Alex Fong, Linda Chung Awkward in Intimate Scenes in “Limelight Years”

After 10 years of developing his career in film, Alex Fong (方力申) has returned to TVB dramas, with a lead role in TVB drama Limelight Years“<華麗轉身> alongside Liza Wang (汪明荃), Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).

On whether he was nervous working with industry heavyweights, particularly Liza, who is known for her strict nature, Alex found Liza extremely professional and pleasant to work with. Alex added that it was largely thanks to guidance from Damian. He recounted how on the first day of filming, Damian pulled Alex aside and told him, “Liza’s role is quite demanding. Be sure to help her have an easier time while filming.”

Alex then pondered over Damian’s words and realized that the trick was to be quick and efficient with his parts so as to avoid delays for the filming of Liza’s parts. With that in mind, he made sure that he was always punctual and familiar with the script. This ensured that Alex developed a positive work relationship with Liza.

Alex was filled with admiration and respect for both Damian and Liza. He appreciated Damian’s ability to motivate the entire team and bring everyone together so that they could all work closely together. He admired Liza for her loyalty and dedication to TVB, as well as her lack of airs despite her A-list status. He compared that to the disrespectful attitudes he had observed among A-list stars in Mainland China.

On his working relationship with Linda who plays his on-screen love interest, Alex admitted that he had learned about her aversion to filming intimate scenes and had felt slightly awkward when they had to do so. To make the filming of such scenes proceed more smoothly, both would often drink some alcohol beforehand. Although their romance is very dramatic in the series, Alex felt that their intimate scenes were best left to the imagination.

Admitting that good communication is very important in maintaining a stable long-term relationship, Alex reminded himself to be mindful in his real-life romance with Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣). He tries to be aware of his own emotional state and prevent outbursts that may hurt his girlfriend.


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  1. this drama was really boring..
    Alex and Linda doesn’t match in this series
    her height is tall.. Alex is short..
    was really Awkward to see their acting..

  2. Frankly Linda has been “awkward” in her body language even if it is just sipping tea or walking. Still not sure why.

    Alex Fong is not exactly the best actor. But in physique, the other Alex Fong would have probably matched Linda better. Didn’t know this Alex Fong is so… errrr.. petite? Do you use the word petite for men?

    1. “With that in mind, he made sure that he was always punctual and familiar with the script. ”

      Perhaps why the A List stars in China is so disrespectful is because if it is not Liza, Alex would have been not always punctual and not familiar with the script and thus pissing them off?

    2. @funnlim

      Any Kdrama fans here?
      I agree with Linda’s awkward style of acting.

      But if someone has watched the Kdrama ‘you who came from the stars’ you can see some similarities in acting. You can tell that Linda is trying to ‘copy’ cheon song yi’s (jun ji hyun) style.
      Maybe that’s the reason that made her looks so awkward in the series

      1. @idontknow I didn’t really notice that but now you mentioned I begin to feel it too. Not to mention her acting awkwardly, the height here is also a factor. TVB could not find someone whose height matches Linda’s height. This Alex Fong looks small standing next to her if she’s wearing high heels. At least find someone who has Park Hae Jin’s height.

      2. @nori
        Heheh, it was the first thing i noticed, maybe because i was just a ‘you who came from the stars’ fan.
        The way she talks and how she behaves in the drama, someone who is, not to say ‘dumb’ but naive, yet so confident. Just everything she does reminds me of cheon song yi.

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