Michelle Yim Clarifies That Damian Lau Had a Fall, Not a Stroke

Damian Lau (劉松仁) had a fall and not a stroke, according to actress Michelle Yim (米雪), who attended a public event with Evergreen Mak (麥長青) on Sunday.

A few days ago, Michelle met up with Damian and their old colleagues—directors and producers they collaborated with in the 80s—for a meal. Michelle shared that the old friends would always come together once in a while to catch up. Asking about the rumor that Damian had a stroke, Michelle immediately clarified, “I don’t think so! While being backstage for his play, he had a serious fall. He is still very focused and bright. His doctor did tell him to walk very slowly and carefully, so he’s following those orders very well. That is very unlike me—even after being recommended to rest for two months after hurting my foot, I went back to jogging on the third day.”

Michelle added that Damian is still working, and has been busy with meetings and preparations for his upcoming stage plays.

Mak Bau’s Case to Come to a Close

Earlier this month, it was reported that Mak Bau and his wife lost millions over a scam. They were sued by their friend, who also fell victim to the scam. Mak Bau and his wife have been going back to court ever since.

“The verdict should be made tomorrow,” he said. While he doesn’t know how long the case would go on, tomorrow would be the day where he can finally put his heart to rest about the case. “They have already acknowledged that I wasn’t part of the scam. That is enough.”

Mak Bau has been finding new income as a KOL (key opinion leader) online. He hopes that this would kickstart a new stream of revenue for him.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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