Jeannie Chan Drinks From Bosco Wong’s Cup of Lemon Tea

Currently filming Flying Tiger 3 <飛虎3之壯志英雄>, Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) developed a close friendship from playing love interests in the drama. The co-stars would often post a lot of hilarious behind-the-scene videos, and in one TikTok live, Bosco showed fans the filming set and took the opportunity to answer viewers’ questions. However, Bosco’s fans were not happy with Jeannie’s flirtatious actions.

In the live broadcast, Moon Lau (劉佩玥) acted as the host and recalled her passionate scenes with Bosco in Two Steps From Heaven <幕後玩家>, in which she played Bosco’s mistress. Bosco revealed that he has an even more intense kissing scene with Jeannie in Flying Tiger 3. He said, “My body was full of injuries after that scene.”

Jeannie then took Bosco’s cutout to demonstrate their kissing scene, causing Bosco to laugh. He expressed that he became really close to Jeannie during filming, and they would sometimes play fight. Judging from their interactions in the TikTok live, they definitely have a tight relationship.

At one point, Jeannie randomly picked up a cup of lemon tea and began drinking it even though Bosco expressed that he already drank from it. However, Jeannie did not mind drinking from the same cup as him, so Bosco could only let out a chuckle. Many of Bosco’s fans were unhappy with Jeannie, as her actions could easily lead to dating rumors.

Source: HK01

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  1. …… they’re both single right?

    I thought they were upset because you know covid but people being upset that it would stir up dating rumors is dumb. Then again I didn’t grow up in this culture so this might have a different meaning to his fans? Let me know if I am missing anything

    1. @tt23 Can’t blame Jeannie, time is ticking. She’s 31 already. But seems like Bosco isn’t so interested in her and just laugh it out

    2. @tt23 I thought she’s in an on and off relationship with that rich second gen. But I mean only she knows if she’s in a relationship. If she isn’t then I agree, being hygienic should be why people are upset lol like why you give covid to my idol XD

      1. @bubbles23 That’s what I thought too and bosco with that rose girl which is why I was like are they single?

        I don’t care what people say about bosco, I still love him and I think he’s still a really great actor 😛

      2. @tt23 agree, he’s a great actor, I like him too, who cares about his personal life. He’s better than Kenneth Ma, find KM facial expressions in some scenes kind of weird somehow. Not natural or should I say he’s not into certain characters

      3. @joyce honestly don’t understand why people like KM as an actor. Maybe he’s a nice guy but he has zero variety in his acting and no charisma. To me his skills are barely of a good supporting actor.

      4. @joyce Kenneth is a nice person and can sometimes do comedy roles well aka exorcist meter but that’s it. He was terrible in c9.

        He’s also been disappointing in LW3 tbh :/

      5. @bubbles23 Kenneth is cute in fluffy rom com stuff, but that’s it. I don’t understand why he is in so many medical dramas because he doesn’t look bright enough to be a convincing doctor.

        Bosco could play villains but I think Ruco could have handled the role well too. Sigh… I am still waiting to watch it because on my language barriers.

      6. @potatochip I only liked him in on call 36. It’s the only role I found him competent in. Trust me you aren’t missing much as there’s no real outstanding performance by anyone. Also you can binge it in one go when everything is out

      7. @bubbles23 oh, is it that disappointing? The snippets I saw of Sisley and Owen looked interesting and I really loved Ben and Priscilla’s relationship in LW2. How are they?

      8. @potatochip it’s not disappointing but the focus has shifted to Michael helping Owen and essentially they are trying to join up unfinished arcs from LW2 and LFs story. Pris and Ben do not play major roles, at least in the episodes shown so far, so it kinda sucks for fans of that couple.

      9. @bubbles23 YES. Also bosco would look much better with that silver hair than Kenneth. Kenneth looks soooo old with that hair.

        Also Kenneth being serious and mad just makes him look constipated lololol. BUT he is a very nice person just not a great actor is all

      10. @tt23 Kenneth only has one expression, the sad/confused one. He was literally the eye sore of Flying Tiger where everyone else was better than him

  2. It looks like Bosco and Jeannie always had a rumored going on. That’s right what happened to the Arnaldo that she’s been with or what happened to the Japanese model that’s he been with or Rose? Jeannie is okay looking accept she’s got a weird long nose similar to Tavia.

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