Sisley Choi Hasn’t Met Hubert Wu’s Sister Yet

Recently, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) took a break from filming Flying Tiger 3 <飛虎3之壯志英雄> to attend Oakley’s promotional event in a sporty outfit that emphasized her slim figure and long legs. Since she was recently seen picking up rumored boyfriend, Hubert Wu‘s (胡鴻鈞) sister’s car, reporters fished Sisley for more details about her relationship with the Wu family.

The actress laughed and clarified that she only borrowed the custom Porsche sports car for work because she doesn’t have a car, and TVB didn’t provide a car to the filming location for Flying Tiger 3. Since she borrowed Hubert’s sister’s car, reporters asked if she was joining Hubert’s family soon. She responded, “No, I haven’t met his sister as she is not in Hong Kong, but she knows I am borrowing her car.”

Though Sisley may have had small car accidents in the past, she believes that her driving experiences will give her the confidence to avoid future accidents with this car. She added, “I will have someone check on the car.”

However, Sisley has not been as careful at work. She revealed that she has been working hard for Flying Tiger 3 and even injured herself. She said, “I am quite small, and the equipment is very heavy, especially since we are using real guns, so there is the extra weight. It is very difficult to do action scenes while carrying all the equipment.”

The actress expressed that she has neck strains from the heavy helmet and hip injuries from slipping. Needless to say, filming Flying Tiger 3 has taken a toll on her body, but Sisley said she relieved the pain with acupuncture. When asked if Hubert accompanied her, she laughed and said, “I already have a trustworthy Chinese doctor.”

Sisley Shares Her Thoughts on Winning Best Actress

With two huge dramas, Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II> and Line Walker 3 <使徒行者3>, airing this year, many were curious if Sisley hopes to win Best Actress this year. She expressed that she was already happy that people have included her in the potential nomination and said, “My characters in the two dramas are drastically different. I hope that everyone can see the different sides of me.”

As to whether or not she has the confidence to win, she said, “Everyone is talking and noticing me, and that is already an award to me. I hope to continue to have good dramas to film.”

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