Damian Lau Doesn’t Want to Act Anymore

Veteran Damian Lau (劉松仁), famous for his onscreen roles in dramas like Scarlet Heart <步步驚心> and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, is calling it quits as an actor!

The 74-year-old veteran recently expressed that he has had “no more desire to act” in recent years, attributing it to his introverted personality, preference for keeping a low-profile and aversion to being publicly seen. With over 40 years of showbiz experience, Damain has starred in countless dramas, including 1976’s Luk Siu-fung <陸小鳳>,2007’s The Drive of Life <歲月風雲>, 2011’s Scarlet Heart and 2012’s Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles.

With news that he suffered a stroke a few years ago, Damian has not been seen in public for some time, though he has been spotted at friend gatherings, where he appeared to be in good spirits.

Damian is currently working on the comeback run of Matteo Ricci: The Musical, which he helms as creator and director along with Johnnie To (杜琪峯). First staged in 2019 to a sold-out crowd, it is scheduled for to meet theater audiences again in April this year.

The actor reportedly told HK press that he lost his desire to act after becoming a director, and intends to stop appearing in any drama or film production. Chatting about his health in recent years, the Libra actor takes a candid approach to life and death, expressing that it is important to live to the fullest at any stage, “whether in illness or in death”.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Loved watching him as a child and was delighted with his presence on Bu Bu Jing Xin. Truly a gifted man. Wishing him the best in his future endeavors!

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