the two strike an argument. Previous reports revealed unconfirmed finale spoilers that Yee Yin will leave Arthur to be with Yat Fai.

Episode 8 – Yvonne (Elena Kong) and Arthur attend a charity auction together. At the auction, Yvonne falls in love with a diamond necklace, and she convinces Arthur to buy the necklace for her. Arthur successfully bids for the diamond, but in the end, Arthur gives the necklace to Tsz Kwan (Tavia Yeung).

Episode 9 – Sam Lan (Mary Hon) discovers Arthur’s affair with Tsz Kwan by recognizing her scent coming from Arthur’s coat. When Arthur tells her that he intends to marry Tsz Kwan as his fourth wife, Sam Lan immediately says no. Sam Lan will later die from a stroke.

On the other hand, Tsz Kwan is aware that Arthur’s true love is Yee Yin, and she drinks her sorrows away. Her best friend, colleague, and cross-dressing performer Suen Fei Fei (Jess Sum 沈卓盈) tells her, “There is still one other who loves you.” Tsz Kwan falls asleep on Fei Fei’s shoulder, and it is implied that Fei Fei may see Tsz Kwan more than just a friend.

Episode 11 – When Yvonne discovers that Arthur plans to marry Tsz Kwan, she cries, “My family owns a banking business! Having to marry you as your third wife is already demeaning me, yet you still want to marry that actress as your fourth wife?”

Yvonee meets Tsz Kwan at a clothing store, who is trying on new clothes to attend a party with Arthur. Yvonne tells the store associate that she wants to purchase the dress that Tsz Kwan is wearing. Tsz Kwan willingly strips herself to her undergarments and gives the dress to Yvonne.

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  1. So the conclusion is, mary hon will die of stroke, idy chan will leave with ben wong, elena kong will have an affair with ron ng and tavia will have damien all to herself. Lol.

  2. Spoilers given by Damien from the article ‘Damian Lau Kisses His Way Through “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”’:

    When Mary Hon dies, my character will undergo a huge change. My most beloved is Idy Chan, but both she and Elena Kong will leave me to be with their true love.

    Does this mean Elena Kong will leave with Ron who has become her true love?

    1. Kidd,
      Ron’s deepest love should be towards Rebecca Zhu, who inspired his revenge plot. Ron should only be using Elena to take revenge upon the Chung family.

      Perhaps Elena will find another man who loves her for who she is. Maybe Savio Tsang (just a guess), since he must be cast in his role for a reason.

      1. Or maybe Ron will realise in the end he truly loves Elena since Rebecca is in love with Kenneth.

        And everyone ends up in polygamous relationship. Very convenient. Can’t Kenneth become like his father and marry both Rebecca AND Tavia??

      2. ” Can’t Kenneth become like his father and marry both Rebecca AND Tavia??”

        That would be marrying his stepmother. Kinda controversial.

      3. But sooner or later, KM’s feelings toward TY will fade or submerge after TY married her dad and KM found a new love target?

      4. To begin with, does kenneth ma likes tavia in the drama? seem like he treats her very well but nv heard from the synopsis that he falls in love with her.

  3. 6 eps in and it’s so boring. doesn’t look like it’ll change, according to the spoilers.

    1. gold4canada,
      “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” is not really a series to watch for shocking plot twists, but rather for the stellar cast’s fine acting. It features one of the strongest casts, so if you enjoy Damian’s acting, this show can be appreciated from than angle.

      1. I suppose that is why people want to watch it. I’m curious as to whether Tavia’s acting is good enough to warrant BA.

      2. I don’t really like Damian’s acting when he acts in those patriarch of the family roles like Drive of Life, Growing through Life, and similarly SSSS. I did not finish the first two, even with my favourite artistes, and needless to say, hasn’t been watching the last one either. He becomes quite boring, especially all the business scenes, he doesn’t really have the stature to act as the patriarch. Someone like Elliot Yue, although is older than Damian, should fit the role more.
        I prefer Damian’s acting when his roles are more off-beat, like the sifu in Rippling Blossom or the head thief in Catch Me Now, etc.

      3. He’s too short to be a imposing patriarch. He looks short next to Elena and the others.


      4. Nicole,
        I find Elliot Yue to be a bit OTT. He does look the part of an arrogant, rich man though.

        I enjoy Damian more in righteous roles. He is best in highly principled characters.

        Elliot does not have enough fan base to carry an entire series, unlike Damian who is more popular among audiences.

      5. and have Elliot for those sexy seducing scenes? please…. if ppl complain of age gap between Tavia and Damien, Elliot is worse for that.

      6. Jayne,
        He really is a little OTT, but like you said, he has the look and the presence. In an ensemble cast, there shouldn’t be the need for one actor to carry the series, unless the other leads are too weak for that. Damian is too short, most of the women are taller than him in their heels, like the scene where Elena was leading him into the bedroom? You can hardly see him, because he’s so short. It ends up kinda squicky, because he’s like a dwarf next to her. Not good, as female leads these days are getting taller. He needs really tiny leading ladies like Michelle Yim.

        Actually the age difference between Elliot and Ada was very big in Gem of Life, but no one complained 😛

      7. Nicole,
        I’ll rather deal with Damian’s short height rather than Elliot’s OTT acting hehe. Elliot can do the lusty look well though and gives a good sneer. However, he is best as a supporting actor and doesn’t have as much range as Damian. Although “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” features both an ensemble cast of young and old, Damian’s story arcs anchor and drive the momentum of the drama.

        He is the life force of SSSS and without him, the drama would be lacking its brightest star (and certain historical accuracy thanks to him stepping in as part-time scriptwriter).

      8. “He’s too short to be a imposing patriarch.”

        Height in his sense does not matter. He looks imposting. Elliot Ngok as well but he’s more like angry guy, whilst Damian is more like charming guy and both can do serious damage with one angry stare.

      9. “I prefer Damian’s acting when his roles are more off-beat, like the sifu in Rippling Blossom or the head thief in Catch Me Now, etc.”
        Totally agree with this!

      10. @Funn
        I agree that Damian is very charming, but that’s what’s wrong, besides his height. His eyes are always twinkling.
        He gives off a very smart and charming vibe, but imposing? NO.

      11. Jayne,
        I’ve only watched Elliot Yue as a supporting actor, as I’ve never watched any of his series from when he’s a young, dashing leading man. I agree with you that Damian has a wider range than Elliot, as Elliot definitely can’t do his quirky roles. But I think Elliot has the arrogant patriarch look down pat. So if he’s in Damian’s role, he will probably die half way into the series, then the story will be left to Kenneth vs Ron, and Tavia can be the stepmother who falls in love with her step child, which seems more drama than Damian’s love stories with his wives.
        Damian as a romantic male lead just does not appeal to me.

      12. Between Elliot in GOL and Damian in SSSS, I find Elliot more charming and attractive. Not in the looks department but Elliot does carry himself as sophisticated and educated.

        I’m very charmed by pre-paranoid Elliot in GOL and his pairing with Ada.

      13. Elliot will be a happy guy if he gets the role cuz TY and Elena will be kissing his lips? LOL..

      14. Damian looks cool inside with his confident look. Very attentive towards his wives too. 🙂

      15. I actually don’t mind Damian as the patriarch in this drama. He’s actually doing a pretty good job.

        Nicole: Did you like Damian in Lives of Omission?

      16. @Gar To be honest, I can’t remember much about Damian’s character in LOO, besides him being the chief of the department, so I’d say his character didn’t have a lasting impact on me, so I think he’s adequate but dismissible?

        In LOO, the character that stood out the most was definitely Bai Co. That’s Bosco’s best character to date. Followed by Paris, Lat Keung, etc. MC Jin was also funny. Laughing ended up a little boring, because of the constant rebirth of this character.

      17. Yes I do agree with you Nicole that Bai Co is definitely Bosco’s best character to date and because of it was able to really showcase his acting abilities. He even outshone Laughing and made a great villain.

  4. Omg thanks for the spoilers. Can’t wait to see those eps.

  5. I was hoping Arthur does end up with Yee Yin but I predicted she will return to her first love. As for Yee Lan, ahhh lesbian eh?

    1. I wonder will Yvonne go nuclear if Arthur marries sayyyyy a rich girl as 4th wife and not an actress?

      1. Of course she would. She (and later Tavia) was under the impression that she would be Arthur’s last woman.

  6. I know there are a lot of fans of this series but frankly, it bores me to tears. Oh well, guess I will have to wait for The Confidant.

    1. “The Confidant” is totally a different story and is historical. No comparison at all. It is a personal choice.

  7. There are so many TVB dramas with the one-man-several-wives theme. And they all have one common conclusion – too many women = trouble.

    1. LOL, yeah it’s kinda boring really. I want to see 1 woman with many men but that will only happen with Wu Zetian.

      1. Maybe it is just me, I do find the relationship between an older man like Damien and TY quite kinky imo HAHA..

      2. Nah, not with TY bc not much difference in appereance from the rest of his wives. Sire Ma or Cilla Kung would be another matter, hehe.

      3. HAHA exoidus,

        You’re more kinkier than I thought lol.. I’ve never thought of Cilla or Sire with Damien..

        btw, do you know who will idy’s younger bro gonna pair up with??

      4. Nope, but i figure he will target Sire bc he wants a piece of the family fortune. Not related in blood only in name.

        Another options is daughter of a influential politician.

      5. oic, so he gonna play part of the villain role too.. not bad, he can do villain cuz he got the badass

      6. Yeah, he will join forces with “gold+wood+water” aka hungry wolf in order to destroy the Damien family. TVB is so predictable lah, LOL

  8. Man poor Mary Hon 🙁 I wonder who will definitely have a happy ending? I read somewhere that Rebecca doesn’t love Kenneth and only used him for revenge and truly likes Ron.. But judging from the comments it seems like they might’ve changed it?

  9. watching four women fighting for the affection of an old man is pretty gross. the one woman that cheeses me the most is Tavia. Her role in the drama is like a desperado!!! and her acting skills just annoys me!!! i really dislike her very much now!!

  10. And KM english is terrible. So is Damien Lau. So pretentious. Ron’s role is irritating. TVB sucks!!!!

  11. Im more interested in the connection between Rebecca and Kenneth, I wanted it to be Fala instead, but right now (so far) they’ve done an okay job in establishing their relatioship. I’m just curious to how he will pursue Rebecca. I mean right now its like rich and poor people.

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