Michelle Yim and Michael Miu Guest Star in “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”

On July 29, TVB invited the media to photograph the filming of popular sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛‧回家之開心速遞> because Michelle Yim (米雪) and Michael Miu (苗僑偉) were guest-starring in the show. The two veteran actors accepted an interview, which was only permitted after filming completed, behind a clear shield for COVID-19 prevention purposes.

Michael laughed and joked that everyone who appears on Come Home Love become famous. He said, “I am guest starring as myself. [Michelle] will play Michelle, and I will play Michael. When Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽波比) guest-starred, he instantly became famous and broke the record, so how can you become famous if you haven’t filmed Come Home Love?”

On the other hand, Michelle shared that she really enjoys filming sitcoms because the script is different each day, and the dialogue is relaxing.

Filming During a Pandemic

Aside from Come Home Love, Michael has been busy filming Flying Tiger 3 <飛虎3壯志英雄>. He disclosed that the cast and crew are taking adequate safety precautions when working. He said, “All the cast and crew, including the director and videographers, have taken the test. They can only resume work if they are in the clear. The team went from 70 or 80 people to 30 or 40 people. Everyone must be tested negative. All actors have to wear masks when they aren’t filming, and we have sanitizer on us. We also keep a safe distance from each other.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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