Fans React to JJ Jia’s Lingerie Scene: “She’s Fat!”

JJ Jia’s (賈曉晨) lingerie scene in TVB drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> was meant to titillate the audience, but netizens were quick to criticize, “She’s fat, has a chicken voice, and can’t speak Cantonese properly!”

JJ Jia Reveals E-Cup Chest

In a recently aired episode of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, a busty JJ Jia, appeared in a black lack bustier, prompting Elena Kong (江美儀) to buy two sets of the bustier, one for Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and one for herself.

Returning from Hengdian to Hong Kong yesterday, JJ responded over the complaints of her scantily clad scene, “I just got off the airplane and did not see the aired scene. I asked the director whether the bustier was too sexy, but he said it was necessary to make the character’s personality stand out and have effect. I agreed to the director’s request.”

JJ added, “I was fat when I filmed the drama. Now, I have a D-cup. When I was fat, my cup size was more than an E-cup.  I already pulled the bustier [up], otherwise the results would be too much!” JJ said that her boyfriend, Louis Fan (樊少皇) has not watched the scene but did not mind her sexy appearance since television dramas have a limit to their explicitness.

Producer Chong Wai Kin (莊偉健) felt that it was necessary for JJ’s sexy onscreen appearance. “The scene was reasonable, to showcase that her character is willing to go to any extent for money.”

Elena Kong’s Seduction Scene Cut

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles has been pushing boundaries with its sex scenes between Damian Lau (劉松仁) and his multiple wives. Damian’s third wife, Elena Kong, even has a self-pleasure scene. However, Elena Kong’s seduction scene in the latest episode with cut and only showed her walking up the stairs in black stockings.

Elena’s hugging and kissing sequence with Damian was cut due to recent broadcasting complaints that the drama contained inappropriate footage for its 8:30 PM time slot. Damian, Elena, and Mary Hon (韓馬利) lamented that the artistic vision of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles was tampered with due to the heavy editing.

Ending Remains Unaltered

There were earlier rumors that TVB will alter the ending of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles to meet the fans’ positive reception towards Idy Chan’s (陳玉蓮) character, allowing her to remain as the only wife by Damian’s side in the finale.

Producer  Chong Wai Kin denied this, “We did not film another ending! We will use the original ending where Damian and Tavia remain together. The drama’s theme is about the emerging importance of women’s roles in society. We will follow the plot development for the finale!”

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  1. She’s fat? see! See! What does HK people know. People like these drives voluptous girls to eating disorder.

    I want Damien to end up with Idy, not Tavia. But there is a reason why Ben is there, if not waste of his screen time. For me what a boring ending. Damien should die, therefore leave no more fight for the wives.

    1. She isn’t fat just not toned that’s all. No wonder most girls in TVB are just like walking skeletons, LOL.

      Stopped watching this but I want Idy to end up with Ben. TY can have Damien all for herself 🙂

      1. JJ is fat? The people in Asia are nuts. Exoidus is probably more correct in saying she’s not toned.

        There was a time when JJ was as thin as a rail and looked terrible. I thought she was looking great recently.

      2. yes, not tone. but girls are not usually toned back in those days. toned female bodies are only a recent thing

      3. I don’t think she’s fat, but she is flabbier than I expected. Maybe it’s because her face is so slim, I thought her body would be too.

      4. Yup you’re right ex, most tvb girls are like walking skeleton now, they’re just too skinny like skin with bone only.

    2. Yeah!!! Damien and Idy. Idy appears to be Damien’s first true love so please to see this news. Society cause its own problems with their judgment on others. Hope JJ Jia will be strong to stand up for this silly criticism

    3. hahah agree on the Damien should die hahaha…lol…i know right, you know i dont like these kind of genres but my mom loves it and i took glimpses here and there. Idy, i actually would like if if she went back to her childhood love b/c the Ben character does not seem to be bad guy. Tavia can take him since she seems to love the old man. haha

    1. She’s not fat. You are one of the many who drive girls to thinking they are and end of with eating disorders.

    1. i like voluptuous! so feminine and sexy…

      her skin looks very young and smooth too!

      1. HKers are very JUDGEMENTAL by nature and they go by where the trend and brand names go…sigh, if she is fat, then 1/2 of the population can be considered fat. insane HKers’…sigh…

  2. Oh wow…she’s such a petite little gal and she has E cup??? Okay….

    She’s not fat….chinese society is terrible. Why does chinese society like all their girls as walking/living chopsticks. It’s gross and not sexy at all!

      1. exactly, because they don’t know what to do with a real woman lol

    1. I thought only ugly people are obsessed with skinny and sizes. Pretty people care more about the face. Hot people require both?

  3. i wish i could have her voluptuous body and young skin!!

    those sick looking, skeletal hong kongers should stop twisting the standard for beauty

  4. that’s how a woman’s supposed to look like. they’re supposed to have curves. what is wrong with hong kong?

    1. i guess ‘skeletons’ work for them more ahahah lol…unbelievable.

  5. Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with you people…Fat, where???

    1. i know right, n it was confirmed he has children in their teens. wow, for an unknown kung fu hes gotten lucky at his old age hahaha..

      1. It is the norm in HK where middle aged guys parades their “trophy” young stuff.

        It is a part of the power game of objectifying women.

      2. He’s not that old and I think he’s a pretty good actor. I applaud JJ for giving him a chance because he seems very dependable despite the rumors. Women shouldn’t waste their time with men who aren’t serious about a relationship – that’s a luxury we don’t have.

  6. oh lord she’s not fat at all!! actually have a very voluminous body which IMO looks great! Too many HK actress give out wrong message by being overly skinny! So I think JJ Jai is awesome for looking like a real woman!

  7. Going back to previous bra size discussions – JJ Jia is NOT fat but I don’t think she is E cup either – LOL.

    1. she’s prolly a full c to a d, but i don’t think she’s e either. must be hk sizing.

  8. WOW E-cups, but now D-cups. That stood out to me the most. So fast in dropping pounds/kilograms >>

    *rolling eyes* HKs netz go get your eyes check

  9. Wow as if the citizens complaining have a body the size of toothpick! They are sick! And I bet after this JJ is gonna go on an all out diet! And become stick thin for the stupid audiences

  10. The days those girls faint because of hunger, and they look like a stick, that’s when they are skinny to shose people. Stupid!!!

  11. not fat but for sure she is not in good shape. She looks like a new mom trying to nurse her baby…when everyone or most artists are skinny you will be judge as a fatsooo if you’re not around 100lbs. That’s just everyday life in the ET industry.

  12. pretty sure HK/asia bra cup sizes are different from US…
    anyway she is NOT fat.. the hell is wrong with HK people, asian ppl in general sigh…

  13. She’s definitely not fat and has all the right curves in the right places. Many Asians don’t have her assets and wished they did. She looks wonderful.

  14. they are just jealous that JJ looks like a centerfold model, and the audience themselves look like the paper it is printed on.

  15. FAT????hk ppl are so judgemental! I went to HK last year and most girls i saw on subway were skins and bones and their legs were stick thin like pencils.. Close to emaciated starving looking girls.. But guess what, that is what they call the standard of beauty ideal:) JJ is such a beauty! I bet they are jealous cuz they will never get an E cup like that based on their skinny bodies

  16. What the heck lol, she is not fat, i must be a lard then! But E cup holy mantis!

  17. Gee, she is so not fat!!! What’s wrong with HK people. Should all women be stick lollipop looking – ie big head, stick thin? It’s insane. No wonder HK have probably the most amount of slimming studio per capita!!!

    1. I think they’re used to see stick figure like TY, Sharon Chan, Fala and Linda..

      1. Don’t think Linda or even Sharon is that skinny but perhaps it’s bc of their body types i.e. big bones.

        The nominees for the TVB skeleton award: Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui 🙂

      2. noooo Sharon chan is super skinny haha.. look at her thighs.. no meat! lol

      3. Fala is not stick-thin. She has very nice curves. Tavia, Sharon and Linda maybe slightly skinny.

  18. she sure as hell looks a lot better than the lengmos with big boobs and stick bodys lol. they look really fake, while JJ’s body here looks real

    1. Yes, big boobs and stick body is not match. Not Bosom size grow when overall body size grow. Not natural that all the fat in accumulated in that place only who other parts of the body is skin and bones.

  19. THAT’S FAT?!?!?! Hongers have body image issues lol. she is not fat at all.

  20. She’s not fat! It’s great to see a voluptous pretty girl on HK tv finally.

  21. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. If you have nothing better to say about JJ, then don’t comment…

  22. These hkers are idiots and blind. They probably never travelled. She’s standard size to me and looks actually real instead of photoshopped. Her acting is bad but really hkers are extremely shallow and judgmental. Glad I don’t live there, if your not a chopstick, you are labelled fat. Ridiculous nonsense

  23. She doesn’t look as toned as she normally looks, but she doesn’t look fat. HK ppl are biased against ppl like JJ who came from the mainland, nothing new. Though her Cantonese does need improvement.

  24. For chinese usually eat with chopstick, so they like girl to be chopstick body…but for JJ…you are so darn hot on that outfit…

  25. J J is not fat… shes just got boobs… something a lot of other actress and H.kers don’t have…

    1. I am sure they’re all shocked to learn breasts are made up of fats.

  26. Aw. It’s sad to know that even she think of herself as “fat”…

  27. Hehehe this articles makes me giggle 🙂
    Don’t worry, I’m all fine!
    Thanks for the support!
    Love JJ xx

  28. JJ Jia is not fat at all.. Hongkongers are really crazy over being skinny. Most of the girls there are super skinny and small!

  29. I saw that scene in episode errrr 20? Anyway she is not fat. She is not even flabby or not toned. In fact I didn’t see much but her very ample bosom and I suppose HK-ers have no idea real women have hips and breasts. She was voluptous.

  30. Its hk culture to want to be skinny. Much like in Singapore. Singaporean guys prefer to have lean thin bodies and the girls would rather spend money on designer handbags instead of food.

  31. I’m trying to say that you can’t really blame them for thinking that she’s fat. Its just that the ideal body to them is a skinny body. I wonder if her bodyis bigger than Christine kuo’s

      1. Her body is not fat but I guess there is fat on her chest. The collarbone is completely not there, thus ppl think she’s fat.

  32. When I saw her in Tiger Cups, I tought that she used a push up bra for hightening her breasts. But know I can see that she didn’t need one. Wow, she looks great! A really shame that she has to apologize for being meatier than the so-called A-listed actrices. Those who wouldn’t need a bra at all.

    1. actually, i dislike that couple but perhaps b/c i dont like the genre itself. Damien character claims Idy is his most beloved yet it’s one wife after another. 2 more wives after her and now it shows Tavia is his most beloved yet this booby girl above will be the mistress later on right? His character claims he wants IDY to have him only in his heart yet he does not know he is unfaithful to her n the other wives in body and heart hahaha talk about double standards the men of that genre. However, i dislike Idy’s character as well, b/c she claims she regrets the relationship w/the old first love yet now you have a chance w/him she hangs on and says she will NOT leave the hubby as it should in the old times but that she is still not used to having share a husband to Tavia? Hum, very self conflicted these characters. Tavia is actually, surprisingly a likable character and seems to like the OLD man dispite his oldness does not want to fight like the other 2 wives. The only likable characters that i see is surprisingly Kenneth Ma and the ms. HK. Ron is ok too i guess but his acting is always the same, nothing much to see.

    2. I don’t like Damien’s character … I hope he’d be lonely and ‘ku tuk chung lou’ due to his playboy side and disrespect for women.

  33. She will be Damian’s 5th wife :(:(
    Lorrrr!!! I hope Damian with Tavia 😉

  34. She’s not fat – the netizens just don’t realize what a real woman looks like. They seem to fantasize about skeletons with fake boobs.

  35. I think this drama is a let down and very slow moving. After the first or two episodes, I lost interest and has no craving waiting for next episode unlike the steep ascent. Very disappointing for a ‘toi heng khek’. And another lousy part is Ron Ng and his so called sister, she is really the weakest link and I read all acting expression whether she is in love with Ron or Kenneth, whether she is happy or sad as she only has one expression and she cant even speak Cantonese clearly and I think JJ did a better job!

  36. I think JJ body is very very ok! If in TV, she looks fat, then in real life she shuld be perfect!

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